Oval coffee tables in the interior

The desire to make the situation in the house softer and comfortable often makes people abandon furniture with sharp corners. A good replacement for the magazine classic table is oval type. But it is necessary to thoroughly understand the intricacies of design and style to make the right choice.


Oval form attractive not only with its ease. It allows you to make furniture more mobile and simplify it. Even if the table stands in some one place, there it will take at least space.

Almost all existing interiors are compatible with such a solution, and the lack of corners allows you to make a house safer.

Models and materials

The coffee table of oval configuration can have a very different execution.

  • Transformer (easy and simply unfolds, as soon as the need arises);
  • Option with drawer (very successful when you need to do constantly shallow written – and not only writing – work);
  • Systems with wheels (They are even easier to move than ordinary).

The highest demand is now – on the versions of natural wood, which looks comfortable and expensive, is able to enter into anyone’s environment.

Little less often buyers choose glass structures, because they add to the setting of space and coziness. In the line of almost any manufacturer, you can also find coffee tables made from LDSP, simple chipboard, MDF. If not limited to budget materials, you can choose still furniture from the vine and various metals, stone and ceramic structures.

Design and color solutions

Most often black, white, brown and gray coffee tables are bought. These colors are elegant, almost universal, neutral in the emotional plan and set up on business ways. In the presence of sufficient funds, you can even show your originality by purchasing a coffee table with the inlay of precious stones. Forged or stone decorative details are slightly cheaper, but no less attractive in most cases.

In the living room, this type of furniture is placed in the recreation area, in the most prominent place, since it is called to be a semantic center of the situation. In the bedrooms next to the coffee table is appropriate to put the flooring to make the atmosphere more comfortable and chaler. Oval, combining glass and metal in its design, will very well look at the High-Tech atmosphere. A truly original solution will be the failure of legs that are replaced by a solid base in the form of cube, a circle or cylindrical.

In the next video, we suggest familiarizing yourself with another kind of oval coffee table.

For the classic room it is difficult to find the best coloring, rather than white, coffee or different combinations of them. In Country Stylistics, it is appropriate to products using bamboo, with complex intricate patterns, and in the modernist concept, the approach is different: the easier the form, the better the result. Adherents of pop art should choose the most bright and catchy tables, create color accents with their help. In the olive room, it will harmoniously look at the design of dark wood (preferably aged), although if desired, you can choose soft pastel shades. But bright and catchy tone use not recommended. Japanese style implies low (15-30 cm less than usual) furniture, laconicity forms and restraint coloring; Again, nothing sharp, screaming should not.

Tips for choosing

The sliding table must be purchased if you often have to receive guests (visitors). Then he will be able to confidently accompany all those who came. And when there is no one, the table is developing and takes less space. The presence of wheels is very important when it is accommodated next to the furniture.

If it is assumed not to simply put a coffee table for guests, but also use it for meals, the requirements will be tougher.

Be sure to ask if the surface will withstand the creative load, whether everything will be able to put the cups and saucers, the exposure to high temperature is not harmful for table top.

IMPORTANT: If in the interior there is already one semantic center (an item attracting attention), buy strictly functional coffee tables without delights. Anyway, they or will not be able to “drag” attention to themselves, or dissonance will appear, chaos.

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