Rules for choosing a table with shelves

Modern furniture should be not only beautiful, but also functional. Fortunately, today furniture factories produce a lot of similar models. These include practical and comfortable tables with shelves. It should be founded closer with these interior items and consider the details of their distinctive features.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tables, complemented by shelves, enjoy enviable popularity in consumers. They enjoy both adults and very young households. This is due to the fact that you can work for such furniture, keeping important documents and folders at hand, as well as learn, placing books and notebooks on the shelves.

The following parameters include the positive qualities of such furniture:

  • They are multifunctional. Users can work for different ages. Use them in different purposes.
  • High-quality and spacious table, equipped with regiments, is able to save free space in the room, because thanks to his presence, you can not buy an additional rack with shelves, as they will already be present in the table.
  • Today, a sufficient number of practical folding tables with shelves is presented on the market. Such furniture, as a rule, has compact sizes and easily turns into a more spacious model. This quality is especially relevant in our time, because most consumers do not own spacious and large housing.
  • It is worth noting the fact that today the choice of tables with shelves is great, more than ever. This suggests that a suitable product will be able to pick up even the most capricious buyer.

Ideal furniture on the market does not exist, and the tables with shelves also have their drawbacks, although they cannot be called serious. For example, users note that a large number of necessary objects on the shelves creates a sloppy appearance of the furniture, even if they are laid out carefully and organized.

It should also be noted that many tables with shelves are more expensive than the usual variants of the classic design, as much more material is spent during their production.


There are several types of tables with shelves. It is worth considering them in detail.

All tables with shelves are divided into form:

  • Classic are rectangular direct models that most often put near one of the walls in the room.
  • Corner structures are better saving space. As a rule, they are put in the free corner of the room.
  • Perpendicular. These options have a worktop of more impressive sizes. Work for similar designs is the most pleasant and convenient.

Different from each other and the shelves themselves:

  • Stationary or embedded;
  • Suspended;
  • Performed in the form of bedside tables;
  • Retractable.

Also, tables with shelves are divided into the following types:

  • Student. The composition of such models includes a large written zone. Often, the student tables are equipped with a space for installing a computer, however, many experts recommend clearly divide the zones of letters and work for PC. Such structures are most often equipped with open shelves-superstructures located above the main table top.

  • Desk with drawers and shelves. Such models are more functional and spacious. They are perfect for the children’s room, as they can easily place many books and other useful items.

  • With mounted shelves. Models with suspended design are convenient in the question of operation and do not occupy a lot of rooms in the room. Psychologists recommend contacting such products in the arrangement of children and explain this by the fact that young users, having such a “working” place, will develop in themselves Organizations and collens.

  • With rack. Most tables with shelves eliminates the owners from the need to acquire an additional rack, but today many manufacturers produce practical and functional products combining both add-ons. In such convenient designs there are many isolated compartments, perfectly suitable for storing documents, securities, notebooks, magazines, albums and other similar items.

  • With lower superstructures. Such structures are hardly suitable for a student or student, as they have more compact sizes. Many items on such countertops will not be able to accommodate (only PCs or laptop). The minimum set of add-ons for such furniture includes the upper shelf in the form of a tabletop on the table top, cells for disks and a retractable shelf for the keyboard.

  • With a shelf on a leg. There are also small written and computer tables with a shelf on the leg. As a rule, such details are compact and only small objects can be stored. The disadvantage of such designs is that while working behind them, you can accidentally touch things on the shelves and throw on the floor.


The following materials are used in the production of tables with shelves.

  • Wood. Models made of natural wood differ not only by beautiful appearance, but also reliability, durability and environmental friendliness. In furniture production, such rocks such as oak, nut, gevent, maple, pine, birch and alder are used. There is such products that are expensive, but in the process of operation shows itself only from the best side.

  • MDF, LDSP. These materials are cheaper than natural wood, are wear-resistant and non-mechanical damage. However, furniture of them looks simple and ordinary. It is also worth mentioning that in the composition of LDSP there are harmful substances – formaldehyde resins that have a negative impact on human health. You can protect yourself from their impact by buying a table from LDSP Class “E-1” or a piece of veneer.

  • Metal. Metal tables occupy a leading position in strength and durability. They are not afraid of temperature differences, regular operation and mechanical damage. Purchasing such a model should take into account that it will look organically in more modern interiors. For the classics, this table will not fit.

