Orthopedic chairs: Features and rating of the best models

Orthopedic chairs, which are sometimes called ergonomic – a special category of furniture, although in a purely utilitarian sense and furniture can be considered quite conditionally, because it is for sale this achievement of man-made civilization is not in furniture stores, but in computer equipment departments.

This is a high-tech device whose main task is to make the process of working at a computer as easy as possible with a minimum harm to health.


The feature of the orthopedic chair is the possibility of its fitting under the anatomical structure and the parameters of a specific user. This process is carried out by adjusting the various characteristics of the chair: the slope, length and height of the seat and back and so on. No other furniture for such individual settings is capable. If for any reason the usual chair or chair turned out to be uncomfortable, they had to replace them. The orthopedic chair can be adjusted for itself.

This significantly increases productivity, reduces fatigue and saves from a number of troubles caused by long finding in a sitting position that it is not peculiar to anatomically. However, modern civilization can do without it yet.

The main task of orthopedic furniture is just that this difficult process for the body makes the most convenient as possible


A variety of orthopedic chairs is huge. They are distinguished by the degree of comfort, manufacturing materials, functional. These differences are affected and price.

All seats of this type can be divided into categories:

  • office;

  • for the head;

  • Gamers;

  • Children’s.

The most simple in the device, as a rule, are considered office chairs. This is a working chair that most often has a simplified diagram of a device with a minimum adjustment. Often in his design there is no such detail as armrests, as it is assumed that the worker is based on the forearms on the table, working with the keyboard. The whole design is kept on a classic adjustable crosser on wheels. There are no chairs and head restraints.

In the spacious, such furniture is usually called a computer chair. Especially convenient, similar furniture, if you often get up because of the workplace, make small movements in the office, rotate to different devices and drawers. However, such a chair will not be able to ensure comfort with a long stationary seat.

One of the varieties of office chairs are the so-called knee chairs. Slimming in them, the user rests on his knees in a special design element, allowing to reduce the load on the spine. A feature of this rather exotic type can be considered the lack of back.

The option of the office chairs for the house has a minimum of adjustments, but it is necessarily equipped with armrests and often headrest. Chairs, designed, besides work, also for recreation, can change the position of the user right up to horizontal. Some of their folding varieties can be used as a sleeping place. Such a folding design allows you to transform the back and footrest in the ergonomic bed.

The chair for the head is highly comfortable. Made of expensive materials, it should have a very solid appearance. Designed to work at the table, this chair has a high back with a head restraint, durable armrests, soft seat and back. And usually all parameters of such furniture are very finely adjustable. Seat can be adjusted not only in length, but also in width.

You can not just set the height and tilt of the back, but often its deflection. Adjustable and position of armrests.

Less luxurious, but no less technologies are the so-called gamers. They are intended for a very long stay in them. Such armchairs are mostly unloading the back and the cervical department, thanks to convenient armrests, the brachial belt voltage significantly reduce. There are models with footrest.

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Special type of orthopedic furniture are children’s chairs. They are usually much easier, because the child must move such furniture without much difficulty. No less important safety of all moving elements. Such chairs are usually devoid of armrests, and their design does not imply turns. But at the same time, the children’s chair grows together with the child, adjusting in accordance with the change in the parameters of his body

With a solid back

A separate direction of the evolution of orthopedic chairs was the development of the back. Nevertheless, such furniture was originally conceived precisely to unload the back of the forced to conduct a sedentary way of life of people. And of course, At first, the back was straight, but the adjustments soon appeared, allowing to establish a tilt, height, and then its deflection. Materials for the back are usually used the same as for the seat. However, there are increasing popularity around the chairs with a back, made of grid. This design completely removes the problem of swelling of the back, which causes discomfort.

Many modern models are equipped with a back with lumbar support, allowing to control the anatomical deflection of the lumbar spine.

 With a backs-segment

A peculiar development of a solid backrest of steel chairs with a back-segment. This is a movable adjustable design consisting of two or three articulated elements. Adjustments allow you to adjust the back to any user suitable for growth. As a rule, it is impossible to adjust the adult chair under the child. Adjustable, first of all, the deflection of the lumbar section, the slope of the back and in some models the position of the head is thus the voltage is removed not only from the back, but also from the neck of the user.

With rollers

Another line of development of orthopedic chairs steel movable adjustable rollers. The back of such an armchair, which can also be adjusted, is supplied with additional adjustable elements – rollers. They are located in the area of ​​the waist and the cervical. Adjusted by the parameters of the user’s body back receives additional opportunities for creating more comfortable conditions.

Rating the best models

Top rating of the best models of orthopedic seats Consider according to the above classification, since to compare the models of different class meaningless – the differences of them are so great that it is impossible to work out a general comparison criterion.

Let’s start with the simplest and least expensive office chairs. People who have to spend daily 7-8 hours in such chairs, will confirm that in many respects the state with which the working day ends is determined by what conditions it had to be held.

A good office chair is able to significantly reduce the resulting long-term operation of the computer or at the table, the voltage in the area of ​​the shoulder belt and the back, which by the end of the working week may increase in serious malaise.

Relatively inexpensive chair of domestic production Metta Samurai S-1 It became among the leaders of sales precisely thanks to the successful combination of low prices and unexpectedly high quality. A segment back with an emphasis is made of a breathable grid. Despite the price, crosses and armrests are made of metal. This product is produced, taking into account the needs of people having a height above average, and it will be possible to fit it far from each user.

