Pillows for a chair: What happens and how to choose?

Modern people spend a lot of time in a sitting position. Pillows help to withstand many hours of finding in one pose for the sake of business, as well as comfortably get a bite on the chair in the garden or in the living room. In order not to get tired, sitting in a chair, you need to be able to correctly pick up the pillow – good, humanity has invented a lot of options for these important things.


The usual chair is not able to thoroughly repeat the bends of the body of each individual person. Because of this, Homo Sapiens, sitting in one place for a long time (which by nature a two-legged, in fact, unusual – people should be in motion as much as possible), he experiences at least inconvenience, but often it ends with pain in the spine, neck or head. And this is only the external manifestations of the seating on the chair. The work of internal organs, muscles and so on. All this leads to health problems, which over the years are only aggravated.

If aimed at making a special, perfectly comfortable chair, it will be a piece of furniture designed for a specific owner, taking into account its growth and figures. In order not to take care of it, it’s easier to take a pillow for the chair, laying it under the back or under the head.

Such things make it possible to redistribute the load on the muscles and prevent the wrong processes in the body arising from the long stay in the sitting position.

Advantages and disadvantages

When using a suitable pillow:

  • The spine has the correct position, which avoids fatigue, clamps and other troubles leading to serious health consequences;
  • Man manages to maintain the right posture, look beautiful, avoid pain in the back, neck, head;
  • There is no discomfort in the lower back, thanks to which it is possible to pay attention to work for a long time, you don’t have to get up once again, thereby distracting from solving important tasks.

On the disadvantages of certain pillows can only be told when they are not intended, as well as if a person has allergies to materials from which such things are made.


We are all accustomed to the fact that there are sofa pillows, which are put on a chair for recreation, for example, under the lower back or armrest, and even under the head. And this is just one kind of such objects. but There is a rather impressive product class product, who are no longer the legacy of our great-grandfather and great-grandmothers.

Modern achievements of civilization include orthopedic products, which are created on the basis of the latest knowledge of human nature and, taking into account the technological opportunities existing in our age, on the manufacture of this kind of things.

At the pillows for the working chair, a wide variety of forms depending on their destination. It is both items to support the back and lining on the seat. So, under the “fifth point” you can throw a thing in the form of a ring. Due to the void in the middle of this, the bagel is ensured by the convenience of long stay in the chair. At the same time, blood circulation in the field of small pelvis. There is no extra load on the crushes and the tailbone. And it is equally working in relation to both the “light” person and the “heavy” whose body of which reaches 120 kg.

As well as You can choose the lining of a special form with an orthopedic effect, which adapts under the features of the pelvis of man. Somehow it is not necessary to fix it, because on the side that is in contact with the chair, it is rough. Slip under the sitting person will not be. For the back, you can choose a product that is attached to the chair and has a characteristic convex form. You can only call such a piece of pillow only.

Some, in general, look like an ordinary frame. The advantage of such a variety of supporting objects is that the spine gets support in the part where it has a natural bend, and thus the back is not overvrace. You can choose different substrate hardness.

There are so-called ergonomic mold pillows with moods, which allow you to conveniently fix them on the back of any chair. These composite systems include side elements that provide comfort, even if the person is tester in the chair. And also on a hard armchair, you can throw a common soft product that will make a comfortable and back, and the seat. Thanks to this supplement to the subject of furniture, it is easier to transfer long-term immobility with pelvis, blades, neck and head.

Materials manufacturing

For pillows, depending on their purpose, a variety of fillers are used. It can be a synthet board and holofiber, and even feather. When there is a need to provide the orthopedic properties of the product, there are not so familiar packages. For example, the “insides of the pillow” make from buckwheat husk. Such a packing is suitable for things used as used to ensure greater convenience of seating on the work chairs.

She misses the air well and creates a massage effect for the “fifth point”, Due to what the blood in the bottom of the body is well circulating. Polyester uses as packs. This is a synthetic filler with an elastic effect. It is mainly used in rectangular pillows. It is inexpensive, and the form holds for quite a long time.

More progressive solution – Latex. This is a durable, durable material or natural origin (from the Jewy Juice), or artificial – foamed polyurethane, which has latex only impregnation. As well as for modern orthopedic pillows, the so-called viscoelastic foam is used. Under the influence of the temperature of the human body, the product on this basis acquires the corresponding bends, and this form is preserved all the time until the material cools. When another person is sitting on the chair, the pillow will be adjusted and under it.

Filler for pillow can be even ordinary air. For example, Some models in the form of a ring are just such. Thanks to the emptiness inside them, simply take with you on trips, inflate and put on the seat of any chair in which you have to work.


Pillow manufacturers Great set. When it comes to serious things like orthopedic products, on rumor name “Espire Factory”, Trelax, Fosta, “Trive”. Large selection of this kind of products IKEA company. Although the name of the company is not all when it comes to choosing products that support comfort while working and leisure.

Tips for choosing

Leaning in favor of purchasing a pillow, A number of aspects should be taken into account.

  • The size of the product must correspond to the basis, otherwise the most functional pillow will seem uncomfortable. Nothing but irritation, when using it, fails.
  • It is advisable to choose a pillow with a removable case. It will simplify the care of the product. In addition, the case, if he was strongly worn out, can be changed, and the cushion itself will continue to serve safely.
  • The type of chair itself is also taken into account. It’s one thing – to acquire a thing for an office copy, Other – for garden, such as wooden furniture items. The fabric pillow with a holofiber is suitable for recreation, and a product with latex or other “advanced” filler can be selected for the working chair.
  • When it comes to orthopedic pillows, it is advisable to consult with physicians to purchase one or another product varieties before purchasing.
  • The value is color, texture and design pillows in general. It must correspond to the taste of the future owner and the overall setting in which it will be.

Before buying a pillow, you need to hold in your hands and try it in a case, as far as possible in the trading room, and also make sure that at least visually, in its quality.

The good-quality thing will last long, will help keep well-being when you work, and will allow you to relax as much as possible during the rest.

In the next video, you will be waiting for an overview of the orthopedic cushion for the seat under the buttocks of Trelax Spectra SEAT P17.

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