Modern walls in the living room

Living room – the most visited part of any house. And it is very important that this part of the house or apartment looked attractive, stylish, tasteful. An integral part of any living room is the wall. It helps to significantly save the place and perfectly fits into the modern interior. Modern walls in the living room can surprise the variety of their sizes, shapes, paints, materials.


Do not forget that today is the furniture of Pestrite a variety of forms, colors and models. The seating walls of the new generation differ significantly from their Soviet predecessors.

Modern models have the following properties:

  • Structure consisting of interchangeable elements. Soviet walls in our usual presentation are whole structures, parts of which cannot be separated from each other. In the modern samples, the components can be grouped in a convenient and acceptable location;
  • Availability of sections of different formats. They can be suspended, outdoor, with swing, folding or retractable doors, with glass, wooden or plastic shelves, with open and closed facades, with elements of different widths and heights. Having ordered such a kit, you ensure yourself to supplement it with new sections from the collection of the same manufacturer;

  • Autonomous modules. This is the advantage of modern walls, as they can be rearranged by places, remove from the composition or supplement it with a new item. In the furniture of the old sample, everything was interconnected and the like could not be implemented;
  • Color spectrum. Today’s models are also distinguished by the presence of several colors or shades.

Do not forget that this element of the interior is purchased taking into account the size of the room.

Bulky, massive cabinets and stands will not suit for a small apartment, and a compact, saving place the wall will not fit into a huge hall.


There are several varieties of the living room furniture headset. The choice of one particular type depends, first of all, from the area of ​​the hall. By design, spacious body and modular headsets are distinguished:

  • Cabinet or solid wall is a single composition consisting of several sections that are located tightly to each other. This is usually a massive structure, which occupies most of the wall. Change sections in places, clean or dilute the model with new elements can not, as this is a single concrete headset. Plus is good capacity.

  • Most popular and claimed today Modular Gorki. They are multifunctional, practical, universal, mobile. The necessary elements can be selected independently, combining the final composition. If there are no funds to immediately purchase all the headsets, you can gradually buy separate modules. Not scary, even if there is no exactly the same color in stock, as the game of different shades of furniture is now a bold design decision.

    In such a design, elements can be changed in places without fear. Lose its freight look. Damaged or defective module can be replaced. Then you get rid of yourself from the need to disassemble or change the whole headset. The space is filled with sections as it is convenient for you: rationally, economically and aesthetic.

The configuration distinguishes the following types of walls:

  • Linear. Furniture is installed along the wall in a straight line. This is standard designs. Modern models, unlike Soviet, do not take the entire area of ​​the wall. In such sets there are closed cabinets, and outdoor stands, and open shelves.
  • Corner. Such products involve the angle of the wall. This allows you to economically use space. Particularly suitable for small living rooms. At the junction of two walls, in the angle, as a rule, a wardrobe is installed, the remaining sections are located on the sides of it. Corner models are good when developing an atypical, non-standard room design.
  • P-shaped. These large-sized kits are suitable for spacious, spacious premises. Bocames, shelves, shelves, cabinets are usually installed on the sides, and niche for audio and video equipment is placed in the middle.

Options for configuration

Before choosing part parts of the headset, it is necessary to determine what purpose it will serve you. Depending on this, the version of the acquisition can be the most different:

  • If the apartment is not so much space to establish individual cabinets under clothes, cholect the wall with cabinets. One or two sections for the functions of the wardrobe will be enough. If the set is modular, then the cabinet can be placed, without tie it to the rest of the sections, a little bit. But it is solely for your taste.
  • For the purpose of storing items of clothing, the option with the chest.
  • If the furniture headset in the living room you want to endow the function of the workplace (or so require circumstances), then consider the type of set with the table. Computer table – workplace of any business person, as well as all sorts of schoolboy. Do not have to fill the space once again by this place, it will already be included in the design. This package will suit both the living room and for the children’s room. Looks very interesting.

  • Pretty ordinary and familiar option was the wall with a niche reserved for the TV. It is practical and convenient, because it is the living room – a place for evening film viewers. Now it is impossible to present the hall without a TV, which is placed on a special shelf of the furniture headset or on the wall within its limits.
  • Currently, there is a huge selection of products with additional features, such as bars or shop windows. The wall with the bar is not the most common and habitual design solution. It looks such kits quite effectively, demonstrating their interesting content.

  • Bar in the headset can act as a stylish element of the interior. Glass doors will not hide from the eye of guests collectible drinks and good expensive dishes. Significantly decorate the room wall with a rotating bar.
  • Another new-fashioned thing – fireplace in the living room. We are accustomed to the fact that this attribute is inherent only at home, but today it can buy almost every resident of the apartment (depending, of course, from finance). Of course, it will not be a flue fireplace with chimney, but decorative. In the apartments it is its main function – to be decoration.

