Swing cabinets in the hallway: selection features

    Cabinets in the interior of the hallway are designed primarily for outerwear and shoes, as well as various accessories, such as umbrella or bags. They accommodate quite large volume. Currently, wardrobes are increasingly popular, but models with swing doors are a classic that will never come out of fashion.

    What to pay attention to when choosing?

    If you decide to get a cabinet with swing doors, appreciate the room space and how much it is. If the size of your hallway is large enough, the choice will depend on your taste, you can afford any model. If the parameters of your corridor are small, you will have to put yourself in some frames.

    Choosing a model of this product, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

    • configuration;
    • dimensions;
    • material;
    • Colour.


    For a small-sized hallway, such options will be suitable:

    • Ideally fit the corner model. In addition, it will not only take little space, but also smoothed the corners. It should be noted that such a closet looks better in a square room, in a rectangular room it will seem ridiculous. There are 2 of its forms: Mr.-shaped and trapezoidal. The latter is more spacious;
    • Built-in wardrobe is located in niche. In some apartments, it is provided when planning;
    • half-in-in, while the product has no minimum 1 walls, most often the rear. Basically, such structures are performed under the order.

    Among the cabinet models is the most popular 2nd designed cabinet.

    It can be supplemented with such elements:

    • additional section with a mirror. It will not only perform its own direct function, but visually will expand the space. On the mirror part with sandblasting, you can apply a drawing by filling them all the sash or only part of it;
    • Chest with a hanger will expand the functional part;
    • Open shelves are used as a place for decor, having souvenirs on them.

    Many similar products are equipped with meresers. These are drawers located at the top of the cabinet under the ceiling. Considering their inaccessibility, things are placed on the mezzanine, the techniques that are currently rarely enjoyed. This device looks perfectly in combination with a 3-fold cabinet. In addition to his practicality, they also have the ability to visually pull the room up.

    Andresol can have its own door or solid with a cabinet. Considering what you are going to keep in it, it can be with shelves or without them. There are models in which even strollers accommodate.


    Modern models of swing cabinets most often make under the order, given the scale of the space and the height of the ceilings. Also, do not forget that the doors open out, t. E. They will steal part of the territory. In this case, the part will go to the mounting door, and the work area in the final version will result in a depth of 30 or 40 cm (this is the minimum value for swing cabinets). In general, we will unfold.

    The standard of depth of such a design is 60 cm. But at the same time, the outerwear may not be placed, it will have to refill. An ideal option is considered to be a size of 68 cm, but not everyone can afford it to afford the size of the room.

    The height of door canvases should not exceed 270 cm. To the side surfaces of the cabinet they are attached with hinges. Their number varies from 2 to 5. It depends on the size of the cabinet itself. Loops are equipped with screws that adjust the position of the doors.


    The filling of the cabinet depends on its size and usually has:

    1. Outerwear. Ideally, at least 90 cm should be assigned to it. But there are models, the total length of which is only 45 cm. In such designs for the jackets it is worth using a transverse crossbar. At the same time, the hangers are located face to doors. If the wardrobe width is more than 60 cm, then a standard tube with hangers is used.
    2. Department for shoes. Located at the bottom of the cabinet. It can be shelves from chipboard, stationary or retractable. Also instead of shelves use metal pipes.
    3. The remaining part is discharged under Shelves and drawers, In which accessories are placed: hats, gloves, umbrellas, hats.


    The following materials are used to produce swing cabinets:

    • Chipboard. It is obtained by pressing wood chips. Has durability and moisture resistance. The surface of the chipboard may be laminated and quashed. The first option is more durable. This slab includes formaldehyde, which reduce its environmental friendliness. Chipboard is not very flexible, so you do not make a form with the form;
    • MDF consists of the smallest wood fibers glued together with paraffin. Therefore, MDF does not contain harmful substances and is environmentally friendly raw materials. He is durable, opposed moisture. Well undergoing processing. With the help of milling on the slab you can apply any pattern, its smooth surface is good to paint. From MDF, you can make products with bends and non-standard form. Perfect option for modern models;
    • Natural tree does not have equal in beauty and quality. It is always relevant, as well as environmentally friendly raw materials;
    • Wood cooker with decoration: veneer, film, varnish, paint.

    Materials differ among themselves in quality and pricing policy. The fiscal option is considered cabinets from chipboard.

    Natural tree – the most expensive material, but the designs of it are almost eternal. Elite furniture made of wood massif.

    Color range

    Pick the color of the closet into the hallway in the tone of its setting. First of all, focus on the floor. It should also be remembered that light tones expand the space and add light, and dark, on the contrary, reduce the space and in the room it becomes dark. Your wardrobe can be monophonic or with multicolored inserts.

    Successfully labeled decor in the form of flowers on the doors and mirror.

    Choosing a wardrobe with swing doors for the corridor, you will provide yourself:

    • a roomy piece of furniture for all types of clothing, including top;
    • A variant that will fit into any entrance hall;
    • Classic design of your interior.

    This design is a good acquisition for your corridor. The decision can be chosen for any room, what kind of size and form it was not. If you do not find the appropriate option in the store, the product can be performed under the order. Master take into account all your wishes and individual room features.

    Be sure to decorate your hallway with such a wardrobe, and then comfort and order you are provided.

    Further, see the idea of ​​organizing the site of the hallway using a cabinet with swing doors.

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