Modern wardrobes

The wardrobes appeared in the middle of the twentieth century. History is silent by the name of their creator: whether it was American librarians, whether Italian social housing developers.

However, the idea to put the cabinet doors on the rails, make them sliding, like everyone. The shortage of residential area worries humanity for a long time, and sliding doors save it compared to ordinary – swing. Wardrobes coupe.

Let’s talk about what has appeared in these home assistants for decades.

From classic to modernity

Classic wardrobe externally similar to the usual Chiffonier – rectangular shape, color under the tree. It happens built into a niche or cabinet (independent design). Simple filling – shelves and rods for clothes.

Gradually design, technology and designs were complemented and improved.

Technology and materials

Basic materials used in the cabinets – LDSP, MDF and wood massif.

LDSP and MDF – Budget materials from crushed wood. They are covered with film – laminate to increase resistance to moisture, protect against crumbling and make an eco-friendly: coating prevents the evaporation of harmful substances used in LDSP. MDF is initially more environmentally friendly, durable and costs more.

Massif of natural wood exceeds budget materials for durability and ecology. Many attracts aesthetics of natural wood: nice to touch, nice to watch. On high-quality material, there are “open pores” – the tree passes minimal processing. The array is used in expensive models, it is more expensive in itself and more difficult, therefore demanding of the quality of fittings and stiffness of the structure.

Forestures include fasteners, frame and mobile door mechanisms.

Door guide profile by which doors are moving, is steel and aluminum.

Aluminum will last up to 25 years (steel up to 7), it is a more expensive profile. It is usually anodized – covered with a film that protects the metal and can be of different colors, becoming part of the design.

The cabinet door moves along the bottom or top of the sliding system. In Upper High Load, the main load goes to the top guide door. This sliding system is considered more reliable, it serves longer and unpretentious in care. However, it needs a reliable support, usually fasten it straight to the ceiling, the cabinet design must be verified and extremely tight.

The lower system relies on the lower guide, it is cheaper, but requires regular cleaning of rails from pollution and debris.

Systems of modern doors equip:

  • Closers – allow you to move the doors with minimal effort and make it possible to make wide and heavy doors, such as natural wood or glass;

  • stoppers – stop the doors by the wall, preventing the blow and breakage, make braking silent;

  • buffer brushes – attached on the ends of the doors, in essence are a budget version of the stopper;

  • Dustproof brushes – attached in the gaps between the doors, interfere with dust get inside;

  • castles – blocks the door, additionally protecting your property;

  • consignment control – opening and closing, mobility of internal elements, lighting control, – maximum user friendly and help people with disabilities.

Contemporary trends can be attributed to the effect of frameless doors. The visible part of the door frame is only 4 mm, and it is almost imperceptible. This is relevant for minimalist interior or in a situation where you need to focus the design of the door.

Another innovation – compartment sliding doors. These doors have two parallel movement lines. In the closed form they are located on the same line. When opening, the movable door “flies” forward to another line, when closed, returns back.

The advantage of the system is considered the absence of a gap between the doors: less dust, the door canvas in a closed form is smooth without zigzag.

This system is not too common due to high cost, but perhaps over time this novelty will become affordable and will conquer the world.

Classic Filling Sliding Couples: Wooden Shelves and Metal Rods.

The desire of people to maximal comfort encourages manufacturers to constantly complicate and specialize the “filling” of cabinets:

  • Shelves are made by movable, rotating, mesh;

  • Boxes and baskets can be extended partially and completely, with closers; wooden, metal, mesh; with cells, separators and inserts;

  • The rods for clothing are located parallel to the plane of the door or perpendicularly (in narrow cabinets); There are retractable, lifting (pantograph) rotating in a circle.;

  • There are special modules: trouser hangers, ties, bags, belts, scarves, decorations, hook bar; All this can also move and rotate;

  • Mirrors inside the cabinet can be retractable and swivel;

  • Built-in ironing board, holder for iron, are relevant to the hallway or bedroom;

  • In the closet you can set the lighting, which will respond to door opening; Equipment Place for the work of household appliances: washing machine, television, printer;

  • In the hallway can use the retractable bench for arms.

Design and decor

Design of the wardrobe – this is in most cases the door design.

Classic design is a tree design. And this option is again in the trend, because it is easy to turn on in such a popular Scandinavian style in recent years.

Laminated chipboard and MDF various shades of wood – budget options. More expensive – natural material coating: veneer, bamboo, rattan.

Bamboo and Rattan will help complement fashion tropical style.

An array of valuable woods with minimal wood processing can be seen in expensive minimalist interiors.

Popular Designer Solution – Mirror Coating. Mirrors, in addition to its direct destination, visually expand the space. Therefore, put a wardrobe with a mirror into a narrow hallway or a small bedroom very practical.

