Pallet benches

Wooden pallet – a good base for garden furniture, and amateurs of homemade already appreciated this material. Well, those who have not yet mastered the pallet benches, it’s time to take it. This design can be built on legs or with a back, arrange differently – in any case, the pallet benches are made very simple, and this is quite for the power not only to join.

You can use both new pallets and used. Especially since finding them will not be difficult, it is enough to go to any store (already in the “building materials” will find exactly) and ask if there is no unnecessary packaging for transporting goods.

Old pallets are not needed by merchants, but in the hands of a garden amateur they will last long, turning into an interesting piece of furniture. Tell in detail in the article, how to prepare the pallet and how to turn it into the original garden bench.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of such furniture include first of all its availability. The material for its manufacture is easy to find, tools for its assembly must be at a minimum, only the wishes of the master and the idea of ​​which the result should be.

Pallene benches – Universal design. For example, it can be easily turned into a sleeping place, checking the mattress or soft pillows. On such a “bed” you can safely relax during lunch, and in the evening to use it again as a shop for evening gatherings.

Another advantage of such furniture is its strength. Pallets – material durable, and the bench is able to withstand a larger load. But the main lack of such furniture is that it is afraid of moisture, because the pallet is a tree, and the tree, as you know, absorbs moisture.

Therefore, such structures are usually done for a warm period, and in the rainy season and cold, they are hiding in a barn or garage for storage. Wester wood can be covered with fungus, mold and deform. If there is an indoor gazebo in the country, you can leave such furniture on the street under the roof.

It happens that from pallets, except shops, there are tables and other recreation devices – it is enough to include fantasy and such furniture will last long.

You can easily change the appearance of the bench, painting or repainting it – this is another advantage when you can easily adapt furniture under any design.

Interesting options

Pallet benches for cottages – universal furniture. They are put not only on the street and in a gazebo, but also on a small balcony, terrace, in the summer kitchen. Interested in an angular version of such furniture. True, when it is made, it will have to be concerned longer, observe all the necessary dimensions, but look at the open area – the terrace or summer kitchen, such a design will be great.

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Connecting a few pallet, you can make a long bench, and if you attach legs-wheels to it, it will be easy to move. A separate pallet can be adapted to a table and lay it on the side. It is quite placed a mug with tea, a plate with a sandwich and a favorite book – what is needed for relax.

To better rest outdoors, make a design with a canopy. Such benches resemble lounge chairs. But if you hinder a double bench from pallets with chain on the poles, the swing will turn out. The simplest bench from pallets in the garage can serve as a rack or turn into a table.

For comfortable seating and especially for lying need a soft litter, so the mattresses and small pads with multi-colored pillowcases.

Beautifully decorated bench from pallets will be decorated with your cottage and a beloved recreation corner.

How to prepare pallets?

For the manufacture of garden furniture it is better to use dry wooden pallets. Found a stain or any other pollution, crumpled or drive the sandpaper; You can also put a grinding to the ridge of an unclean area. note, Is there a sign on the pallet, indicating the environmental friendliness of the material.

Typically, the tree itself is environmentally friendly, but in the manufacture of devices for transporting goods they can process them with chemical compositions so that the tree is not subjected to corrosive different insects. Then be careful – these impregnations are toxic and can cause attacks in allergy.

Used Paletale may smell unpleasant, especially those that have long been used for food products. They are undesirable to take to work, because it is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw this smell. Sitting on such furniture will be uncomfortable, and your work will be in vain.

For a small garden shop, you will need only 2 pallets, the standard size of the pallet – 80×120 cm. If you want the finished product to be lacquered, it is better to polish and lack the pallet in advance. But in the untreated form, the shop will also look good too.

Prepare pallets and tools for work:

  • hacksaw;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • nails;
  • screwdriver;
  • a hammer.

Of course, you will need a centimeter tape or roulette, a pencil or a marker. And if it is necessary to disassemble the pallet, bow to the nail and marker.

Just disassemble the wooden box very carefully: do not make big effort when working with a nail-cutter, otherwise you can split the board. In this form, it is no longer useful to you for work and it will be necessary to simply throw it away.

Welcome to the boards to be smooth, it will be necessary to polish them with a special typewriter. But it is not necessary: ​​any requirements for the aesthetic appearance of the benches from Palet. Here, as they say, the case of the masters. Another question is what it is necessary for safety to remove the jar and not hurt during the operation of the bench.

