Modular walls for the living room

The living room is the main place in the apartment, where all family members are going daily, periodically invite friends, relatives and business partners. From how correctly the space of this room is organized, the overall comfort in the house will depend. A key role in the design of the living room plays the choice of a modular wall.


Such furniture has a number of profitable features. Even with the fact that every living room is limited to a specific area and layout, a modular wall as a collapsible system, which includes a whole set of different elements, can organically fit into the space of any such room. Thanks to this, the owners of the apartment have the opportunity to use the room as efficiently as possible, taking into account the needs and lifestyle of all family members.

Modular walls are selected from different elements in various variations. If a living room is partly and a library, you can form one set of items if the room also performs the role of the bedroom, which is not uncommon in small-sized apartments – a little different set of modules. At the same time, modern furniture structures allow you to change the purpose of individual elements from the general set. So, if necessary, the cabinet is easily turning into a bookcover. In this case, it will only be necessary to replace some parts of the design.

All components of the walls are also easy to change in places at any time, updating the general view of the room. For people who need the need from time to time to transform around themselves, such a feature of modular systems is very useful.

Well, if something starts not to get into the setting, at any time you can buy the desired module.

What happens?

There are modular sets for living room of two varieties – wall and slide.

  • Walls usually consist of such elements as lockers, racks, couch and so on, externally representing a really kind of wall.
  • Slide – multi-level construction. Its elements are located at different heights. It can be shelves, hinged sections, stands and the like. Advantages of the slide – in its most mobility, and therefore, the simplicity of the reorganization of the room.

It is only necessary to always remember that the slides include a large number of modules without doors and retractable lockers. Therefore, their content is always in sight. Maintaining order on open surfaces The headset will require close attention from the household.

The principle of the arrangement of furniture in the living room expires from the configuration of the room itself and its area, the number of doorways, the location of windows, and so on.

Depending on the situation, part of the modular wall can be placed in a linear order – along one wall or two opposite. Good angular option. In this case, the furniture will stand in two adjacent walls, and the angle itself will take a spacious cabinet or penalty.

In large living rooms, it is good to apply the P-shaped arrangement of the modular wall with a large set of components.


Furniture stores sell both full wall sets and separate modules. Their number in different sets reaches two dozen.

Own individual headset buyer can form with chest, shelves, cabinets, tables, wardrobe or two non-staple compartments, with sides cabinets. Variants great set. The modular principle allows you to harmoniously combine all this within one room. With a reasonable choice, even the wall is just three elements – with a table with a TV and cabinets on the sides, it can look without excessive heavyweight and at the same time very cozy.


For small living rooms, mini walls are developed, including absolutely different elements depending on the buyer requests.

There are also furniture sets up to 4 meters long, which are suitable for living room of impressive sizes. This wall will fit the huge number of things necessary in the farm – from dishes and clothes to collectible rare.

If there is a place, some blocks are acquired simply to bring the idea of ​​the situation to perfection.

There is no problem to ensure the set of modules for the living room of medium sizes. Everything will be determined by the needs of a particular family. Functionality in this case determines all.


Choose the modular wall must also be tailored to the material from which it is created. By purchasing headsets, I want to serve for years reliably and kept my attractive look as long as possible.

Best quality and at the same time the most expensive is furniture From the array of wood. You can be calm for the fact that the acquisition will be durable, without losing its external elegance and novelty. It is not by chance that the furniture from the massif is considered an elite. It is made of mahogany, beech, oak – all this expensive breeds.

An alternative to natural wood to create modular walls are MDF and LDSP. Often both material are adjacent in one product. The hull is created from furniture laminate, MDF is used for facade parts. In this case, the oak, aldh or fir can be used directly for cladding. Such headsets are distinguished by durability, look very worthy and decorate any living room.

Modular walls from MDF and LDSP significantly cheaper furniture made of wood array.


The selection of the modular wall depends on the colors of the color solutions, and the options for their many.

Natural shades are not lost – walnut, bleached oak, wenge and so on. Solutions are offered in red, blue, blue, orange colors. Bright paints winning in a neutral atmosphere without creating screaming.

The wall of the black may look expressively. The room itself should be framed in the bright range so that the dark headset on her background does not look gloomy and threatening. Black is perfectly combined with many other colors. Connecting them, you can get an original stylistic solution. For a long time has proven itself the neighborhood of black with white.

Unique living room will make white headset. Such modular walls enjoy great success from the buyer. And it is no coincidence. White furniture visually expands the living room space. There is a feeling of light in such a room. White color itself leaves a feeling of purity and rest.

The outer attractiveness of the wall can be painted with a dark wall background, and a combination with beige wallpaper creates a special, gentle atmosphere in the room.


Today, the variety of styles in which modular walls are performed, opens a large space for choice to the buyer. The most popular directions today:

  • Modern. This style is interesting natural symbols. On the body, for example, the cabinet or cabinet are applied ornaments in the form of a grape vine or flower patterns. Decor is performed by smooth lines. This furniture is characterized by simplicity and multifunctionality.
  • Minimalism. This is the opposite of modern. A distinctive feature of such walls – in their absolute external conciseness. Modules are compact, spacious and combined in a wide variety of options. Elements of the headset can be easily accommodated in the form of a square, ladder, zigzag and so on. It all depends on fantasy.

