Sandblasting wardrobe

Sandblasting wardrobe – one of the most popular furniture items. Such cabinets are not only convenient and practical, but also very original. Thanks to modern technologies for sanding, today it is possible to choose both standard and completely unusual images.

What it is?

Sandblasting is a special processing of glass performed using stencils. Such stencils are applied to the desired part of the mirror or glass and blow out open spaces. The surface is instantly matted and after removing the stencil turns out a beautiful mirror pattern on an opaque background. Easy in the preparation of the stencil makes it possible to provide drawing on an individual order. Also, you can always choose the finished image in the work catalog.

Cabinets with sandblasting pattern – it is always a stylish and spectacular thing. Depending on the drawing, they can be placed everywhere, ranging from the hallway and ending with a balcony. Such a matte surface will decorate any interior, in addition, it is unobtrusive and do not get bored with time.

There are both ordinary mirror and color images. Wrobs with backlit look very beautiful, then the effect of the drawing increases at times.

Pros and cons

Picture sandblasting has advantages and disadvantages. The main plus it is, of course, in the original appearance. Such cabinets really look very beautiful. They are pleased to look at them. A huge color palette does not limit the customer’s fantasy, allowing you to create real graphic masterpieces. In addition, you can pick up any style of drawing – Flowers, Animals, Classic Ornaments, Oriental Patterns.

A huge advantage of sandblasting consists also in the fact that it is quickly manufactured. The only snag can be when you provide a drawing. Here it will be necessary to modify it and make the right stencil. Subsequently, a finished drawing will last long – it does not fade, it does not understand and does not spoil from sunlight. Sandblasting wardrobes can be combined with any kinds of decor, including painting and stained glass windows.

With all the obvious advantages, there are still a few flaws. The applied image does not well affect the glass or mirror, making it more fragile and vulnerable. Transportation such cabinets is with great caution. In addition, sandblasts are complicated in care, it is not recommended to families with young children. Permanent fingerprints and fat stains from the surface to delete will have to constantly.

Applications of sandblasting

There are several techniques for applying a sandblasting image, and each of them has its own characteristics.

Sandblasting matting

This is one of the easiest and most affordable technologies. Such the most democratic option wears another name – flat sandblast. The method is that with the help of a pre-prepared sand stencil, sand is applied to the glass. As a result, the matte will be those areas that were not closed.

Flat sandblast has a number of benefits. It lies less dust, fingerprints, and easier to remove them. As a result, it turns out a very clear drawing with smooth faces. Good alternative to flat sandblasting will be deep. It is much more complicated in the work, however, the image will be volumetric, 3D style. An experienced designer with such equipment is able to create a real miracle on your closet.

Artistic matting

Somewhat different technology, here matting do not solid, but as if jerks. Due to this, real color transitions are formed, which makes the drawing more natural and beautiful. At first glance, the inhomogeneity of the image is noticeable, but such overflows give it a special chic. Artistic matting is a rather complicated technique, but it is possible to apply it on the glasses of different thickness.

    Colored sandblast

    It looks like a glasses processing quite attractive. Unlike other types, here instead of matting the master paints the surface with different colors. In this case, the mirror does not deteriorate, continuing to perform its basic function – reflection. Work is performed using additional techniques of embossed or deep sandblasting. Colors are selected monophonic and clean.

    Cover options on the mirror

    To date, designers are ready to offer several coating options for a mirror surface. The most popular of them combines a mirror background and a matte drawing. Such cabinets are always elegant and unobtrusive, they are able to decorate both an apartment and an office. The drawing can be located differently – over the entire surface, in the upper or lower corners, in the middle, across. An image is applied from the inside of the mirror.

    No less interesting to look mirror drawings on a matte background. During this method, the master removes the back of the mirror, which gives him a noble translucent shade. It is especially interesting to this technique looks on long cabinets with three and more sash. Then the image seems to be moving from one end to another.

    Strengthen such an effect can be original backlit.

    Of course, every hostess, choosing a drawing on the closet, already knows what I wanted. However, in the catalogs of modern designers, so many options that is not difficult and staying with a choice for several days.

    You can select several categories of prints that are most popular and fit absolutely under all cabinets.


    Prints from this category are able to revive and decorate any interior. For home, natural associations can be the best solution – water drops, the smooth of a quiet lake, overflow, imitation of leaves and trees. Such drawings soothe, give the feeling of freshness and constant cyclic movement of nature. Beautifully looking abstraction with cane images, mixed twigs of trees – they are suitable for rural country styles and Provence.

      Smooth, rounded lines – the key to the success of an abstract drawing. If the picture has sharp forms, clear angles and too intricate pattern, it can eventually start annoying. That is why it is important to observe the measure and do not chase in fashion. The wardrobe should not coagulate, constantly attach attention, interfere with concentration and work. Unobtrusive and calm color pattern fit well into the bedroom or living room, but for a working office or office you can choose a classic matte pattern.

