Transformer Chairs: What happens and how to choose?

In the modern world, the practicality of any items is given great importance, even the furniture today is obliged to be able to perform various functions. This is especially true of the chairs that are today issued in the variety of transformer models and can perform various functions depending on the needs of the hosts.


Standard classic chair involves the presence of a rigid frame that has a fixed form for forest and durability. He does not provide any mechanisms for changing the position of individual parts, but the transformer chair is just designed to change this situation. Such furniture has ample opportunities for regulating the position of the back, handrails for hands or footrest, due to this product can be changed beyond recognition, developing, for example, in the semblance of a couch. Transformation can be provided for other purposes – let’s say, some models add up to very compact sizes, which simplifies their storage and transportation. Of course, in pursuit of convenience, manufacturers do not forget about the aesthetic side of the question, making their products visually attractive.

This design is very convenient in conditions of small rooms or a limited budget, when one piece of the situation should be able to perform functions of various products. Through the use of high-quality and diverse materials, manufacturers can achieve a variety and individuality of models that can fit into any interior, while their service life can be quite long. Much attention is paid to simplicity of service – in most cases, folding and folding forces is even an average teenager.

Although transformers are often acquired in order to save, choose the cheapest solutions still not worth it, otherwise the quality of adjustable connections can bring.

Review of species

The concept of the transformer chairs is so extensive that completely different objects of the situation may be hidden under the same term. Let’s try to briefly delve into what kind of design can be.


Under this mysterious term, the folding chair is hiding, about which every ambitious person dreams – this is the throne on which any self-respecting chief. Folding product allows rest in a sitting, half a liter or lying position, it is practically clamshell, but with expensive upholstery and better fillers. In the most expensive options, the mechanism is electrical, laying the chair 3 in 1 occurs by pressing the button. Perhaps the presence of built-in “bonuses” in the form of a minibar, speakers or a massager.


In essence, such furniture is very similar to the folding sofa, which is designed in the afternoon, rather for seating, and at night its folding mechanism allows you to lengthen the seat, turning it into a full-fledged bed. On the same principle and the chair is made, only it is much already: in the afternoon there can be only one person, at night it turns into a very compact bed, inferior to even a single bed. Such furniture is appropriate except in the conditions of large tightness, it can be used as an additional guest.


This is one of the most original decisions in the world of seats, which appeared literally in recent years. In essence, it is a soft and thick mattress, which, if necessary, can be broken directly on the floor to accommodate numerous guests. With the help of special fasteners and thanks to a specific cutter, this mattress folds so that it acquires a vertical back and turns into a folding chair. The inconvenience is in the absence of legs in almost all models, and the back is desirable to double at least on the wall.

Chairs-chaise lounges

Furniture of this type for surely saw anyone ever resting on an equipped beach – at home, the chairs lounge lounges look about the same way as on the shore of the reservoirs. In fact, This is an option of clamshell, the head part of which can rise, taking a vertical position and serving the back.

After throwing it down, you get a practically full analogue of ordinary clamshells in the form of a fabric stretched to the frame located around the perimeter.


The fantasy of modern designers does not know the boundaries and is limited only to the lack of consumer demand, therefore you can see the furniture on sale, which in one case performs the functions of the chair and almost anything else – Bright example are chairs-tables. Modular solutions may assume a slightly more complex transformation mechanism up to the disassembly of the frame and the subsequent rebellion in another form – such a solution is especially important if the furniture owner is a rapidly growing child. Consequently, such a chair may be called the transformer, which does not have other furniture functions, but it is capable of growing together with the owner.


The transforming chair by virtue of its versatility is much more active than its monofunctional fellow, because it is very important to pay attention to the materials from which it is manufactured. Qualitative material is able to extend the life of such a product to more than ten years, while Base raw materials will inevitably lead to rapid wear.


