Suspended Cocoon Chair: Features, Types and Production

The Suspended Cocoon Chair was invented in 1957 by the furniture designer from Denmark a Ditzel. Inspired her to create an unusual model chicken egg. Initially, the chair was made with a fastening to the ceiling – the man sitting in it felt the state of lightness, weightlessness, flight. Monotonous swaying relaxed and reassured. Later, the cocoon began to hang on the metal rack, which gave the possibility of the chair not to depend on the strength of the ceiling and stay anywhere: in the house, on the veranda or in the garden.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Amazing design combines a hammock and rocking chairs at the same time, that is, it hangs and shakes. Wherein Lost in it can be very comfortable – read, relax,, Especially since the chair is always equipped with soft pillows or mattresses.

Ergonomic Flying Chair design becomes accent for many interiors – Scandinavian, Japanese, Environmental. Cocoon in principle can fit into any modern atmosphere.

The feature of the egg-shaped product lies in the possibility of a person to exhaust from the outside world, as if wrapped in a cocoon, relax, to be alone with him, “outward” his personal isolated space. Such a model has other advantages.

  • Incredible design. Unique appearance of furniture will decorate any interior.
  • Comfort. In such an armchair convenient and sleep, and awake.
  • Functionality. The model is suitable for children’s room, living room, cottages, terraces, arbors. And there are many places where you can comfortably settle down using a cocoon chair.

Fixing the cocoon occurs in two ways: to ceiling or metal rack. Each of these species has its own minuses. Fastening to the ceiling limits the possibility of using the chair, for example, in the garden or on the terrace. And the seat fixed on the rack takes a lot of space and for a small-sized apartment is not suitable.


Cocoon Chair has been existed for over 60 years, and during this time, furniture designers have developed many variations on this topic. Swing on the rack can have a round, pear-shaped seat or drop-shaped. The chair is produced single and double, woven from rattan, ropes, plastic, or made of other materials. List the most common types of this product.


Wicker chair, really, resembles a cocoon, woven out of a thousand “threads”. It happens hard and soft depending on the elected material, but it always looks easy, openwork, air. Solid options are well kept form, they include plastic, artificial or natural rattan, vine and other strong materials. Soft weaving is performed in Macrame technique using durable cords, ropes, thin ropes.

With soft carcasse

Such a product resembles a hammock, but it is more convenient to sit down or half-sidet. One side of the chairs-hammock is raised up and performs the backrest function. Sometimes the soft frame looks like a cone with a hole-inlet in the side of the product.

In any case, all these models are made of durable fabric and withstand a large weight.


The deaf chair does not have an openwork weaving, it is so dense that it does not see anything through it. To create a deaf cocoon also use dense tissue cloth. Any of these models is suitable for people who value privacy.

Rocking chair

Outwardly, it looks like a conventional rocking chair from the vine, only without polls, and it swings it thanks to the hanging to the metal rack. By and large, all the pendant cocoon chairs belong to rocker.


Suspended cocoon chairs have different shapes and sizes. In addition to single, release double species and large structures resembling sofas.

The standard model slightly elongated form has the following parameters:

  • Bowl height – 115 cm;
  • width – 100 cm;
  • Stand height – 195 cm;
  • Sustainable base in the form of a circle, holding a rack – 100 cm;
  • The distance between the lower chairs and the floor – 58 cm.

Each manufacturer releases the models with its parameters. For example, a Mercury Chair “Mercury” from the polyterhanta has several large sizes than indicated by the example above:

  • Bowl height – 125 cm;
  • width – 110 cm;
  • Depth – 70 cm;
  • Stand height 190 cm.

The kit includes steel rack, suspension and mattress, but you can only buy a bowl, the rest to refine yourself and significantly save.

Materials and colors

Designers are constantly upgraded by more than half a century ago suspension cocoon. Today it is released from various artificial and natural materials in a variety of color scheme. Depending on the surface structure, the product can be divided into hard and soft. The tough includes materials capable of keeping the shape of the cocoon unchanged:

  • acrylic – weaving from acrylic “threads” creates an openwork, air, durable ball;
  • PolyRotang – is an artificial material, durable, durable, it does not lose shape and color, can be in the conditions of the street in any season without limiting time;
  • Plastic weaving is quite durable, but in frosts can crack, in the sun – burn out;
  • Natural materials include rattan, rosica, an egg, strong and environmentally friendly materials, but they only come to stay at home.

