Soft stools: What are and how to choose?

Soft seat stools – practical and stylish furniture that is suitable for all rooms in the house. A rich range of models allows you to choose the perfect product for each style.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Stools with soft seats are almost in every home. Most often, such furniture decorates the kitchen, but thanks to a large range of various models, it began to install in different rooms. The main features of soft stools are compactness, convenient accommodation and high aesthetic qualities.

Modern manufacturers produce models of different colors, shapes and sizes, giving the opportunity to choose the perfect option for each case.

Quality stools perform practical and aesthetic functions, Keeping attractiveness from year to year. Monophonic models and patterned, high and low stools, concise and decorated products – all offer modern furniture stores.

Positive qualities in soft stools quite a lot:

  • A rich assortment of diverse models allows you to choose the appropriate option even for extraordinary interior design options;
  • Due to the compact sizes for the tool, there is a place in a small-sized apartment;
  • Furniture can be easily rearranged from place to place;
  • Qualitative models, in the manufacture of which reliable materials were used, will serve for a long time, glading practicality and comfort;
  • The soft stool can be used as an addition to other furniture or as a separate attribute.

    Negative sides also have.

    • Even the most comfortable models do not compare for convenience with armchairs and chairs.
    • There is a risk that the seat filler can cause an allergic reaction. This applies to budget options.
    • If the upholstery is made of low-quality material, it will quickly come into disrepair, especially with intensive operation.


    The market offers a wide variety of types of stools.

    • Folding models. At the expense of a special design, this option is convenient to store and transfer. If necessary, the model can be folded and take with you on the road. Often such stools take on nature or during a trip to the country. And also this is a convenient and practical option for small apartments and minimalist interiors.

    • Barna. The main feature of such stools is height. They are installed in bar racks or so-called “kitchen islets”. Models form and color can be different.

    Products of this type are perfect for futuristic style High-tech.

    • Classic. Products of this species can have a variety of shape and color. These are widely used models on four legs, which wonderfully look in different decorative directions. Most often, they are placed in small kitchens at the dining table.

    Varieties in height

    The criterion for which the models can be divided into groups – this is height.

    • Standard. These are the lowest stools whose height varies from 43 to 50 centimeters. Products above 45 centimeters are complemented by a special transverse guide. It makes the design more reliable and sustainable.

      • Semalent. Dimensions – from 75 to 85 centimeters. Their main place of accommodation – at the racks, the height of which does not exceed 105 centimeters.

          • Barna. The highest models. The height of such products begins with 105 and reaches 115 centimeters.

          Note: These data may vary in some manufacturers.

          Materials manufacturing

          Production uses materials of various quality, colors and textures. There is a synthetic and natural raw material.


          In the manufacture of the basics for the stuff use material of different strength and wear resistance. This characteristic affects not only for the service life of the furniture, but also on its decorative qualities.

          • Metal. Metal stools are considered one of the most durable. Frame made from a hollow pipe. It is bent under the desired angle and fix special rivets. The place of attachment is considered the most vulnerable. On the legs put on the nozzles to avoid the appearance of scratches on the floor.

          • Wood. Natural wood – expensive, but practical and reliable material with high aesthetic qualities. Wooden furniture adorns classic interiors styles. In addition to such a frame, high-quality and natural upholstery use. Some products are decorated with a carvings that give the furniture. Especially charming.

          • MDF and LDSP. Two budget options are widespread due to affordable prices. Despite the fact that modern trademarks work on an increase in the reliability of these materials, their strength and wear resistance leave to be desired. With long and active operation, such stools quickly come into disrepair.


          Modern manufacturers use different fabrics and materials for seat upholstery.

          • Flock. This type of fabric is presented in a huge variety of colors. Soft fabric is easy to clean at home. Due to the dense structure, pets will not damage the upholstery of the seat with claws or teeth. Flock looks great together with the foundation of the tree. Textiles are often used in the manufacture of classic models.

          • Rogozhka. Rigid and coarse fabric for which practicality and durability. This material is made by a large and crucible weaving. Textiles with an expressive texture can have different colors.

          • Leather. Natural and artificial leather are widely used. The first option draws attention to the charming appearance. The skin gives the interior of sophistication and luxury. Separately, it is worth noting practicality and wear resistance. Eco-eco – less reliable material, but much more affordable for the price. High-quality synthetic material looks almost the same as natural.

          • Jacquard. Budget version of upholstery. The fabric is made of hard fibers that retain the form and density from year to year. Despite a small price, this is a practical fabric that will serve for a long time.

          Forms and design

          Soft stools are different in form. For each option is characterized by a specific design.

          • Square. Practical and widespread option. Models on wooden frames with curly legs are ideal for classical directions.

            • A circle. Round Metal Framework Stools – Choice for High Tech and Minimalism. So that the upholstery is not climbed, choose soft material.

              • Triangle. This form is rare, but also takes place. Most often, the seats of such a form are placed on metal or MDF frameworks.

              Tips for choosing

              Choose a good soft stool is quite simple, if follow the recommendations of specialists.

              • The selected model should be in color, shape and style match the decorative direction of the room where it will be placed.

                • To stool served for a long time, make a choice in favor of practical and reliable materials.

                  • If small children or people who are prone to allergic reactions live in the house, it is better to purchase models with natural materials upholstery.

                        • Stools are much harmonious will look in the group. It is better to buy several units at once.

                        In the next video you will learn how to make a soft stool with your own hands.

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