Electric fireplace, like the classic, has the sound effect of crackling a burning tree, and simulates a real fire, so it is practically not distinguished from naturally. You can purchase such a fireplace complete with the wall. Now it is available, but the pleasure is not cheap.

Suitable more for spacious living rooms in classic style.


The size of the furniture headset living room should be directly proportional to the square of the room.

  • In the big living room – a big wall. It will fill empty space, it will be a useful multitude of functions. Forget about bulky sizes if the room’s expanses do not allow.
  • Middle Square Living Rooms are suitable. The most optimal is the Golden Middle.
  • Little room small headset. Do not try to fill half the area with the wall – it will not look good.
  • Popular to date mini slide. Places occupy a little, but if possible, all that is necessary.

They harmoniously fit into the design made in the style of minimalism.

Where to put?

If the living room is spacious and you have a whole corpus headset, set all the sections with each other as it should be at the longest wall.

If the set is modular with a multitude of sections, most of them can also be placed at the extended wall, and the rest are located on the sides of her. For example, chest of drawers, cabinet, bookshelves. If the living room is not very big, and the kit is modular and quite volumetric, also lay out the modules in several walls.

In case the wall is small, you can try to place it at the wall, which is fit, but this is provided that the middle size room is not too small.


Furniture design and room style must certainly harmonize. Before purchasing the wall, you need to think through the whole interior, in which style it will be completed. And already depending on this choose the composition of the composition.

The most commonly encountered are:

  • Classic style. For him, a fairly bulky linear wall with elegant decoration is characterized. An impressive cabinet, massive chest, strict lines, natural materials and colors. For small rooms it is difficult to choose such a set, because it is quite large. Modern classic may differ variety of color and greater lines clarity. And it can be less than the most.

  • High tech. This style solution is peculiar to minimalism, so the furniture must be compact, but spacious. A small amount of shelves, glass doors, a combination of several materials in one set, a combination of gray, white, beige, black colors. The kind of such a kit should cause a feeling of lightness, unobtrusiveness.
  • Provence. In this style of the headset can resemble old furniture or specially aged. For such a set, a variety of bends, smooth lines, presence of patterns, roughness, bright restrained shades. Tree or It imitation – suitable material.

  • Modern. One of the most popular styles. Stands out for its simplicity, the presence of wave-like bends, metal and glossy surfaces.
  • East style. There is also an existence of bends, but they can be more impressive. Such headsets are decorated with patterns, golden inserts, decorative elements.


The design of any wall is impossible to design without accounting for its color, which directly depends on the color range of the living room and the owners preferences. Choosing, in which your headsets will be painted, consider several nuances: the size of the room, the lighting, the practicality of the chosen shade, its relevance and what influence it will have the mood of family members and mental state.

We give several options:

  • White. Don’t forget about the universality of this color. It is suitable in the living room of almost any style and size. But for such furniture you need to constantly monitor and care for it so that it does not lose its trade look.
  • Black. Suitable for spacious bright rooms. Differs on its rigor, such a choice is inherent in restrained owners.
  • Originally and stylish look Black and white Combination.
  • Successful is also considered White combination with dark, Deep tint. The leading should be white, and dark shades of blue, gray, cherry will become an excellent addition.

  • Designs Light neutral flowers (cream, beige, light brown) well fit into the living room with a bright decor.
  • Pretty popular and in demand headset Colors of wenge or oak. They are especially suitable for cabinet furniture. This wall is well placed in a spacious room decorated in light cold colors.

  • Warm colors (peach, light brown, golden). Suitable option if the living room is a workplace, since the shades of soothing, contributing to mental activity.
  • Bright and catchy colors (Cherry, Red, Pink, Orange, Pissile, Yellow). This type of furniture for you, if you want the room to look extraordinary, original, eccentric. Suitable for oriental style or modern. Although if desired, you can put them in the classics.

The main thing is not to overdo it with color experiments, so as not to turn the room into a tasteless arranged.


An important detail of the design headset – its decor. It is possible to decorate the wall at the expense of various elements to which, for example, the illumination, ornament, photo printing, drawings on the doors, carving on facades:

  • To date, quite popular eco-style. Accordingly in demand and natural materials. New version of their use – a combination with modern surfaces. Modular walls, for example, can combine wood materials and glossy coatings.
  • Gloss well reflects sunlight, which allows you to visually expand the space. Light surfaces will make the living room more spacious and lighter, and dark brilliance will bring in the design of mystery and sex. Matte coatings create a cozy family atmosphere.

  • Another way to decorate – combining colors. The skillful combination of shades can make furniture more attractive, interesting, in the end, this is the central part of the room, and it should cause positive emotions.
  • Photocopy, applied to some facade doors, perfectly decorate the headset, revirts the design of the whole room.
  • Art painting will turn furniture in the work of art. Any drawing can be applied to the surface of the kit in an acceptable technique.

