Plywood Chair: Design Varieties and create with your own hands

A beginner master under the power to make a simple and comfortable chair from plywood for giving. The specialist has enough skills and opportunities to create an exclusive spectacular product that will decorate the living room. In the article we will tell you what kind of seats and how they can be made with their own hands.

Types of seats

Today we will talk about the chairs that are found not in every home. The uniqueness is consigned to the material used. If desired, it is possible to make products from the bent surface or from lamellae (stripes). Designer products are much more difficult, parametric furniture from plywood has recently popularized. It contains extraordinary lines – smooth, curved, streamlined, but does not lose functionality.

For its products, designers choose hypoallergenic safe materials, they can be installed in all residential rooms, including children.

Chairs from plywood are diverse in shape, size, appointment and methods of execution. Conditionally, they can be divided into fixed and rocking chairs. Let’s try to figure out their variety on some examples.

  • Designer rotating model created by the method of cross-addition lamella.

  • An exclusive set of furniture from plywood in the form of a chair and tool.

  • The product is performed from glued plywood sheets connected to a thick array.

  • An example of a parametric chairs from plywood. It is produced in the form of a wave, which allows him to swing, without resorting to the clamps.

  • Two-color fixed model produced from small curly elements.
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  • Standard product “Shell”. It is installed on 3 or 4 legs.

  • Computer chair from plywood fragments.

  • Model with Domich for Pets.

  • An example of how to place a soft seat and back product.

  • Carved model chairs.

  • Double Parameter Product Design.

  • The original model of the author’s chair on three supports.

  • Extravagant product from nodulenic plywood designed for modern interiors.

  • Rocking chair on the clans, in contrasting.

  • Birch Plywood Chair.

  • Beautiful unusual model, but not designed for a big weight.

Choosing and preparation of plywood

Plywood is a product produced from several layers of a wooden veneer, and more than them, the thicker and stronger sheet. Veneer is sampled by a special composition, turning into smooth reliable canvas. In many respects, the strength and durability of the product depends on the adhesive, so the product should be purchased from proven manufacturers. High-quality plywood has high technical characteristics. Despite the low weight, it is strong enough and refers to an environmentally friendly product. Correctly processed material is wear-resistant, resistant to moisture and mechanical effects.

The product is easily accessible, purchased in any construction store and is inexpensive. The material is freely processed, it is easy to cut, glue, dyeing or varnishing.

On it you can cut or burn out beautiful patterns. Plywood is made from veneer of different trees. For example, the product of coniferous varieties has a beautiful structure and a unique ornament. Birch has a rich smooth tone, it is elastic and elastic. Choosing a fane for the product, it should be remembered that it happens 3 species:

  • not completely polished;
  • processed on one side;
  • treated on both sides.

    To create a chair, it is necessary to acquire the third option, and its thickness should be at least 15-20 mm. Besides, need to pay attention to the quality of the material. He should not be raw or rough, the fibrous texture often gives cracks and chips when processing. On the chair there may be needed sheets of different thicknesses, thin (1.5 mm) are processed by hand, electric jigsik is used for thick surface. The transverse section can be produced by a sharp working knife on the marked circuits.

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    Needed materials and tools

    Before proceeding with the case, you need to train the working tool and material. To work on the chair will be needed:

    • Durable plywood sheet, not less than 20 mm thick;
    • Lobzik manual and electric;
    • drill;
    • Screws and nails with volumeboards;
    • sandpaper squeezing;
    • Morilka, varnish or paint;
    • carbon black.

    You will also need a roulette for measuring and pencil for marking. When the tools and material are assembled, you can move directly to work on the chair.

    Instructions for performing work

    Plywood chair is quite realistic to make it yourself. First of all it is necessary to make a drawing and decide. If there is no desire to fantasize, you can find the ready-made scheme on the Internet. As an example, consider the model of the rocking chairs produced from individual plywood strips.

    1. According to the drawing, a pattern of paper is prepared, then applied to a solid sheet of plywood and each part is drawn. The template is transferred to the working material as economical.
    2. Neatly drinks pubsomy every detail.
    3. Sandpaper should be processed.
    4. All elements with a brush are coated with a special antibacterial solution. After drying on all surfaces, carbon black is applied, which will help prevent the scattering of parts during the assembly.
    5. On the details are placed and dried holes for screws and nails.
    6. From the prepared parts is collected frame for the seat.
    7. Flights of plywood.
    8. All the same is done with the back.
    9. Poles (4 pieces) are cut out arc.
    10. Seat and seats are bonded by connecting parts cut from plywood.
    11. Then the back is attached. It can be installed inpatient either using adjusting parts, making movable (capable of changing the slope).
    12. In the last step to the skeleton of the seat mounted handrails.
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    When the main work on the chair is finished, the moment of finishing. It all depends on the purpose of the product. If it is intended for a gazebo in the garden, it is worth covering with anti-grapple composition and protect the paint-layer. For the premises of the chair, you can give a more home view: clamping a cloth or leatherette, use the filler for the seat and backs, add coziness with pillows.

    Upholstery of the product should be started with a back, feeding the fabric with small carnations. If there is no desire to engage in arrangement, and comfort is necessary, we advise you to look at the finished eurochell, suitable in size, it will completely repeat the model form. Making a chair with your own hands, you can not only produce a functional piece of furniture, but also save money, as well as get a lot of pleasure from creativity.

    How to make a rocking chair with your own hands, look next.

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