In transformers, the main load falls on the frame – due to the ability to transformation, it even theoretically cannot be solid, therefore it should be chosen especially carefully. Options are assumed as follows:

  • Natural wood – Certainly, the most reliable and durable option for several decades ahead, while also environmentally friendly, but, alas, as expensive as possible;

  • MDF – wood chips compressed under high pressure, has most of the features of natural wood with several reduced strength and durability, but also with more loyal prices;

  • Chipboard – the same wood chips, but glued, because of which it cannot boast not durability and durability, neither environmental safety, but it often prefers in pursuit of maximum (and often unjustified) savings;

  • plastic – Modern material, the main advantage of which is to successfully confront the moisture and destructive effect of pests.

At the same time, there is a huge runway both in terms of cost and in terms of material quality.


From the fact that the space between the upholstery and the framework is filled, the softness of the seating, as well as how long the chair will keep the initial level of comfort. Unfortunately, in most cases, the consumer does not have the opportunity to check exactly the chair, therefore it remains to rely only on the promises of the Tag – because of this there is no point in considering specific options, since you cannot evaluate their durability. Check Quality Best Test Method, trying to sit in the following chair in the store. Practice shows that the manufacturer who has spent on a good frame and upholstery, it is unlikely to save on the filler and spoil the reputation.


Not only the comfort of the owner depends on the upholstery material, but also the way the furniture looks like years of use, is it possible to wash it effectively and clean. Here are also possible various options, and you will have to choose from several categories:

  • ordinary fabric – the cheapest solution that will turn into rapid problems in the form of easy absorption of dirt, difficulty with cleaning and low resistance to mechanical exposure;

  • Superior Textiles – special fabrics with the properties of the dirt repulsion and increased mechanical resistance, such a decision will be noticeably more expensive, but will allow longer to preserve the initial type of furniture;

  • leatherette – the cheaper analogue of genuine leather, from the “original” differs on the best side of unpretentiousness in care and increased resistance to wear, but vulnerable to scratches and cuts;

  • Genuine Leather – Elite material whose cost will scare the majority of consumers, is characterized by the highest resistance to wear and aestheticism, if necessary, special care.


Defined with a transformer chair, it is important to repel from the design features of the room in which it is located. In classical interiors, for example, a certain rigor of shades, the outlines of the furniture should be predominantly even with straight corners, without bends and improper geometry. In classical performance, even a transforming chair should look expensive – If you can not allow the most expensive model, look for it a cheap copy.

Against, The modern interior does the focus on a kind of “highlight”, because rounded lines and the wrong form will only be considered advantages. Here you can experiment wider, preferred the brightest colors.

Try to move away from banal, long-known materials in favor of what will look like a futuristic.


The choice of transformer chairs in dimensions strongly depends on which additional functions are provided for a particular model. If we are talking about furniture, turning into bed, 160 cm are considered minimal bedroom sizes, but such space is enough for a child. An adult must be at least 180 per 80 cm, but it is only a minimum limit.

Please note that most chairs with armrests are widthly indicated along with the width of armrests, and they may noticeably limit the space for the seating. By purchasing a 90 cm wide armchair, you get a “useful” width of only 60-70 cm, that in some cases it can become a problem.

How to choose?

Defined with the choice of a specific model, Pay attention to the fundamental criteria that can be globally divided into three groups.

  • The chair must ensure the expected level of comfort. If you are for sleep or rest, the product should be as comfortable as possible, the model for feeding the passenger at the table must be made of non-commercial materials.
  • Aesthetic qualities can not be moved to the background – the furniture should not look like a foreign body in the interior of the house or cottage. About full comfort can not be speech if you visually do not like the place where you relax.
  • All materials made of these parts and transformation mechanism must convince in their reliability and durability. However, visual and tactile impressions are better not to believe – ask the seller to show documents confirming the quality.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The chaise lounge chair is not exactly about saving space, since a similar subject of the interior is rarely quite compact, but at the same time it replaces two overall objects of the situation.

The frameless armchair will probably like people who love informal atmosphere. In the form of a chair, it is very cute and cozy, and after all, it can be decomposed to the size of a full mattress, leaving the whole close company for the night.

    The chair-bed is only in folded form represents a sample of aesthetism, but in the unfinished it will be hidden by bed linen. In addition, such furniture is not for beauty, but for life.

    On how to make a folding transforming chair from plywood, see the following video.

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