Open cabinets: where are used?

Open furniture – hit of this season: wooden, plastic and metal structures that differ in polyfunctionality, external effect and style, are able to expand the comfort zone and diversify the interior of the children’s room, living room or bedroom. Designs without doors, equipped with side sections, allow you to store clothes and attributes.


Things that are always at hand are convenient to use. You can always determine what is not in its places, make a permutation, take advantage of the right subject and clean up (countless boxes will not make it difficult). You can order cabinet or built-in models: The choice is determined by the interior design, the purpose of using furniture and your preferences.

Such furniture is perfect for the children’s room: it is important for the child to use things, without experiencing discomfort. Designs are absolutely safe, when used, there will be no situation with suddenly falling down the doors or tightly closed sash.

The absence of sharp corners, hardware and glass allows you to install cabinets in the children’s room without concerns of creating trauma. Reliable and durable base withstands any loads: Children can climb the shelves, climb to the very top.

In the living room you can create a unique design of the design at the expense of original design forms, profitably selected shades of furniture parts and modern modifications. The choice of oak or beech furniture is characterized by special aesthetic characteristics that will benefitly emphasize the style of originality in the design of rooms of various types. Combined options will help create a spectacular design solution that meets the customer’s plans. Designers will select suitable typical models that meet modern requirements, or create unique options capable of decorating the room of any type.

3D visualization is a modern technology with which you can imagine the interior of the intended design. With its help, you can present the advantages of a rustic or romantic style, fill the room with the necessary attributes of life. Such options are perfect for registration of hallways, where you always have to save space. Simple and comfortable furniture perfectly replace hangers in the form of uncomfortable racks or attached structures.

Open or semi-open options, with one sash or without sash – a great option for those who appreciate the conditions of high comfort and modern stylistics.

Modern models

When choosing modern models, make a bet on convenience. Designs from chipboard and MDF are especially popular on the furniture market due to its high functionality, external attractiveness and relative cheapness. Furniture from such materials can acquire residents of apartment buildings and private sectors who do not have significant material means. Such an option is an excellent solution for the arrangement of a small office or an administrative center.

Among the benefits of inexpensive furniture:

  • Spectacular rear and side outer walls;
  • Specially equipped upper and lower parts, removable parts;
  • Easy mothability and transportability;
  • Effective filling of the useful space of premises.

Frequent redevelopments – a sign of creative nature accustomed to change. With the help of such furniture, you can easily create a new mood in the apartment, making a permutation. Psychologists recommend lay furniture in those minutes when the desire for change is especially strong. Modern apartments do not differ in large areas that can be used to arrange life, so you have to save every square meter. Furniture from natural materials and their high-quality analogs – a great option available for customers with a limited budget. Comfort of use, saving space, the ability to avoid sticks in an apartment, a house or office allow you to apply furniture in accordance with design objectives and individual preferences.

Open cabinets are implemented in furniture stores, the order for specialists will provide the most fast pace of work on the creation of cabinets on unique sketches. Additional side shelves will create a comfortable furniture use zone: you do not have to save space so that all things are in a prominent place and were always in sight. The open area is intended to be able to decompose clothing, accessories, books, discs, decor attributes. In this case, you can choose models that occupy the wall or part of the space in the middle of the room.

Light tones in the design of the room visually expand the premises and fill the living room with light.

Board of choice

The choice of suitable furniture will help to make experienced designers: color solutions decide an important functional role. If you choose on dark shades, it is capable of visual narrowing of space, which is not always constructively justified and complies with the principles of creating interior design. Contrast shades are no less relevant: accents are competent competently, advantageously emphasizing the benefits of the room (exhaust, width).

Stainless metal shelves are reliable and safe, they help to fill furniture things, regardless of their dimensions and weights. Such cabinets form a spectacular image of a room made in street stylist, fashionable this season. Wooden parts are no less durable and environmentally friendly, they are able to perform the functions of decor elements.

Open structures may have original color execution. Cabinets are usually selected by similarity with the main tone in the design of the room. It can be a contrasting direction or a selection of monochrome options (bright room, red room and other). Such models are great for creating a modern kitchen interior: storage of dishes, cans, boxes becomes comfortable, their use is comfortable, which is important in the cooking process.

Case for clothes can be with sliding doors (it is called a coupe), with closed doors, side sections. Depending on what option you choose, you can plan a bedroom apartment, kitchen or children’s room. Closed options make noises, often break, however, dust accumulates less in such models. If you are not afraid to make wet cleaning every day, this model is perfect for room design. You can add design with mirror inserts, which will complement the functionality and will provide ease of use of furniture.

The European direction with the openness of the forms is increasingly invading everyday life and contributes to the development of original design solutions. Light designs do not lose the interior, provide good air circulation, have a beneficial effect on the creation of ecosers in the premises. Cabinet, decorated with spectacular materials, will create a romantic situation or a modern accommodation format. Textiles in the design introduces elements of a rustic style, up to date and spectacular in any embodiments.

More options for open cabinet in the following video.

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