Soft cocoons weave, knit and sew from ropes, threads and fabrics. They are soft, pins, easily change the form. These include the following types of products:

  • For tissue cocoons, durable types of materials are chosen, such as tarpaulin, denim and tent tissue, they are marked with a large variety of colors;
  • Knitted products produce with a hook and spokes, beautiful patterns make models with original and unique;
  • From cords and ropes, cocoons are weaving technician Macrame, such models are suitable for the room and the street.

As for the color palette, it is very diverse – from white to rainbow multitgeta. Most models are manufactured in natural shades – brown, sand, coffee, green. But rare, bright colors are applied. A variety of colors can be seen on the examples:

  • The color of fresh greenery is well masked in the garden;

  • Bright yellow cocoon will create an atmosphere of solar heat;

  • Pink chair will like girls;

  • Natural brown tint is typical for the creations of Nanna Ditzel;

  • Color chair of the threads will give a joyful mood to children and adults;

  • The red knitted armchair will add energies and zador;

  • White Cocoon Chair supports light interiors.

Many factories specializing in the production of upholstered furniture refer to the theme of pendant chairs. We give examples of the most popular manufacturers of suspended models of seats.

  • “Ekodesign”. Manufacturer Indonesia. Releases cocoons from natural and artificial rattan with waterproof mattresses. Models are small, relatively light (20-25 kg), withstand the load up to 100 kg.

  • Kvimol. Chinese manufacturer. Releases model KVIMOL KM-0001 red-colored artificial rattan, on steel basis, weight in packing 40 kg.

  • “Quartrosis”. Domestic manufacturer, produces different types of cocoons under the names of Quatrosis Venice and Quatrosis Tenerife. Made of artificial rattan on an aluminum rack. The company gives a warranty period for its products a year and a half.

  • “Cloud Castle”. Russian manufacturer. Releases model “Cloud Capri Capri XXL White” from high-quality artificial rattan, with a large basket. The chair is heavy (69 kg), at a low steel rack (125 cm), designed for weight up to 160 kg, complemented by a mild mattress.

  • Factory “Ukrainian structures” Releases a line of high-quality suspension chairs from rattan.

How to make it yourself?

In Furniture stores, you can buy a suspension Cocoon Chair in the finished version, but you can only buy a bowl and equip it according to your imagination. For the creative and economical personality, the chair is completely done. Give a master class for those who are used to doing everything with their own hands.

Necessary materials

We offer to assemble a cocoon chair from metal-plastic hulahupes with a cross section of 35 mm. For this, you will need the following materials:

  1. Ring for the backrest 110 cm;
  2. Ring for 70 cm seats;
  3. polyamide fiber with polypropylene base with a diameter of 4 mm and up to 1000 m long;
  4. ropes for sling;
  5. Durable rope for connecting two hoops.


No matter how simple it seems simple, you need to start work from the drawing, on which the model is drawn, and parameters are specified. From the scheme become understandable, dimensions, type of armchairs, materials for manufacture.


When the drawing is drawn up, calculations are made, materials are collected, you can proceed directly to work. How to produce it, tells step by step instructions.

  1. Both hoops should be tightly separated by polyamide fiber. It should be borne in mind that every meter of the surface will take up to 40 m of the thread. Every 10 revolutions it is necessary to perform fixing loops.
  2. In the second stage, a grid is made of the same fibers on both hoops. The elasticity of the back and seats will depend on her tension.
  3. Next, connect the backs with the seat with the seat and install two rods of wood or metal for the entire height of the design.
  4. Both hoops on the connection (back-seat) are reinforced with ropes.
  5. Slings are attached to the chair, and it is already ready for hanging on a pre-harvested fastening.

The method of making a cocoon is not the only one. You can perform a frameless product from the fabric, to tie a hook chair – everything depends on the fantasy and the desire of Cleells.

Examples in the interior

Suspended chairs are surprised by their manifold and unusualness, This can be seen on the examples:

  • The rack is made in the form of a cocoon;

  • Beautiful knitted model;

  • Unusual chair from natural rattan;

  • Suspended rocking chair;

  • black and white execution;

  • Classic “Egg” from the vine;

  • Laconic design for minimalism;

  • basket at a low rack;

  • Comfortable chair with a continuation of the legs;

  • Cocoon Chair on Balcony.

Any of the above models will give beauty and comfort to your home.

About how to make a hanging chair with your own hands, look in the following video.

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