        Floral motifs

        Floral prints – absolutely win-win. It does not matter, they will be matte, mirrored or colored, flowers look good always. This image does not distract, it quickly becomes part of the interior and merges with it. Unsurpassed thin twigs with small flowers, large roses and camomiles, orchids. Those who want to choose a drawing, filling almost the entire surface, ideally suitable image of a tree with flowers on the branches and krone.

        Pop Art

        Bright and creative direction that will not leave anyone indifferent – it is pop art. Initially, being a style of art and clothing, today pop art firmly introduced into home interiors. However, you need to know several rules before ordering such a print. Since pop art – phenomenon is very saturated, it is important not to overdo the paints. The room should be bright, ideally – white.

        For the drawing itself, you can choose a variety of prints. Photos of pop stars, unusual sculptures and figures, self-portraits of animals. Favorable acquisition will also be various favorite logos, catchy inscriptions, slogans. Additional interior need beautiful bright paintings, posters, statuette. In the original and harmoniously, small pillows look or covered in the tone of the printed.

        Foreign motifs

        Patterns of eastern topics are close in spirit to those who love warm countries. It can be interesting relaxing mandalas, intricate hieroglyphs, oriental plants. An unusual solution will be drawings with images of favorite places from major cities. For example, Big Ben or Eiffel Tower. You can beat such pictures in different ways by making them color, or preferably a faceted matte image throughout the surface.

        How to choose?

        To date, there are thousands of stencils capable of making the final note. Buying a wardrobe in the hallway, you can choose a free image and any print. Designers advise to leave part of the cabinet untouched to be able to evaluate themselves in full growth before going out. Light crystalline glitter, engraving, overflows, flicker will be appropriate.

        To the office or office choose a simpler and rigorous drawing so that it does not attract unnecessary attention. Thanks to this drawing, even the most ordinary cabinet will become more refined. Beautifully will look small abstraction, image of sakura, trees and leaves, birds. Those who are inclined to minimalism, you can try another option – Leave the surface of the mirror, and order the openwork on the edge – just, but tastefully.

        In the children’s room will be appropriate and fascinating drawing. Many kids like to consider unusual images and thus develop their fantasy. As a picture, the characters of cartoons, calm natural abstractions, panorama of cities and streets. Large and realistic images of animals look very original.

        For the bedroom of adult family members, it will be a good solution to choose not too massive drawing. It is no secret that women most often lead themselves in order in the bedroom, in front of the mirror. Therefore, it is worth allowing him to continue its functions, and acquire a drawing that will not let it. For example, an image of small birds, leaves, a floral ornament, a lace edging will be wonderfully harmony with the interior without disturbing the total background of the bedroom.

        Care rules

        A mirror with a sandblasting pattern – quite a fragile thing, so it’s cautiously to care for him. Do not allow the cabinet to be constantly in the place of sharp temperature drops, cracks may appear on the mirror. If you need to urgently transport furniture in the winter, buy materials in advance, which will save the optimal temperature.

        Unpacking and collecting a wardrobe can only be in room temperature, after it was indoors in the room for several hours.

        To clean the surface from dust and light pollution, it is enough to wipe it with a rag without a porce. On a cloth you can apply a non-aggressive detergent or light soap solution. Cotton material is perfectly suitable as a fabric, as well as a foam sponge. Among the cleaning products it is recommended to give preference to proven species such as “Fairy” or “Mr. Muskul”.

        After applying, be sure to remove each tool from the surface.

        Aggressive cleaners who are often used in the farm are completely prohibited for mirrors with sandblasting. This is alcohol, gasoline, lacquer removal fluid, washing powders, alkali. Such materials can apply irreparable damage to the surface and irrevocably spoil the drawing. Of course, there are such fat stains, prints and scratches that are not deleted in any way. In this case, everything is fixable, the appeal to the proven specialist will save you from the problem.

        Design ideas in the interior

        The three-rolled wardrobe with the original floral abstraction is well complement the interior of the living room, weathered in coffee or brown tones. At the same time, the cabinet itself should also be chosen in a similar color so that it is harmoniously combined with the situation.

        If you want something more unusual, you can consider a two-door model with original drawing of a girl. The cabinet will be appropriate in the modern living room, and it will complement his bright paints and beautiful accessories.

        Images of nature and animals – it is always interesting. Panorama of a small lake with mountains and elegant trees acts peaceful and relaxed after a hard day.

        Unusually looking and birds. For example, the drawing of the Heron in Palm is suitable for both the bedroom and the children’s room. One cabinet door remains untouched so that the picture does not look too cumbersome.

        For wardrobes with three and more sash, the ideal solution will be colored sandblasts. Very gently look at voluminous red flowers – they will complement beige and brown entourage.

        In the bedroom, the Japanese theme will look impressive – the image of a tree and a small house.

        Bright notch will make cabinets with swans in white, black and bluette tone.

        A completely bold solution – Abstract purple sunset panorama at sea.

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