Original coffee tables – interesting accent in the interior

Choice of furniture

Original coffee tables are increasingly used by designers in the interior of different rooms. This is a versatile addition, which will find its place in the living room, and in the bedroom, and even on the balcony or kitchen. They can be used not only for interior decor, but also in order to use free space to maximize.

Unusual tables are manufactured from different materials and using various techniques. The appearance of this decorative furniture is also different. When choosing a table, first of all, pay attention to how high-quality it is. If there is an opportunity, then it is better to view the surface of the furniture for the presence of defects and check which weight the furniture is able to withstand. Another important point – the appearance of the product. The table must be harmonized with the rest of the interior details. If he is knocked out of the overall composition, you will soon want to remove it from the eye.

Most often, the table is selected in the same style, in which the room is decorated. So, for example, in a modern or loft style room, a neat glass or metal table looks best. At the same time, you can play in contrasts and choose an unusual instance, for example, a vintage table on low bent legs. It looks unusual, but at the same time quite organic.


An important role in choosing a table is played by what material it is made. Let’s look at several popular materials that are used to create high-quality modern tables.


The most obvious option is glass. A table made of this material can be a completely transparent or supplemented metal frame or wooden legs. So the design looks even more interesting. The obvious plus of such a material, as glass, is that from it you can form a table top of a variety of forms. Beautiful bends, curls, smooth forms – designers try to embody the most unusual ideas in order to please our customers. Interesting options offer brands such as Gloria or Venus, for example.

Due to its transparency, glass tables are practically invisible in the room. This means that the furniture practically does not occupy an excess place and makes the room visually less illuminated. Such tables look good in living rooms, offices and other rooms. Also, glass can be different ways and decorate. Most often, decorative tables are performed from beautiful stained glass. Color inserts either make up an abstract picture, or form some simple print. Often a simple glossy glass complement the matte inserts or the details of the smoke.


Another common material that might and main use designers – wood. For design tables can use a variety of wood types. High-quality beech, ash, or maple, for example, pleasantly pleased not only with its strength, but also ecology and naturalness. Since natural wood is expensive enough, it is often replaced by cheaper materials like MDF or chipboard. From the wood and its substitutes make not only a simple model with square or round countertops, but also products of an unusual form.

Unusual designer products

Creative tables, unusual form deserve separate attention or non-standard decor option deserve. You should consider a couple of them.

With live greens

If you want to add the interior of freshness, then you can use small sizes. Coffee table resembling a box with earth. To create it, a simple tabletop is used in which a box with an earth in which the living greens is growing. It looks very stylish and beautiful, but there is a lot of flaws. At a minimum, you will have to carefully care for him, watering greens and search for an ideal place for its location. Such a table is rather decorative addition of the premises than the functional thing. It is recommended to install where there is a lot of light so that the grass is actively growing, and the table becomes only more beautiful.

Ideal places for installing such a table are considered greenhouses, balconies and verandas.

Forest miracle

Another interesting and more practical option is a wooden stamp product. It can be created from a fire of a simple tree, which will not particularly decorate. It is enough to simply protect the basis of a special coating, which will extend his life, and fasten the worktop if necessary. Such a table looks very interesting and, despite his simplicity, does not make the interior cheap.

Table do it yourself

You can also try to create a beautiful table yourself. To do this, it will be enough to take a simple box and paint it or decorated using the decoupage technique. If you know how to work with wood, you can make a table manually using boards, or glass residues, such as. Creative design solutions There are a lot. Turn on the fantasy, inspire interesting pictures, and you can create something unique to add your interior.

Coffee tables can be put in the living room, in the kitchen, or on the balcony. They can be both an independent addition to the interior and the functional part, which looks good next to the chair or sofa. Choose a suitable option that looks really unusual, and use it to decorate the interior in any style.

What kind of unusual coffee tables are, look in the following video.

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