Repair of computer seats: Types of breakdowns and rules for their elimination

The life of a modern man is inextricably linked with computers and office equipment, work for which provides for the presence of specialized interior items and a comfortable chair. It is from the computer chair that the convenience of work, health and the general state of the employee depends. Due to the high intensity of operation, this piece of furniture is subject to frequent breakdowns and technical faults that can be eliminated independently or contact specialized workshops.

Constructive features

Before you start repairing a computer chair, specialists recommend carefully examine the types and design features of such products. In specialized stores you can see the following models of chairs for a computer, which have individual design features:

  • For the head – five-melted hollow cylindrical base, multi-lock back resistance adjustment, landing place depth and roll levels;
  • for staff – small weight, multiblial adjustment of the height of the seating, armrests and angle of tilt backing;
  • for guests – Four legs, comfortable seat and back.

Despite the model diversity, all the armchairs for the computer have a similar design, which consists of a number of components.

  • Five-beam crosses – plastic or metal part, which serves as a support of the whole design.

    • Rollers – iron or polymer parts, which are installed on the edges of the base. Maximum Rollers – 5. Distinctive feature – the presence of metal mounts and hinge.

    • Gazlift (gas shock absorber) – leg of the chair, which is responsible for the elasticity of the design.

    • Swing mechanism – Special device allowing the chair to take a comfortable position and fix it. The presence of a mixed axis creates a smooth swing effect.

    • Piastra – This element is a metal platform with a lever. Serves to change the height of the seat relative to the cross.

    • Permanent contact – connects the back with a seat and is responsible for changing its position.

    An integral part of most models are armrests, and the connection of all elements occurs with the help of bearings, bolts, clamps and various clips.

    Types of breakdown

    Due to the fact that the computer chair is a complex mechanism, often mechanical breakdowns occur during its operation. Experts allocate several of the most common types of defects.

    • Crashing breakdown – A common problem is only if the item is made of plastic. Metal crusades will very rarely break, has a long period of operation. The most frequent place of deformation is the intersection of crosses.

    • Deformation of the swing mechanism – The popular type of defect, which is talking about the inability to completely resume the vertical and elastic back. Filling back back – a sign of failure.

    • Breakdown Gazlift – a complex problem that provides for deformation of a pneumatic cartridge. This element consists of two cameras filled with air or gas. If, when pressing the lever, the mechanism does not work and does not go down – this is a sign of breakage of the seal, piston or other elements of the gaslift.

      To determine the type of malfunction, beginner masters must be focused on the signs of breakdowns and what broke:

      • the inability to raise or lower the seat – breakage of the tip of the gazlift lever;
      • The complexity of the movement of the chair is a breakdown of the wheel sleeve, the lack of a locking ring;
      • Consection in one direction – weak fixation of fasteners, manufacturer marriage, reproduction of the backrest mechanism;
      • Excessive backlight mobility – permanent contact wear;
      • Construction instability – gas lifts or swing mechanism.

        We should not forget about less significant faults that also require attention:

        • mechanical damage to the upholstery material;
        • Sewage of foam rubber;
        • breakdown of wheels;
        • Deformation of Piastra.

          To solve these problems, only a complete replacement of deformed elements is possible.

          How to repair your own hands?

          Despite the complexity of the design of a computer chair, you can spend its quality repairs yourself at home. In order to fix the product, you need to have basic professional skills, as well as a standard tool kit.

          To restore the integrity of the cross, you can use two repairs methods.

          The first method provides for the filling of the voids of crosslinked with polypropylene pipes, followed by fixing them with glue or soldering iron. This method is short-lived and is suitable only for emergency repairs.

          Professional masters recommend using the second repair method, which consists of the following steps:

          • dismantling rollers;
          • Removing the pianst;
          • dismantling a lock clip;
          • Dismantling of gas elevator.

          After removing all the items, you need to install a new crossbar and build construction in the reverse order.

          If the swing mechanism has failed during operation, and the back is not held in a vertical position, then experts recommend to replace it completely. To dismantle the item, you need to unscrew the locking bolts or nuts, remove the gas lift and dismantle the damaged swing mechanism.

          If the breakdown is minor, then you can try to restore the old element, otherwise you need to purchase and put a new part. If the chair was manufactured in another country, then you can face the problem of inconsistency of the size of the elements. Experts recommend installing transition plates that will help prevent the drilling of additional holes.

          Gazlift – an unrestracted element, with a breakdown of which must be installed a new part. The repair process provides for the following steps of work:

          • dismantling of all external elements;
          • removal of protective casing;
          • Removing the spring latch from the landing place;
          • dismantling the bearing and all fixing elements;
          • Removal of crosses;
          • Removal of the cover;
          • Dismantling of damaged gas lifty.

          After all preparatory work and removal of damaged items, it is necessary to start the installation of a new element and the subsequent assembly of the entire design.

          In order to prevent inaccuracy when working, it is better to photograph all the steps.

          Operating Rules

          To prevent the appearance of complex breakdowns, and extend the life of the computer chair, the specialists are recommended immediately after purchase carefully examine the instructions of the manufacturer, in which all operational nuances are written in detail.

          Along with the classical rules for using the product, professional masters recommend paying attention to the following tips:

          • Operation of the product only in a dry and well-ventilated room;
          • The chair that was subject to low temperatures is strictly prohibited to immediately collect and operate, the optimal time to adapt – 24 hours;
          • When assembling, it is necessary to observe maximum caution, trying not to thread the threads with excessive twisting of the elements;
          • It is categorically unacceptable excess of the load on the cross.

          Experts pay attention to the fact that one chair is intended only for one person, and the exploitation of the product with a large number of people may have deposits. To sit on the chair must be smoothly and carefully, trying to avoid sharp and assertive movements. In the same handle need and armrests, which should not be crushed, and even more so sad.

          Persons with overpressure of body need to purchase only structures with metal elements, who have greater strength. And also with the help of the chair should not be moved heavy loads and objects.

          To spoil the integrity of the rollers and provoke a breakdown of the product can move the armchair on the tile.

          At the time of the wheels hitting the tile, their deformation occurs, and after some time and the full breakdown.

          No less vulnerability has the upholstery of a product that needs careful and regular cleaning. To remove the hardwood spots, it is permissible to use only special cleaning products specified in the instructions. To extend the service life of the computer chair, the specialists categorically prohibit give it to small children for entertainment. Inappropriate use of the product can lead to the appearance of irreparable breakdowns.

          We should not forget about regular preventive inspection, which provides for lubrication of all moving elements, as well as twisting of the sinking nuts and screws. A revision of the product must be carried out at least 1 time in 3 months, But it is better to pay attention to the chair every 30 days. If the above recommendations are not followed, the acquired chair can quickly fail, and the purchase of a new product will entail additional financial costs.

          Computer chair – an important element of the workplace of each office worker. Given the increased demand for this type of furniture, manufacturers produce a wide range of such products. Despite the external differences, the design and principle of action of various species is almost the same, so it is possible to eliminate the breakdown and restore the working condition of the product independently at home, following the recommendations of experienced masters, which will significantly reduce the financial costs of repairing or acquiring a new chair.

          How to repair computer seats, look next.

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