RED Square Game Chairs: Characteristics, Types and Models, Choice

There are no trifles in cybersport: mouse, keyboard, monitor, headphones and even such a trifle, like a mouse pad, can be a triumph factor or loss. The excellent game of the game is unthinkable with incorrect and uncomfortable landing, because the computer chair is the same tool that makes the victory, like a computer. When choosing such furniture worth paying attention to the products under the brand Red Square.


Each gamer chair has pros and cons. The main features of such furniture are the strength of the structure, the presence of the iron island, a high list of possibilities, compliance of the models of the Ergonomics requirements. They enable it extremely comfortable in front of the computer.

An existing gas lift (gas spring) will allow you to set the chair to the desired height, and the rollers on the head restraint and armrests will give the body a natural pose.

Review models

Red Square Comfort

Comfortable, durable chair for those who are long for PC. The base of the chair is metallic, plastic stand, height adjustment – gas spring. Seat rise is possible at a height of 50 to 53 centimeters from the floor. The wheels are nylon, durable and do not leave traces even on a very arrogant floor covering. Armrests are trimmed by ecocuse. Sitting width 63 cm, with soft sideboards on the edges. The seat configuration provides for the pelvic structure, because it is very comfortable in it.

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The chair can withstand a mass of up to 110 kilograms, has a 2-color upholstery from strong leatherette in combination with fabric inserts. In the role of fillers used polymer. The chair has armrests and head restraints, adjusting the degree of tilt of seats and height.

Red Square Pr

The chair is different from the basic version a large number of customizable positions. A distinctive feature of the model – the elongated back, which supports the spine from the sacral bone to the neck. The supporting design is made of metal, the cross – from a high-strength plastic, withstanding a user at 130 kilograms in Sitting and in a half-hour position.

Sitting width 66 centimeters, adjusted by height from 44 to 54 centimeters from the floor, What makes it possible to feel equally convenient to both low users and “giants”. Height control system – gas spring 3 class, which guarantees a long service life, softness of lifting and lowering, preventing unexpected lowering. 2D armrest system involves setting them both vertically and horizontally.

Red Square Lux

All seats of this group contain a filler “with memory” (polyurethane foam, memorizing body silhouette and reduced load on the spine). The seat is adjusted under the pose of the body, becoming soft under the influence of heat. When the posture changes, the filler cools and aligns. Therefore, the back and cork bone do not feel the voltages in the process of long game-battles. Backing angle – 180 °. Maximum permissible mass of gameima -150 kilogram. 4d armrest system. This means that they are adjusted in height, tilt back and forth, and tilt from themselves and to themselves. In other words, in the process of the game, you can create a support for yourself from 2 sides in the position that is needed at this point. And you can adjust with one hand.

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Seat depth 53 centimeters, width – 50. The back has a width of 57 centimeters (wider seats). This is required in order for the shoulders when leaving on the back shoulder at the edges. Included 2 pillows “with memory” (under the head on a rubber band and under the lumbar on velcro).

Criterias of choice

First, pay attention to the comfort and reliability of the new purchase. When choosing, take into account how much time you will be for PC. If you pay no more than 2 hours a day, you take a simpler, inexpensive model. If the game is your addiction, there you spend most of the time, then choose an enhanced comfort chair. The chair must have different settings capable of manually or mechanical mode. Better if it is adjusted almost all parts.

Mainly for tightness of gamers applied leatherette or cloth. The computer chair from the skin looks gorgeous, only in it more than 2 hours should not be. The body will sweat, stick up to the chair. Ignore products covered by inexpensive cloth. Gradually their appearance will deteriorate, and will not change the upholstery. See the processing of seams, individual items, since the service life depends on the quality of materials.

One of the main elements for any player in the choice is customization – the presence of collapsible elements for the modernization of the chair under personal requirements. Better, if one seat can be adjusted for itself and under other members of the family.

Selecting the optimal chairs for the game, consider its compatibility with other devices. Many seats can be equipped with good accessories in the form of specialized stands under the keyboard, mouse. Special Armchairs Red Square can be equipped with such a facilities.

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In the next video you will find a review of the Game Chair Red Square Royal Red.

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