  • Provence. It characterizes the ease and simplicity of external perception. Modular walls are often performed in beige or white. For their manufacture, natural wood is used or imitation.
  • Oriental. This style for lovers of luxury. It combines Indian, Arab, Japanese Decor motifs. Those who give him preference can choose furniture with lush Indian elements or with thin lines and restrained tones in Chinese and Japanese traditions.

  • High tech. Modular walls in this style will appreciate the people of modern views, which do not give will feel. High-Tech emphasizes his remoteness from the world of nature. Sharp lines in bizarre forms, cold tones, glass, metal, large number of shelves and other devices under modern equipment – this furniture High-tech is different from any other. Features of her design are underlined by contrasting colors. Facades attract attention to their gloss. Larger Effect Using Illumination.
  • Classic. This is a style for connoisseurs of strict elegance, special sophistication. The classic is expressed in the symmetry of the lines and the simplicity of forms. Natural colors, natural patterns of the tree on the facades of the furniture themselves look very rich. Modular walls in such style are also decorated with carvings. These are floral and vegetable motifs, as well as geometric shapes and bizarre patterns.

Classic style is used in the production of dear furniture. Therefore, only a natural tree. Applied accessories from white and yellow metal.


When choosing a modular wall, it is not enough to determine its own style, materials from which it is made and price. It is necessary that the design it corresponds to the overall style of the living room, the main color scheme, which is present there.

1-3 colors are usually dominated in a minimalist style room. In combination with them you need to choose and tone wall. Win-win color – white because it comes to any other. True, he is brand. So the furniture will have to regularly wipe.

Externally, the headset may look like a matte or glossy. Glossy models are very popular today. They visually expand the space by filling it with light. Often, toned glass and lighting lamps become elements of such walls.

Complete the external effect of such furniture figurines and paintings in the style of abstractionism.

In the living room, decorated in eco-style, it is better to choose a modular wall of wood shades. The most organically looks light colors, for example, birch.

The high-style High-Tech model is suitable for a wall model in which a special opening is provided for an impressive television. Color modules The headset must be monophonic and close in shades with other furniture objects in the living room.

Someone finds beauty in the wage. So to the living room in Shebbi-Chic style with her dim and purely home interior, the wall of the color of the dark tree is suitable, as if used by dust.

In the living room in the Art Deco style, at its essence heir Baroque in modern life with its latitude and magnificity, will fit furniture decorated with gilding.

In the room pealed in the spirit of pop art, combining bright sharp colors and unusual design items, the wall will be relevant without a large number of decor elements. It should be carefully picking up its color so that the headset modules will not get lost in the overall motley and have not turned the color picture of the room in full chaos. Let it be better in such a wall there will be a lot of glass.

In the lockers with transparent doors, unusual statuettes are perfect.

How to choose modules?

And yet the choice of each individual module for the living room requires special care not only in terms of color and stylistic solution. To furnish a spacious room, there are many solutions options. It is more difficult to choose a set of modular elements in a small living room.

So that the room remains a place for people, and not just for furniture, packed by things, it is necessary to correctly dispose of the existing area with the components of the modular wall.

In this case, the angular models will come to the rescue. You can not lose the useful space due to the angular element having a form of an equilibried rectangular triangle. This design allows you to place in the living room, for example, the same wardrobes for which in small apartments sometimes do not have another place.

Thanks to the angular modules, it is easy to assemble in the living room even the wall of the P-shaped. It will give even more useful for storing the storage of the area. So that all this furniture does not look cumbersome, it should have glass and mirror doors, include shelf.

For a reasonable organization of space, it is necessary to pay attention to such trifles as fittings, elements of illumination, convenience of opening the door of lockers and so on. The wall must be not only roomy and beautifully looked in the interior, but respond to the convenience of using each of the modules.

Also, when choosing, it is necessary to evaluate in advance how much furniture dimensions will correspond to the size of the room – the area, the height of the ceilings.

In a small room, bulky spacious wardrobes also look inappropriate as a neat modest wall in a spacious hall.

Beautiful ideas of the decoration of the hall in the apartment

A large selection of modular systems on the market gives a wide space for creativity when living room device. Eugene connoisseurs will seem interesting combination in the headset of contrasting each other flowers Beige and Wenge. Restrained colors perfectly fit into the interior with a bright background. If you arrange the rest of the living room in bright colors, it will emphasize the advantages of the modular system, giving all the setting a special gentle, exquisite style.

With the help of two colors in the modular wall it is easy to create a frame effect. And if the color contrast is addicted to the texture of the drawing, it will add expressiveness to the overall impression of furniture design. You can place the headsets both on the background of a bright wall and in the total discreet color scheme living room, setting the mood of calm dignity in the room.

Inhabitants of the apartment, which are characterized by a cheerful attitude to the world, will like a set of furniture in bright colors. With the help of elements of the headset of juicy raspberry color, the room is filled with a special positive spirit and wonderful mood. Appropriate such furniture in a neutral style room. Completed and harmonious view of the living room will give accessories, echoing in color with a shade of a modular wall.

For a living room of a small area, a quick solution will be a mini-wall, which includes a wardrobe, a TV cabinet and open shelves. Even such a modest headset will be perceived impressive, having a glossy black surface. In the room decorated in bright colors, such a kit will not look harsh. Rather, he will be her decoration, attracting a look at everyone who is indoors

More about modular walls for the living room you will learn from the following video.

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