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Taiwanese model Comfort Seating Ergohuman Plus The highest ergonomic is characterized. Almost all adjustable in it: the height and depth of the seating, the form of the back, made of a breathable mesh, there is an adjustable headrest. Armrests can be adjusted in three planes. Cross and armrest housing are made of metal. Some modifications even have a clothes hanger. The amplitude of the adjustment allows you to fit the shape of the chair under the anatomical features of any user.

One of the recognized leaders in the production of orthopedic furniture in the XXI century was South Korea. Korean chairs can now meet around the world.

Model DUOREST ALPHA A30H – one of the most popular models. Original shape back perfectly supports back. It is especially convenient, if you have to change the position of the body, without getting up from the chair, for example, to work with various kinds of office equipment. The chair has many adjustments and adjusts to almost any user, including people with large dimensions, having a weight of up to 120 kg. Concerns only plastic crosses.

Chairs for executives differ significantly from office. As a rule, it is impossible to confuse them. Having many adjustments, this products are characterized by increased comfort and luxury. The price of such furniture exceeds the cost of office models at least three times.

Italian status Model Kulik Sistem Diamond Available in two colors: black and brown. The seat is very convenient. On a broad back is equipped with a lumbar emphasis and headrest. The backrest is adjustable individually. Despite the high price and a very presentable appearance, this model does not regulate the position of armrests and the height of the back.

Domestic version of the chairman “Bureaucrat T-9999” Not at all loses to its European analogue. It will comfortably be even a very solid manager, the chair is designed for load at least 180 kg. The back has a convenient lumbar emphasis and headrest. The position of armrests can be adjusted. The chair is produced in several coloring options. The disadvantage can be considered a plastic cross; as well as the absence of adjustment of the height of the back.

Korean chair Duorest Cabinet DR-120 – Perhaps the best model in its class. Back, like most Korean models, made of two half. Adjusted headrest and armrests. The load on which the chair is calculated, comes up to 140 kg, which makes it possible to accommodate it with almost anyone. The main disadvantage can be as the previous model, consider plastic cross. The main material uses genuine leather that with a long seat in the absence of an air conditioner can cause the appearance of unpleasant sensations associated with abundant sweating.

The emergence of available and productive personal computing devices has led to the emergence of completely special activities from a part of representatives of modern society, ready to spend all free time from their computer or laptop. Demand gives rise to a proposal, and for this category of people, special seats were developed, called Gamers.

Tesoro Zone Balanse – Chinese model relative to an inexpensive gamers. The back is equipped with lumbar focus and headrest. Armrests can be adjusted in all positions. There is a swing mechanism, and the back can be fixed in any position.

Russian model Red Square Pro Moon White Different with the highest functionality. Many adjustments allow you to maximize your back and neck, to fit the chair under the individual parameters. Comfortably can accommodate in this chair almost anyone weighing up to 130 kg. Plastic Cross – Perhaps the only significant drawback of the model.

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Of course, it is impossible not to mention children’s orthopedic furniture. Chairs for children have significant differences from models intended for adults. They should be easier. As a rule, such chairs are developed without armrests, since their function is not only to remove the voltage from the spine, but also not to prevent the development of skeletal muscles, one of the tasks of which is the support of the spinal column.

Children’s chair of domestic production Gravitonus Up Footrest refers to the category of “growing” furniture. That is, it can be customized for the changing parameters of the growing child, the chair is growing together with him, from the age of kindergarten to a teenager up to 18 years. The model is calculated for the maximum load of 90 kg. For better fixation of the back, the back of the chair is made of two half. The seat is designed in such a way that the child was impossible to slip with him. To do this, an adjustable removable footboard is also applied, on which the legs are conveniently placed.

The chair has wheels for the convenience of movement, but it does not rotate that it helps the child to focus on the work that it performs at the table, for example, on homework.

Korean chair Doust DR-7900 It has a typical manufacturers of this country design, he has a double adjustable back. Adjustable headrest allows you to reduce the burden on the cervical spine. There are adjustable armrests. Since office chairs for adults have become the basis for the development of the model, the design can easily withstand the load of 120 kg. However, the leg support is not provided, it significantly narrows the age framework of the application of the model.

Children’s model can be considered conditionally, since, for example, it will not suit the younger schoolchild, because it was still designed for teens.

How to choose?

The main criterion for choosing a chair, of course, should be convenience. However, often the first sensations can be deceptive, the real advantages of such furniture are manifested during operation. How to be? After all, to spend all day in the yet purchased chair is unlikely to succeed.

Experts recommend paying attention to several main points.

  • Do you have a synchronization mechanism. It allows you to adapt the adjustment of the seat and the back, which significantly reduces the load.
  • The most important selection criterion should be the possibility of adjusting the position of the seat. Its correct height allows the feet of the feet to be comfortably accommodated on the floor, which is very important during long-term seat. The depth of the seat provides confident placement in the chair, without climbing.
  • For long-term work with a computer or laptop it is better to select a chair with adjustable armrests. This design element removes the voltage from the shoulder belt.
  • For long-term work at the table, the chair with lumbar stop or roller will be required.
  • The headrest is not mandatory, but also a very desirable element, especially for gamers, which have to spend a lot of time sitting in a rather uncomfortable posture.

You can learn more about an orthopedic chair from the video below.

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