  • Glass. In the production of some tables with shelves used glass. It looks like furniture is very interesting and elegant, but it is necessary to treat it carefully not to damage the fragile material. Most often such designs have hard metal frames.

  • Plastic. Such furniture is cheap. Plastic is not subject to rotting and easy to paint into different colors, but such products it is easy to damage, and many of them are made from toxic cheap plastic, so they should be approached with full responsibility.


A small desktop with shelves is not inferior to large models in terms of functionality, however, it should be sent to his choice and consider the dimensions of the design. For example, in a spacious room, a compact table will look in no harmonious. For such conditions, a spacious model with a tabletop width from 70 cm and a depth of 60 cm. Of course, for more compact premises, you should choose small products that will not occupy a lot of space.


Popular colors of tables with shelves are the following.

  • White;
  • Gray and black;
  • Hue of Wenge;
  • All shades of brown;
  • Neutral beige;
  • Cream;
  • Ivory;
  • Natural shades of an unpainted tree.


For classic ensembles, the most suitable will be a wooden table (natural) simple and uncomplicated design. There should be a lot of decoration in such a model.

In modern interiors (type High-tech), metal tables with glass elements will be perfect. If you want to bring a product from a tree to such an environment, it is recommended to choose monochrome copies of black, white or gray color.

In the minimalist ensemble it is worth liaising the most simple and inconspicuous table, devoid of decor. The easier it will look like the furniture, the harmonious it will look in such an interior.

In the interior of the Provence style it is located natural wooden tables of pastel and light tones.

In the popular Loft style you can install almost any model. The table can be a central, more modern or even classic. This “attic” style allows you to combine many details related to various stylistics.


On the shelves of tables you can have not only papers, but also various decor elements. It can be photos within a suitable shade, desktop paintings, decorative lamps, multicolored vases, live flowers, figurines and other similar things.


The design of the design must approach the main ensemble both style and color. Possend the table in the room so that it does not cover the passage and did not interfere with households. Retractable cabins with shelves, place under the tabletop, and not on the side, as it is the right construction of the workplace.

Tint of storage and countertops should approach the rest of the furniture in the interior or effectively contrasted with it. The main thing is not to create an Alyapurgic image in which the eye will not be “cling to”.

How to choose a table?

Pick up the table so that it fits perfectly in the interior and did not get out of it, dragging on attention. Be sure to inspect the design, especially if it is complex and multifunctional: all parts in it must be tight and reliable fixed. Furniture should not publish squeaks or other suspicious sounds. Browse the surface of the shelves and countertops. They should not be viewed scratches, chips and other similar damage. If so were found, then from buying a table it is better to give up in favor of another model.

If you want to purchase a high-quality, durable and attractive product, then better contact the popular and well-known furniture brand: so you do not risk running on a low-quality model.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

Cheap and functional models with rack release Factory “Master”. Judging by customer reviews, the products of this Russian manufacturer are distinguished by a beautiful design and reliable design. The disadvantage of such furniture is only the material from which it is made – LDSP.

Unsurpassed Quality Puts with shelves from Italian manufacturers. Most often they are made of wood array and look very beautiful. Buyers noted the mass of the advantages of such products, but they allocate their high cost as a lack of.

A huge range of student tables with shelves and cabbage letters German Brand Moll. Buyers leave exclusively enthusiastic reviews about the products of this manufacturer. Only the highest price for many products can upset the consumer.

Successful examples and options

Straight structures are more often set near the wall. It is better to have them closer to the window so that the workplace is under natural lighting. For such environments, you can pick up a dark table, especially if the decoration of the room is bright.

Corner structures are designed for installation in the corner. They can also be located next to the window. Since such models may seem larger, it is recommended to choose bright options. For example, on the background of purple, blue or purple walls, the snow-white table with shelves will be ideally.

On a light background in a spacious room, it will be nice to look at a larger corner table with racks and small metal parts.


The table must be positioned so that the distance between it and other items allowed the person to pass by, did not touch anything around. Long designs will be perfectly located near the wall, without occupying a lot of space, and corner – in the corner.

Models with racks can be placed in the center of the room only if you want to produce zoning with them (for example, in the studio apartment). If you are not haunting such a goal, then it is better to install furniture near the wall, otherwise it will make the space close.

About how to make a computer desk from DSP trimming with their own hands, watching the following video.

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