In addition, mirror furniture is one of the trends of this year, so the mirror coupe is presented in different price categories.

Mirrors can be different shades, color bronze, gold, pink, red, purple.

Doors can be made of glass. Here are also possible options:

  • Clear glass Suitable if you want to demonstrate the contents of the cabinet: books, collections. The door performs the showcase function – protects against dust and damage. Such a wardrobe can look profitable in the living room.

  • Frosted glass There are varying degrees of transparency. Translucent glass often put in wardrobes with clothes, so more convenient to navigate in the wardrobe. White color is in demand in Scandinavian and classic style and minimalism style.

  • Colored glass result as a result of coating with colored film or painting with varnish. Film allows you to create a huge number of variations and quickly change design. Varnish gives brighter colors.

  • Glass with photo printing. There are three technologies for applying a picture on the glass: Direct printing with a film, triplex printing – film between glass layers; Print image on the glass itself. The last two ways are better protecting the image.

  • Stitched Most often is a pattern, but sometimes make metal wire contour filled with varnish. Stained glass – Bright accent for modern interiors, Art Deco, Avangard.

  • Decorative glass with relief looks spectacular and has many variations for different styles.

The quality mark of glass and mirror doors – a film that glues from the inside of the cabinet and protects against fragments when breaking: they remain glued to the film and do not fly. Specify its availability when buying.

When choosing an image-film door, pay attention to the compliance with the sticker technology: the film should not be bubble, peel, it should not be contaminants and sand under it. A qualitatively glued film will last long.

Another modern trend – the doors of the skin. As a rule, it is an artificial leather, the so-called eco-skin. It repeats the texture of natural, unpretentious in leaving, resistant to moisture, is durable, it does not cause allergies and is available at a price.

The designer quality of the cabinet includes its form. Classic shape – straight. But the modern wardrobe can be corner and radius. Corner cabinet is designed to use an angle area of ​​the apartment. They are often put in narrow corridors.

Radius wardrobe concave shape gives a small winnings of living space, convex – cabinet area. But still radius cabinets are more often a designer move, because this design is more costly. The elegant forms of the radius cabinet soften the coarse functionality of this object of furniture, grows the corners. It will be good in the hall or bedroom.

Handles play their role in the design of the cabinet, if they are. As a rule, they are made vertical; They can be metallic, glass, plastic, wooden. Handles are often recessed in the canvas doors, low-rise.

Color and drawing

There are many ways to make drawings on the door canvase:

  • The most common – Film pattern, which laminate the wooden base, cover the glass;

  • Photo printing can be applied both glass and wooden door;

  • Engraving – This is a way of applying a monochrome image on glass or mirror. With the help of stencil and special technologies, micro-pharmacars forming a drawing. It is diamond, laser and sandblasting engraving;

  • Figures on the mirror can be lowered by rhinestones or crystals.

There are several trends in the interior that can help choose the appropriate color and drawing:

  • Scandinavian style Familiar to white, gray, black, shades of wood. It is allowed three or four bright accents: blue, red, green.

  • Monochrome geometry. Contrast combination of two or three colors and geometric shapes.

  • Pink color. Bedroom of a young girl or children’s little princess with joy will be filled with pink any shades.

  • Still in trend minimalism. Contrast combinations, monochrome, shades of wood. Minimum decorations, maximum simplicity.

  • Combined facades – This trend is asked by the manufacturers themselves. More options for combining textures, colors and decors appears on the market. You can experiment or follow the prompts of famous brands.



Trendy novelties

Large brands try to keep up with the times, comply with consumer requests, surprise.

To the innovations of the market can be attributed:

  • Dersighted cabinets that allow you to use the most difficult corners under the roof.

  • Cabinet, which moves not only doors, but also whole sections.

  • Wardrobe-Shirma, which has no roof and walls, only doors and filling.

  • Cabinets with decorative niches in the door.

How to choose?

  1. The priority question is the challenges that you want to solve with a closet. Where he will stand? What will be stored in it? Choose a suitable form – angular, straight, radius.

  2. Decide with the design: built-in or housing? The built-in more effectively fills the space, the housing is more mobile and it is easier to acquire it.

  3. Sketch the filling scheme with the fact that it is planned to be stored in the closet.

  4. Consider the design options that you like, stop at two or three.

  5. Use the online price comparison service or calculator designer, It is almost every furniture online store. Calculate the approximate value.

  6. Select a store that will give a better price, high-quality installation, suitable service conditions or “your” design.

Read more about how to choose a wardrobe, tells in the following video.

Stylish ideas in the interior

  • Cup wardrobes perfectly copble with storage in the kitchen.
  • Bright spotlights.
  • Ideas for children.
  • Vegetable and floral designs.
  • Sliding wardrobes for living room.

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