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The sofa is considered the center of the room, because it is on it people so often receive guests or just like to rest. It is the sofa that complements the design of the room, gives it an extraordinary chic and completion. The task that stands before each owner is to choose a beautiful, high-quality, convenient and appropriate overall interior style furniture. All these qualities perfectly combine sofas from the furniture factory “Live sofas”.


For many years of activity, the Furniture Furniture Furniture has proven itself as a reliable supplier of quality products. Sofas presented in a wide range of universal, multifunctional, convenient to live and rest each family member. They are designed to fill the life of their owners with comfort and maximum comfort.

The company offers furniture and accessories of a variety of designs and high quality. Many models hit their diversity: corner, modular, straight sofas, armchairs, beds, chairs, accessories, various pillows.

The factory creates models, given the individual preferences of each client.

The buyer easily selects furniture with any transformation mechanism, the most suitable size – in accordance with its personal preferences. “Live sofas” are surprisingly combining in their models and lightness of forms, and style geometry, harmoniously “playing” with flowers. These products are distinguished by the highest rates of reliability and durability.

A variety of dimensional row allows you to place the piece of furniture, even in the smallest living room, saving the maximum space. If your room is impressive, then there are many large and medium-sized assortment in the range.

The model range is represented by various products. Catalog of sofas is rich in models of various configurations that can be easily transformed. There are many direct, corner, modular sofas, chairs, bedchair, furniture accessories. All models perfectly combine quality and comfort. It is worth considering the most popular models.

Moon 016

You should pay special attention to Moon 016. This model is characterized in that it includes a large number of modules, from which you can make up about thirty sofa configuration options. Features of sofas – different degrees of softness, they are orthopedically comfortable for sleep. The multifunctional model and includes a recreation area, chair and angular modules with a built-in tabletop. This model is awarded a silver quality mark.


A very popular model is also a sofa “Martin”, which combines the unsurpassed style and maximum comfort. This is a sofa of small sizes, it is suitable for a small room, but in the disassembled state, it can perfectly accommodate two beds. It has a compartment where Bed linen can be hidden. This product is very easy to understand and is going. Sofa “Martin” is the most compact sofa bed.

Moon 107

One of the popular options is the Moon 107 model. This is an angular sofa, which is equipped with a mechanism of transformation “Dolphin”. Durable frame attached reliability design, the sleeping place is created by combining the sofa section and the discard.

Included in the kit, which allows you to preserve the original top view of the couch for a long time. The model is very convenient for sleep – due to the presence of a combination of spring snakes, which give the designs of the greatest elasticity and comfort.

Moon 111

Sale hit is Moon 111 model. It is distinguished by unsurpassed comfort and practicality, the extraordinary election of forms. Such a product perfectly organizes space – and at the same time becomes the heart of any interior.

The modular system of transformation “Accordion” includes sofa modules, canape modules, angular modules and a banquette. Thanks to this system, the sofa can be easily transformed into bed, pillows provide a convenient position for hands, and modules have varying degrees of premount, thus creating ideal conditions for life and pastime.

Moon 084

Special attention deserves the Moon 084 model, which is the innovative interpretation of the classic sofa. She became the winner of the Competition of the National Prize in the field of industrial design of furniture “Russian Cabrio”, received the Grand Prix. This furniture expresses the trends of modern time, combining fusion of styles.

The model will harmoniously fit into any design, because it demonstrates the elegance of the style and clarity of the forms. On such furniture you can relax and sleep.

Armrests are characterized by smoothly curved lines that give the models extraordinary charm. At the same time, they are wide enough to accommodate a cup of coffee – and just relax. The transformation mechanism is “Accordion”. Orthopedic base structures create optimal conditions for sleep.

Tips for choosing

To the selection of the sofa, it is necessary to approach the most seriously as possible, because it is not just the subject of the interior, and the present place of rest of the whole family. It should be comfortable, high-quality and beautiful. Here are some tips to help choose a sofa to your taste:

  • First, it is necessary to decide on dimensions, color, texture, model, drawing. Need to decide which mechanism will be the selected model. Need to check if the sofa frame is durable so that it is reliably stood, did not creak.
  • Next, check the upholstery strength, is there any defects there. Quality upholstery will provide long-term operation of furniture. You should decide on the sofa mechanism – will this roll-out sofa, module, or a sofa book. The choice of the mechanism depends on what functions would you like to see in the selected furniture.

  • Should be clarified which filler is used. It is from the filler that it depends on how well the product will keep the form, will it not be less beautiful. Very often, a synthetone, Hollar and Hollofiber are used as a filler, they are quite reliable and retain the appearance of the furniture.
  • Very important criteria when choosing a sofa are a comfortable form, a neat look, because it is a long-time furniture, it should not be flaws in it. It should be paid to the fact that the materials from which the furniture are made are safe. Considering all these features, you can choose a high-quality, convenient and reliable sofa that will serve you for a long time.


To understand how good you purchased are good, you should familiarize yourself with customer reviews. The owners note that the furniture acquired on the furniture factory “Live sofas”, extremely convenient, functional and high-quality – compared to other products.

Many buyers note that they like not only the goods themselves, but also managers who offer helps to choose furniture. Buyers pleases fast delivery. Specialists in assembly are also qualified, they collect sofas quickly, neatly.

Owners of such products appreciated the quality of goods. They indicate that the more convenient sofa did not meet, sleep and relax on it – one pleasure. They are pleased with the form of furniture, dimensions, decor, accessories, as well as the fact that many models are orthopedically thought out.

It should also be mentioned about the price of goods. The cost varies. Most often buyers noted that the most interesting models the price is still high. However, if you consider the quality of the goods, it can be noted that the price is quite acceptable.

Like any product, such products have negative feedback in which buyers say that the purchased goods quickly washed, the filler does not hold the form.

But such reviews are extremely small, usually buyers are very satisfied with new furniture.

Read more about sofas from the “Live sofas” factory you will learn from the following video.

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