Mirror cabinets for the hallway in the modern interior

The entrance zone of the house or apartment should be harmonious and functional. Mirrored cabinets are performed in the modern interior of the hallway both of these functions. They allow rationally to place things, visually making the room more spacious and light.


Mirrors play in the interior of the hallway an important role. They allow you to evaluate your appearance before going out of the house, correct the hairstyle or headdress. However, not always the size of the corridor allows you to hang a separate mirror on the wall. In this case, placing it on the cabinet door – the perfect solution.

Cabinet, in turn, can accommodate not only clothes, but any other things. A variety of models, shapes and color solutions allows you to choose a product for every taste.

Successfully selected option can be a full-fledged element of the interior and even a real decoration of the input zone.


Many buyers have already appreciated the advantages of cabinets with a mirror:

  • Saving space. Such a wardrobe not only eliminates the need to allocate a separate place under the mirror. Models of type “coupe”, equipped with sliding doors, do not require free space for sprinkling them. And if you choose a built-in wardrobe, you can use the room as efficiently as possible.
  • Functionality. The capacity of most cabinets allows you to place outerwear in them, shoes, accessories and many other things. Depending on the size and internal filling of the product, you can store light clothes, toys and even household appliances. Such a wardrobe will be salvation for owners of small-sized apartments. At the same time, if the hallway is not covered enough, you can install on the product upper visor with point lights.
  • the beauty. No matter what style of the interior you prefer, you can find the cabinet model suitable for you. In the range of manufacturers there are exquisite classic models, and ultra-modern options, and even romantic wardrobes in Provence style.

And even the mirror itself can have any form. It can be a mirror canvas in the entire height of the cabinet or a small mirror, decorated in a kind of frame. And photo printing, laser and sandblasting, art painting, stained steel elements And other techniques can turn furniture at a real work of art:

  • Visual effect. Mirror surfaces reflect the light visually expanding the space and making it lighter. Especially this technique is useful to owners of small hallways.
  • Availability. There are also elite expensive models and affordable options in the modern market.


Distinguish the following forms:

  • Straight. Cabinets located in a straight line are the most popular. Such models look great in the hallway of any size.

  • Corner. Such cabinets are particularly suitable for small square-form corridors. They occupy space at the junction of two walls, allowing you to use it as efficiently as possible.

  • Radius. This type of cabinets is distinguished by an unusual form. Models can be rounded, concave and even asymmetric (in the form of a wave). Interesting outlines of products contribute to the interior of the highlight, making the hallway more elegant.


Distinguish the following types:

  • Wardrobes. The most popular type of cabinets installed in the hallway is a wardrobe. From standard models, it is distinguished by sliding mechanism. Doors smoothly slide to the side, without requiring space for their opening, which expands the possibilities of installation and saves the useful area.
  • Swing. Models with doors swimming forward, acquire owners of small apartments. If there is no place for a double-circuit wardrobe in the corridor, then a narrow penalty with a mirror door or a small corner locker can be a good solution.

  • Combined. Some models combine two different types of opening. For example, the central module of the corner cabinet can be equipped with a swollen door, and the side part may include a sliding design.

  • Embedded. In addition to cabinets, there are built-in models. Such constructions are distinguished by the lack of top and rear surface (and sometimes side walls). They completely occupy the place allocated for them at the stage of repairing the room.

The advantage of such options is a significant savings, as well as a smaller cost compared to conventional cabinets. The disadvantage can only be called the impossibility of moving the structure.

  • Swearing. An unusual modern invention has already been loved by many buyers. A small narrow locker is fixed on special brackets. On the one hand, open shelves are located, and on the other – a solid mirror facade. One light movement you can turn the product, hiding its contents from strangers and turning it into a large mirror canvas. So you save a place in the corridor and get a convenient mirror capable of rotating at any angle.


The following areas are currently distributed:

  • Classic assumes elegance and restrained luxury. In such interiors, a tree model with swing doors or wardrobes with imitation of opening doors is appropriate. Classic in modern reading allows and ordinary sliding structures. Color gamut includes natural shades of wood, as well as white, beige and black colors.

Artistic engraving is allowed, applying patterns on mirrors, gilding. The cabinet can be direct or angular, but not by radius. Here the clarity of forms and rigidity of lines is welcomed.

  • Style Provence also does not allow too modern designs. Pastel tones (mainly white, beige and light gray), wood or imitation, metal parts in the shade “Bronze” – these are characteristic features of furniture in this style. Such cabinets are simple, but elegant. The decoration can use carving and light patterns.
  • Cabinets in style minimalism Maximum laconic. Usually these are mirror cabinets without drawings and other decorations.

  • Modern also relates to modern destinations. However, this style allows originality, unusual forms, combinations of contrast tones. If the mirror is only her sash, the rest of the product is usually performed in natural wood shades (more often “wenge” or “beige”) or bright colors. Such cabinets often have additional open shelves and hangers, can be decorated with various patterns and decorative inserts.
  • Models in style high tech and techno welcome neutral cold gamut (black, white, gray colors), chrome metal. Such cabinets are either completely performed from the mirror canvase, or combine mirrors with glossy surfaces.

How to choose?

When buying it is worth considering the size of the hallway and the place itself, which you are willing to highlight under the closet, its shape and area. An important point is the internal content of the product. Think out that it is you will store in the closet which compartments (shelves, crossbars for shoulder and so on) will be useful to you.

Choosing design and color, Focus on the interior style of the room. Remember that if you make mirrors all the doors, the effect of expansion of space will be larger. However, it is worth considering that the mirrors reflect all the objects of the situation.

If the wall opposite the cabinet will be forced by various furniture, boxes and other things, you risk instead of the effect of the spacious room get the impression of a small littered hallway.

Location options

If the corridor has a narrow elongated shape, the cabinet is better put along the short wall. In a square hallway, the best option will be the location of the cabinet along the whole wall. If the doors of many rooms come to the corridor, only a small narrow locker will be appropriate here. The most successful place for it will be a zone at the entrance door.

Examples in the interior

The original model with the image of the Eiffel Tower is an excellent choice for a modern hallway. Red elements add a spicy product, making it a rawness of the room.

The built-in cabinet with gilding and floral patterns perfectly fits into the luxurious baroque interior. Decorative frame disguises the product under a large picture, creating a single composition with a decor of the room.

For connoisseurs of restrained elegance, the classic cabinet in the shade of “Walnut will become an excellent choice. A small mirror allows you to make sure the image is impeccable before leaving the house. Open hanger – a practical and convenient element.

Built-in model, fully made of mirroring, visually increases the hall twice. This promotes the concise interior and the lack of extra details on the opposite wall.

On how to install a cathedral compartment with a mirror, see the following video.

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