Ottoman with lifting mechanism

    If your apartment does not differ in huge sizes and you need functional and comfortable furniture, then the ottoman with the lifting mechanism is not suitable for these criteria. In general, the ottta is a low and compact hybrid between the bed and the sofa, and she came to us from the eastern countries.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The advantage of such furniture should be called her comfort and small sizes. Thanks to the lifting system in its spacious drawer, you can store sleeping facilities or other things. Also when buying, you will save on the acquisition of the mattress.

    Another advantage is the combination of two functions in it at once: during the day it is a sofa for guests, at night he turns into a full-fledged double bed.

    This type of furniture will always allow you to quickly and easily make cleaning under it. Also, a double tacht is an excellent replacement for a similar bed, and it is cheaper at the same time.

    In most part, an orthopedic mattress is used in such furniture, able to take the body shape, which serves as a useful medical property. It should be said that such a mattress reacts to the ambient temperature and provides a comfortable sleep. On the one hand, such mattresses are quite high in price, but this drawback pays off their reliability and durability.

    Perhaps the only significant disadvantage can be called that if springs are used in the tacht, they will eventually wear out and weakened, and they will have to be replaced. And the mattress in such furniture cannot be replaced with its wear.

    Tacht-sofa varieties

    One of these varieties is a classic model. It is distinguished by traditional design, and as a upholstery is used fabric or leather. It should be said that the traditional tacht is equipped with a soft back. And stands the product on small legs.

    The corner option is most relevant for a small area and will free the central part of the room. The side back will protect you from the cold surface of the wall during sleep and it is convenient to rely on it, sitting on the ottoman.

    It should be said that Ottoman is a type of ottoman. Instead of the back, use soft pillows and rollers on the sides.

    Features of lifting mechanisms

    Such mechanisms distinguish the following: manual, on twisted springs and on gas shock absorbers. Handheld mechanism in the form of hinges is most often used in single sofas, which are used to unfold infrequently. After all, if the furniture is heavy, then, for example, an older person will not always be easy to raise such a tacht. The mechanism on gas shock absorbers is the most expensive, but of the advantages you need to allocate ease of operation and durability.

    Spring and gas shock absorbers are the most common systems. The shortcomings of the spring system can be called low loading capacity, in contrast to gas shock absorbers.

    Also, you should pay attention to the quality and material of the frame and frame. The thickness of the wooden parts of your furniture, based on considerations of strength, should be at least 60 mm.

    Tahti transformation mechanisms are a variety of. Here are some of them: roll-out, clamshell, “book” and t. D. One of the easiest and most comfortable is the rollout system. It is important that such furniture is easy for you in a daily analysis.

    Also, the type of lifting mechanisms are vertical and horizontal. A vertical lift is always used in a double tacht.


    Conventional dimensions are as follows: length up to 200 centimeters, but width 80-180 centimeters. Therefore, the ottta is divided into one-bed (with a width of 80-90 cm), one-time (with a width of 100-150 cm) and a double (with a width of 160-180 centimeters)

    In general, there are the following standard sizes for the otta-sofa with the lifting mechanism: 90×200, 140×200, 120×200 and 160×200, in centimeters and 1200×2000 in millimeters.

    Standard sizes for single takhta This: 80×190, 90×190, 80×200 and finally 90×200, in centimeters. The advantage of such a model in its various lifting capabilities, both horizontal and vertical. Mainly suitable for children and adolescents.

    Characteristic sizes for one-hour ottoman This is: 140×190, 140×200 and 120×200 cm.

    And of course, it should be added that you can always order any model in your individual sizes to your taste and requirements.

    Upholstery material and filler

    It should be noted that such indicators are dependent on the choice of upholstery and, of course, a beautiful appearance. It is better to choose easy to clean and not attracting dust material, especially if the color of furniture is light.

    Attention should be paid to the following nuances. Finishing seams should not have any irregularities. Upholstery fabric should not be affected by sunlight. It is better to choose the dense and least stretching material.

    Spring block or foam rubber can be as a filler. For example, on top of the spring block lay the layers of burlap and batting. On such a tacht, you can relax as much as possible. But the artificial filler is increasingly popular – foam. For its manufacture serve components supplied from Europe.

    How to choose?

    Currently, there are many models of this exquisite type of furniture in the market, because its number of variations is not comparable to any other. Let’s try to figure out how to choose to choose a suitable.

    First, it is necessary to determine what room in your accommodation requires ottoman: for children’s, bedroom or living room. For example, for a small apartment-studio, the Takhta will be one of the ideal options. Secondly, you must represent, in what style of the interior will be inscribed. Next you need to decide what size you need.

    From the height of the legs will depend on the size of the niche for storing things. So that this space is maximum, the legs should be as low as possible.

    When choosing, you should pay your attention to such a factor as the fixation of the ottoman at the top point. If your furniture has this feature, it is very convenient to deal with the search or laying things in the drawer.

    For example, the living room is a good choice will be a compact folding model. It can be decorated with both the interior in the modern style and in the classic.

    If you immediately buy, you need to fully check the furniture for quality and convenience when analyzing. Also inspect the decay mechanism in action. Attention should be paid to the upholstery. Better to be easy to care.

    It should be noted that the price range of such furniture also depends on the material of manufacture. As such, natural wood or skin, artificial materials or, for example, chipboard.

    Ideas in the interior

    Here is the angular ottoman in the interior. Her color is light gray, and the upholstery is made from textiles. In addition to the inner niches for linen and clothing there are shelves embedded in the armrest. Also in the package includes pillows, and in the corner there is a shelf, for example, for hours. In general, everything is beautiful and functional.

    Here is a single ottoman for the bedroom. It is made of dark brown wood. Downstairs there are two drawers for storing any things. In general style, you can call classic.

    In the following version, everything is performed in bright colors. There is a back. Small legs and chrome.

    About how to collect a sofa-ottoo, see the following video.

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