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Phased manufacturing with your own hands

To build a garden shop from the pallet itself without much difficulty and not possessing special knowledge. Any man holding a hammer and hacksaw in his hand will easily cope with this business. Well, you can sit on the Internet some master class, find instructions or take advantage of tips, how to make it from our article. We will try to paint all.

For different types of benches of pallet technology, the technology is almost the same. The size of the pallet is usually the size of the finished shop. Do both from one and of two bases, but more than two pallets are not used, since such a design will already be too cumbersome and tempered.

For the manufacture of a conventional bench does not draw a drawing due to a simple device. It is quite possible to do without a scheme and in the manufacture of a bench with a back, but in this case it is better to make it possible to accurately calculate the sizes and understand how much material will go.

Dachnik need to decide where the bench will stand, and understand what to do it: stationary and fix in the installed place or mobile with the ability to rearrange it in different places. To sit near the house or in the garden, enough and ordinary shop without support.

But the most common option is a bench with a back. It is made from one pallet, which is cut into 2 parts: the wide part is the seat, and the narrow goes on the support. We will tell you more about how to fasten the details.

Back and seats

For connecting these two parts, screws will be required: the back and seat are tightened with self-draws. You may need an assistant, because you first need to attach details tight to each other and in such a state to fix.

Make everything strictly in steps in the exact sequence, and then the bench will last long and will withstand more load.

If the shopkeeper is designed to be sitting on it a few people, then it is better to brew her details with double slats on the sides. Then exactly the design will be strong.


Designs for the seating of adult people crawling with legs, usually make them low, but wide to be more resistant. Experienced masters advise on the inside to consolidate them with metal corners.

Screws in this case will not give the necessary reliability. If the shop intend to move in different places, then it is better to do it on wheels. But it is more applicable not for a street version, but for such places, like a large gazebo, terrace, balcony, summer kitchen – in those places where the coating is not soared.

What to cover the bench?

Garden bench can not be painted, but it is better to protect the tree. Several options for creating such protection:

  • application of olifa or other special wood oils (the easiest, most common and reliable option);
  • Grinding and coating with several layers of varnish for wooden surfaces;
  • Using primer and paint.
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Collect paint at your discretion. Usually garden furniture make brown, yellow, burgundy, sometimes the mixing of these or other colors is justified. First, the surface is ground, then color once, and after drying the brush is repeated. Thus, it turns out high-quality coverage and reliable protection of boards from posting.

If you decide only to impregnate with oil or other oil, it is also necessary to produce in two stages. Preferably all these procedures do not spend in the garage, workshop or in another room, where you are making the design, and in the fresh air – it will dry faster the composition and it will be easier for you to draw. Better to produce these works in the respirator and gloves.

I must say that painting is needed not only to protect the tree, it will give your site or a special place to rest – the aesthetic component in this case also plays the last role.

The decoration of the bench will make a favorite corner even brighter, comfortable and cozy, and at the same time receive positive emotions from it.

Ideas for registration

Your fantasy will receive space when designing garden furniture. And this is not only a variety of pillows and soft litters that can be thrown out the hard surface of the tree and arrange, so the favorite places for the gatherings.

Knitted blankets and bedspreads will also find their decent place on garden shops and will be relevant, especially in the evening.

Additions to create beauty can be a lot, especially if we are talking about furniture, which is under the canopy.

In the garden, or just near the house, a conventional bench from Pallet can be given the effect of an old tree. To do this, it is enough to take a nylon brush, install it on the grinder and walk after staining over the surface. You will receive peculiar scuffs that will give an interesting and unusual type of product.

In the design of benches from pallets can show themselves craftsmen engaged in carving on a tree or those who burn out. To an ordinary bench can be attached to the railing, and you will receive a royal place to relax, especially if you make them in non-standard execution.

By the way, the sidewalks can be in the form of functional boxes, which is very convenient.

There you can store all things: newspapers, reading magazines, photo albums, cups, plaid and other necessary things. You can arrange a whole corner of furniture made of pallets: Make chairs, sofa and table. The main thing is not to be lazy and express yourself in creativity.

On how to make a bench from pallets, see the following video.

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