Pine Buffet: A variety of array models, examples in the interior

Today, natural raw materials are increasingly used for the manufacture of furniture, and an environmentally clean tree comes to replace plastic. Buffets from pine are popular among consumers. Such an interior object is conveniently placed in a small apartment and in a big house. It can be appropriate for the design of a country house, because it is convenient to store dishes, cutlery and any other items used for table setting. There are quite a few variants of models, each buyer will be able to pick up the one that will answer all its requirements will be the most useful.


Pine Buffet performs both functional and decorative functions. No matter what model of the buffet made from the wood massif decorates your kitchen, it immediately attracts attention to itself, becoming the most important component of the interior. Typically, the palette of products is close to natural pine wood, but the buyer can choose and tint with a special varnish to diversify the color gamut.

The functionality of this subject of furniture can be the most diverse.

Boxes and shelves can be in any quantity – it depends on this type of model and buyer wishes.

Pros and Cons of Pine Furniture

Pine kitchen furniture has both pros and cons. It all depends on where the buffet will stand, for which it is intended to fit into what style. The array buffet is great for cottages and safe for children. But This furniture must be able to paint, because over time she draws and begins to rot.


  • Capacious – a large amount of kitchen utensils can fit into the buffet;
  • Universal – fits almost any interior;
  • Environmentally friendly – wood material pine is safe for children and adults;
  • Easy to care – it is enough to regularly carry a dry cleaning of the buffet and polishing it periodically;
  • Provides opportunities for creativity – Furniture made of pine can be treated in various ways, for example, painting, lacquer, rub “White wax” and other;
  • Easy is restored – if chips or cracks are formed on the furniture, it is easy to fix it;
  • It smells like – the air in the kitchen, where it is a buffet of an array, clean and has coniferous aroma due to the essential oils.


  • can deteriorate – if you do not comply with the timely care of furniture, then it will last long;
  • Sometimes it is expensive – for example, Furniture from Karelian pine will have not for everyone to pocket;
  • requires a certain place – for a buffet of an array will not fit the zone illuminated by the Sun, as well as near the heating devices.

Modern models

Pine buffets differ in the form of frames – it can be straight, angular, radial. All of them have different types of structures. Radial models appeared not so long ago, their distinctive features – smooth lines and curved forms, however, because of the complexity, they are not cheap.

Classic buffet, Like a wardrobe, ideally suited for modern cuisine and cottages, and it can be stored not only dishes, but also products.

Sideboard It is unlikely that it will be appropriate in the kitchen, but it looks great in the living room.

Concerning Modern designs, they differ from the classic buffet in that there is no niche. Such a model consists of a couch in the lower part with a pair of door and a cabinet with sliding glasses from above. In such a beautiful buffet, I want to put the most beautiful unique dishes, which is in the house.

For which styles is suitable?

Modern models practically do not contain decorative elements, which allows them to fit them into a wide variety of styles (for example, Country, Modern, Minimalism and even Hi-Tech). However, a number of moments should be taken into account.

For country rustic direction Characterized simplicity, so it will be better to choose furniture from unwanted wood, deliberately rough.

For Provence style White cabinets are suitable with the lack of cute, which contain many shelves.

Style hai-tech It is characteristic of a rigor, simplicity, lack of round forms, respectively, it is worth considering, choosing a buffet.

Mostly buyers who prefer furniture from the massif, wish to create an interior that would return them back into the past – for classic style.

Tips for choosing

Buying a buffet of an array, you need to pay your attention not only to its external characteristics, but also on the dimensions. If the kitchen is miniature, then the furniture is 50-120 cm furniture. Typical sizes for kitchen cabinets are: depth – 40-60 cm, width – 120-200 cm, height – 180-200 cm.

Choosing pine furniture, you need to decide also with the style of the kitchen interior. If there are doubts exactly what a buffet is to choose, you can use the services of designers. Do not forget that, besides beauty, the buffet must have functionality. Before buying, you should pay attention to all the details: How strong is the fittings, how many boxes and other in the buffet.

Be sure to ask the certificate of conformity.

Coating furniture from the massif – an important part not only from the aesthetics, but also quality. The coating should be homogeneous, without the presence of ingredients of foreign bodies, which often protrude dirt residues, dust.

Furniture from pine – this is a great opportunity to decorate your kitchen. Such furniture is amenable to various manipulations – for example, you can easily change its color, for this it is enough to cover it with varnish or toned.

Usually, After purchase, the term guarantee of furniture from the array is about a year and a half – this time is enough to replace the replacement if any defect will be found in the furniture.

How to redo the old buffet under the modern Baroque style, you can find out below.

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