Soft chairs with armrests

Soft chairs with armrests – furniture, which many are chosen at this time. Sitting on them is much more convenient than on ordinary models. When finishing such chairs, various interesting materials are often used, which makes the original, unusual furniture.


Chair with soft upholstery and armrests combines the comfort of the chair with mobility and compactness of the ordinary chair. Soft seat, armrests and backs allow you to take a comfortable, relaxing pose and a long time to feel comfort.

It is thanks to these benefits that such furniture has won great popularity among consumers.

However, such models are not suitable in all cases. Due to armrests, the landing place is limited that it is not very convenient for people with lush forms. If you have no such people in your family, keep in mind that they may be among the guests. Chair-chair will not fit if the room is too small. Similar models occupy a lot of space.

Such furniture in design has various seats and backrest. The product is soft due to the fact that various softening materials add to the trim. More elastic surfaces are obtained through the use of springs. There are different models of such chairs, and each has certain features.

Armrests are different:

  • rigid, without soft upholsters;
  • semi-chasing, with foam overlays;
  • soft, with the same filler, like the seat and back.

Backs are also found different: skin-skinned, textiles, rigid (solid, openwork). They differ in the angles of inclination.

Among the most common models can be allocated:

  • Chair-chair having a low back and soft leather upholstery. Such models are characterized by concise. In such furniture, chromed metal supports are often provided.
  • Soft wood chairs that can be attributed to classic style. Upholstery – Textiles with beautiful pattern, velor, velvet. Such furniture decorate curly backs, curved legs.

Accommodation in the interior

Living room, kitchen

Chairs differ from each other materials for frame, decoration, dimensions. The most popular can be called such models:

  • Classic wood products with armrests. Backs and seats are decorated with drawings, upholstered with beautiful cloth, such as velvet. Additional decorative elements can be Swarovski crystals, buttons. Similar chairs can also be decorated with wood carvings.
  • High bar chairs having armrests. Since the armrests near the bar chairs are usually no, such models are considered non-standard, but many still assess the unusual and convenience of such products.

  • Furniture made of wood. Such chairs look cool, luxurious. To create similar products, manufacturers usually choose an array of walnut, beech, oak. An elegant one-photon fabric is most often used as a upholstery material.
  • Models from other materials. Manufacturers also offer soft chairs from plastic, rattan, folding options.

Cabinet, office

Chairs having armrests are chosen not only for residential, but also for work premises, because such furniture is distinguished by comfort. As a rule, for offices and cabinets choose models with coarse fabric or leather upholstery, furniture for metal frame. Such products are concise, quite simple, but for the work environment, this is exactly what you need.

In addition, the furniture on metal frames is distinguished by high performance qualities and durability.

Various styles

Today, manufacturers offer a variety of models of soft chairs with armrests, so you can easily find exactly the option that perfectly fit into the interior of the apartment. As noted earlier, wooden furniture decorated with luxurious fabrics and various decorative elements is ideal for classic style. Such a model can be purchased for living room, bedrooms.

Stylish models decorated with ecocuse or velvet will be perfectly combined with Renaissance styles, Ampir. The appropriate option for the loft, modern – furniture covered with Shenill, flock or jacquard, as well as characterized by soft shape lines.

Chair with armrests can be a highlight of the room, a bright spot that attracts a look, or to “merge” with the interior, emphasize him. It all depends on the features of the room, a specific model and from those goals that you pursue.

Famous manufacturers

At this time, the production of chairs with armrests is carried out in many countries:

  • Russia. The products of domestic production on the market are a lot, most of them are distinguished by durability and high quality.
  • China. The range of models from producers from this country is also very wide, there are chairs of various colors and structures. Quality is different: it all depends on the materials used. Choosing the appropriate option, focus on the price. Quality products are rarely too cheap.
  • On the Philippine Islands The manufacture of best wicker models is carried out. They are created from rattan.

  • Italians provide elegance of furniture design, many products decorate carving. Fit and models created in modern style: they are distinguished by interesting forms, unusual appearance.
  • In England Create wooden chairs that can be attributed to the classic style.
  • French Manufacturers tend to incarnate very interesting design ideas into reality. Usually their chairs have low backs, comfortable wide seats.

How to choose?

Going to buy a chair, appreciate its comfort. Such furniture must be comfortable, and not only different an aesthetic appearance. Of course, there are design models that are created primarily in order to decorate the interior, but usually the chairs are constantly.

Sitting on the chair, you can pour my feet on yourself, easy to throw off my head, even nap. Soft stool with armrests, of course, not so comfortable, usually the seat of such models is less deep and narrower. However, you still have to be as comfortable as possible, because such furniture (unlike seating) is in children’s, dinner areas, work offices. People spend a lot of time on these chairs.

Furniture should be different with ergonomics, it is a question of well-being and health. Sit on a chair, appreciate its comfort and already follow the purchase.

Soft chairs overview with armrests See next video.

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