Small corner cabinets

Over time, any person accumulates a large number of things, and in most apartments it is not possible to store and store them. Lack of free square meters makes it acquire a small-sized and spacious cabinet furniture. A good option is considered small angular cabinets, selected for the overall interior of the room.

What it is?

Each family arises the question of finding a place for storing personal belongings. Small apartments do not allow installing large cabinet furniture, in this case the small closet, located in the corner of the room, will be the best solution.

Everyone wants to use free space completely in order not to clutter the already small apartment. Most corners in the house are not used, and they remain free.

A spacious corner cabinet allows you to save free space along the walls and maximize the corners of the rooms.

Advantages and disadvantages

Things that are not always in demand, it is better to store in a small cabinet furniture, which is located in the free corners of any of the rooms or an entrance hall. Corner cabinets have many advantages over other furniture:

  • Beautiful design. The small cabinet most often belongs to a large group of cabinet furniture, so the designer solution made fits into any modern interior.
  • Compact execution. Doors swing and perfectly saved free space along the walls and near the cabinet.
  • Spacious furniture. Thanks to a convenient and thoughtful storage system, a large number of things are placed inside the cabinet.
  • The functional cabinet r – shaped visually adjusts the space space. The room in which the mini-closet is located, looks bigger and more spacious.

Like any product, the angular cabinet has small disadvantages:

  • The height of the cabinet, as some of the compartments are located at a large distance from the floor, so they are considered hard to reach for a person. In such antlesol, stored things that are used in certain seasons.
  • In the hallway small sizes inconvenient door opening. They brave the pass. For such a room, the compartment system is more suitable.
  • Angular cabinet made of poor-quality material quickly loses its original appearance.


Depending on the method of manufacturing, the angular small cabinets differ:

  • Cabinet furniture for location in the corner. Manufacturers offer a ready-made design of standard sizes or make custom under certain sizes and design. The cabinet has a lower and upper surface, as well as side walls. Manufacturers make a design, and the assembly is made directly at the installation site. Cabinet furniture is mobile and easily rearranged from one place to another as needed.

  • Built-in corner furniture quite spacious, in comparison with cabinet structures. If you correctly install a wardrobe in the room, the architectural niche will fill out than the entire complex geometric form of the room is adjusted. In such a closet there are no walls, which significantly reduces the cost of corner embedded furniture. Doors have a beautiful scenery, due to which the beautiful and original interior is created. Built-in furniture is not rearranged, it is not easy to dismantle. It is manufactured and used only in a certain place, which it has been completed.

Such cabinets are required periodically to avoine to prevent the appearance of other unpleasant odors.

  • Monolithic device in the angle takes place from the floor and to the ceiling. Such models are manufactured by individual orders and with certain sizes. Such cabinets are intended most often for clothes in small rooms.

It is possible to install universal cabinets at its discretion, and the original compositions are obtained. In the interior of a small room, it looks beautiful asymmetric cabinets with mirrors. The design has mezzanine, which are located on the floor or hang on the wall. The space is completely transformed and adds new rooms to the whole room.

Use in the interior

Corner cabinet installed in the bedroom, saves free space as much as possible and accommodates a large number of things: clothing, accessories, bath accessories and bed linen. For a small room fit the built-in wardrobe, which is installed in the interval of two walls. In the room for recreation and sleep with a good option to establish a small triangular closet that the minimum free space occupies. Doors better pick up with a big mirror.

Excellent option for a small hallway – corner wardrobe with door-coupe. This cabinet furniture allows you to keep in order clothes and footwear for the whole family. Facade with mirror increases space.

Corner small cabinets installed in the hall or in the living room most often have glass doors with beautiful drawings. They keep memorable or collectible things, as well as a variety of printed literature. Beautiful books of books look original and give guest room their own style.

Corner small cabinets are needed in the children’s room. The most spacious is the design of a trapezoidal form having additional shelves for things. The child can fold his toys and clothes in it, being happy to order. Locker doors adorn cartoon and fairy tales characters. Each model creates a stylish and original design in the room.


For the production of angular cabinets, high-quality materials are used, on which the reliability of the design and the duration of operation depends. In the production of classic standard models are used:

  • Tree-fiberboard with a veneer coating from different wood breeds. Doors look classically and not well. To date, we have developed a modern coating that is environmentally and does not emit malicious substances into the air.
  • Laminated chipboard has good qualities for decorating the room. The material does not require additional care, it perfectly opposes strong mechanical impacts. The outer surface is covered with a gloss, which has increased characteristics of strength and wear resistance.
  • Natural wood looks expensive. Designs are decorated with threads made by hand, and other elements of scenery. Such expensive and beautiful furniture will decorate any interior.
  • Plastic is not so common, however, allows you to create original models that will decorate the hallway and children’s room.

Much attention Manufacturers pay door scenery. The most sought-after are transparent or mirror surfaces. On this facade, you can apply a beautiful and original drawing: a composition of flowers, strict geometric shapes or lines, a floral ornament.

A peculiar and unusually looks scenery of stained glass: Colorful pieces of glass form beautiful glare, creating a festive atmosphere and a wonderful mood for the whole day.

Interior filling

Before choosing a small angular design, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the internal content. The storage system should be equipped rational so that when using furniture and storage of things it was convenient.

Classic structures include wide shelves, shields for her shoulders with clothing, drawers for various trifles and small boxes. If the cabinet is made under the order, then at the request of the customer, the standard design is complemented by departments for jewelry, cosmetics and other things.

Manufacturers offer many and low-functional models. Small cabinets have a triangular shape. Shelves in the form of a triangle do not put big things, such as bed linen or towels. The cabinet of any form has several storage areas:

  • Stand for clothes that you want to rave on the shoulders. In some cases, manufacturers set two racks at different heights.
  • Lower shelves for shoes, with stands or lattices of different sizes.
  • Shelves for textiles or any other knitwear, which in the rolled form takes up a lot of space.
  • Retractable boxes and boxes for the storage of underwear and other things you need to hide from strange eyes.
  • The top mezzanine for the storage of seasonal things and those that are not always required.

Shelves inside the cabinet are made of the same material as the design itself. To reduce weight design, drawers and shelves are made of plastic.

How to choose?

When choosing a small cabinet in the angle of the room, you need to take into account the set of nuances. Each model must have the necessary sizes. It should be not too big and bulky not to force the free space of the room.

The design of the cabinet furniture must support the overall style of the room. As a rule, angular structures are not suitable for Studio apartment.

The facade should be bright shades so that the room looks spacious. In some cases, choosing bright shades, for contrast with walls and ceiling, the boring interior becomes more fresh and original. In the closet, you can install LED backlight, which helps to navigate and faster find the right things.

About how to collect a small angular cabinet – coupe, look in the following video.

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