  • Another way to decorate the wall – mirrors. They transform the facade of furniture and visually adjust the room. But many of them should not be.
  • Asymmetry can also be viewed as an option to design a headset. Suitable for modular models. Various widths, length, height of lockers and shelves make it possible to make original compositions and set the mood of the living room.
  • Thread gives special luxury furniture. Perfectly fits into classic and oriental style. Suitable for those who are not afraid to stand out and seem conservative. Such furniture creates a vintage mood.

  • Decorated also with frescoes. Option is not cheap, but looks very impressive.
  • The headset with stained glass doors gives tribute to classic style and perfectly designs the design of the living room.
  • Illumination – very fashionable on today decor element. You can decorate in this way as an outer part of furniture and inner. Lamps are located or separately in the shelves, or the LED tape is extended along the entire section. Looks impressive.


How long will your furniture lastive, depends on the material from which it is made. The same factor will affect its appearance. The materials used are considered MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, wood, plastic, metal, glass:

  • MDF. This is a stove that is made from very small wood sawdust. It is an environmentally friendly material that succumbes fine processing. This is a favorite facade material of modern designers. He is inherent in durability and strength. Covered furniture from MDF varnish or laminate.

The material is quite picky in care, but the walls of it have an attractive appearance due to the smooth structure.

  • Chipboard. This is the most common material for the manufacture of economy-class furniture. As a part of chipboard, wood chips bonded by formaldehyde resins. These panels are covered with lamination or brazing.
  • DVP. Used for the manufacture of the rear walls of the cabinets, the bottom of the retractable boxes. In expensive models instead of the Fiberboard, plywood is used, although it is better for the properties. It turns out a fibreboard of wood dust with a wet pressing method.

  • Wood. Extlite expensive furniture is made of this material. Typically, oak, nut or cherry wood. But mostly make facades from her, decoration elements, and for the rest use MDF, chipboard.
  • Metal Elements encountered in the design of modern furniture, do not surprise anyone. These details can be used not only for decorating, but also appear the basis of the design.

In the manufacture and decoration of the walls today, materials such as plastic, glass, mirror, artificial leather.

How to choose furniture?

The choice of furniture in the living room is carried out in connection with several factors:

  • Room size. Choosing wall dimensions, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room. The largest space allows you to buy a massive headset, for a small living room you need to purchase a compact, neat, spacious wall.
  • Color gamma interior as a whole. The color of the kit depends on. In the bright room, it is appropriate to place the dark wall or make it a bright spot that is distinguished by screaming colors. If the living room is small and in the interior dominate dark tones, it is better to choose the design of light tones, can with a glossy coating to visually increase the space.
  • And size, and color, and design of the living wall depend on the style of the room at all. If you want to best meditate your home, think about the style of modern or high-tech. Often in this case the choice of hosts stops on compact headsets with a share of minimalism. You can combine different colors, forms, materials, use suspended structures. It is interesting to look at models that are fully located on the wall.

  • If you adhere to traditions, and the area of ​​the hall allows you to choose the classic version of the hull wall. You do not lose whine.
  • Do not rush to buy the first headset. Then the eyes can get caught even better, but you can no longer be able to replay. Choose carefully, do not hurry, go around a lot of stores, look at several directories. When you compare all, read carefully, then your choice will be conscious.
  • If you are definitely sure that you need, but there is no place in this store, make an order. Now it is not difficult.

Beautiful and stylish ideas in the interior of the hall

Living room arrangement depends only on your own preferences. Do not constantly pay attention to what is the year now, what is today in fashion, how to do everything. Focus on your taste, on your mood.

But to make it easier to decide, we give a few examples of the ideas of creating a stylish interior.

Now more and more often in different areas of life, we return to the origins, to tradition. This applies to the arrangement of residential premises. In the age of information technology, mad rhythm of life often want peace, heat and comfort. For such purposes, the design of the classical interior is created.

The combination of warm summer colors, soft forms, combinations of old and new. Put in the living room old dresser, wooden tube, cover the table with a lace napkin.

The choice of classic linear walls is great, to stay on suitable will not be difficult. Also suitable furniture in the style of Provence with elegant lines and finish under the old. Effective and luxuriously watch electrocamine.

If you want to amaze and shock – need unusual forms, unusual combinations of colors, original coatings (glossy, mirrored). The main thing is not to move the face so that the room does not look vulgar.

Loft style popularity. His brick walls are inherent, deliberately rough finish, concrete floor. The apartment must create the impression of the former factory room. But one room in such design does not make sense, you need to convert all.

For such an interior, minimalism, clear lines, negligent placement of furniture. The wall must be compact, more suspended modules, disconnected sections that are worth it for themselves.

If you want an angular wall, you can choose a model with narrow wardrobes so as not to clutter the hard room. Try to pick up to the curtains or, for example, sofa pillows.

During the arrangement of the room, do not forget also about the sense of measure. Overdose no one has yet brought benefit. Come to this case responsibly advise with loved ones and do not forget about all the above recommendations.

How to choose a wall in the living room, look in the video below.

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