Racks from chipboard

Often in homes, garages, workshops use various types of racks. Such storage systems allow you to significantly save space. They can be purchased in the finished form or make themselves at home from girlfriend. Make them from different materials, the most practical option are designs from chipboard. Today we will talk about what features they possess, as well as what kinds they can be.


    Chipboard is considered a reliable material that for many years will be able to serve. It has a good strength indicator and refers to the budget category.

    Designs made from chipboard will be able to fit perfectly in almost any interior. This material has a relatively small weight, so it is easy to work with it. If necessary, such racks can be carried out without much difficulty to transfer to another place.

    These storage space are perfect for accommodating a large number of books, children’s toys, construction tools. Also, they can be placed in greenhouses under the tanks with a young searcher.

    Sometimes for the manufacture of furniture items instead of a simple chipboard uses LDSP.

    The second option is more durable, its upper layers are able to withstand sharp temperature differences, as well as an excessive level of humidity.


    Racks made of chipboard, may be different depending on the main design features. Consider the most popular options for such furniture.

    • Open. Such storage systems are most common. They are made without doors, sometimes there is also no rear wall. The placement of the shelves can be both symmetrical and chaotic. Similar structures will not look like a bulk in the interior. They will be able to come true for any room. But this option should not be placed in the house where allergies live, because a large amount of dust accumulates on them. In this case, the rack can be glazed.

    • Closed. Such designs are considered an optimal option for storing a large number of books in the house. They are completely protected from the negative impact of moisture, accumulated dust, as well as sunlight entering. But such storage systems are better spaced in spacious rooms, as they will look more massive compared to the previous option and can overload the overall design of the room. If you still decided to purchase such furniture for small-sized spaces, then the preference should be given to models decorated in light shades and with mirror surfaces.

    • Combined. These storage designs combine open rack, glazed departments, boxes, open shelves and other elements. They are considered a practical and multifunctional option for the house. As a rule, these models are used to accommodate heterogeneous items. In the open sections, it will be possible to store books, often they are discharged for decor.

    Also racks from chipboard or chipboard may differ from each other in shape.

    • Direct models. These options are considered the most common. At the same time, they can be with different dimensions and with different number of shelves. All modules are mounted on the same level. Similar structures can be suitable for more spacious premises. They can also be built in niche.

    • Corner structures. Such models make it possible to effectively use the angle in the room, which is usually empty. In addition, it will significantly save the main free space indoors. These products can be closed, open or combined. Often they have several sections for storage at once.

    These models are characterized by special compactness.

    • “Gorki”. Such storage systems include several asymmetric sections. They can be an interesting emphasis in the interior of the room. Modules, as a rule, have different heights, they are installed in such a way that they are in the increasing sequence; According to its external design, these designs resemble stairs. Such samples require the most durable and reliable supports. These are the most popular in consumers such models of open type.

    How to do?

    Racks from chipboard can be done without difficulty doing with their own hands at home.

    • To begin with drawing a drawing of the future product. It should be displayed the appearance of the future design and specify all the sizes.

    • When the scheme is compiled, it will be necessary to purchase all the materials necessary for the manufacture. Most 6 sheets of chipboard or LDSP, their size should be the same. With dimensions should be decided immediately, they will depend on which items will be used for which items will be used, and where it will be placed

    • You also need to pre-prepare parts that will be placed in a vertical position when installing. Total will need 15 such products. Most often their size is much less compared to the dimensions of horizontal components.

    • In addition to the materials, it should also be purchased in advance and the necessary devices, including fasteners. Confirmates are often in the role of them. It is also recommended to immediately buy a special melamine edge impregnated with adhesive composition.

    Now you can proceed to the manufacturing process itself.

    • To begin with, the wooden blanks are neatly glued to the edge. You can do this with the help of an ordinary preheated iron. The edge is applied to the end part of the design and clamp the instrument. After that, on the surface you need to spend a soft cloth several times. Do it in order to make sure that the material most tightly fixed on the workpiece.

    • Protruding surplus carefully trimmed so that they do not spoil the appearance. Then everything is processed using fine-grained emery paper.

    • At the final stage, you can start assembling the rack. In wooden planes, through-type holes are formed, their diameter should be 8 mm. In the end departments also make holes, but their diameter should reach 5 mm.

    They will act as seating for confirmates.

    If you want a unusual and stylish rack as a result of work, then the vertical planes should be combined with each other in chaotic order. But at the same time it will be necessary to ensure that the holes for the fasteners coincide. It is also worth controlling that the structure is sufficiently stable.


    In the manufacture of such storage systems, you need to remember some important recommendations.

    • If the design will have an impressive height, then you should take care of creating a more reliable and strong foundation. At the beginning of work should be labeled on the wall. As carrying supporting structures, it is best to use simple wooden bars, of which you can collect quite a solid foundation. If the construction in the end will have a height before the ceiling, then it will be necessary to fix the base immediately and to the floor, and to the ceiling coating.

    • To ensure the maximum stability of the design, the base can be fixed on the wall coating. At the same time, it will be necessary to ensure that the supporting supports are placed in a vertical position. Transverse side disclosures will help ensure the reliability of the finished facility will make it the most rigid.

    • For the base, you can use almost any kind of bars. Products with rectangular, square type of cross section.

    • The frame part can be fixed using confirmates, screws, but the strengthening of the angular parts is best produced using special planks.

    • If desired, the finished design can be covered with paint. For these purposes, it is preferable to use acrylic compositions that will quickly dry. For better preservation after drying, the rack is additionally covered with acrylic protective varnish. You can also arrange an interesting decoupage on the surface or “ACCEPT” coating with the help of a cracker effect.

    How do you make a rack from chipboard, see in the following video.

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