Metal and Tree benches

County bench is not only an excellent solution for a pleasant pastime after working in the garden, but also the decoration of the site. Such a design will help create interesting compositions in combination with yard exterior. For self-making benches for cottages of both metal and wooden, great experience will not need. Natural and artificial materials wonderfully fit into any style.

Advantages and disadvantages

Combined samples look perfectly on household plots, terraces, open fire and recreation areas.

In the gazebo, you can put the seats without the rear wall, and for the garden you will need models with backs and armrests.

Metal frame has a number of advantages:

  • High reliability;
  • Resistance to weather changes;
  • frost resistance;
  • Resistance to scratchs.

Benefits of a tree:

  • art style;
  • the ability to organically fit into any exterior;
  • Wide range of varieties: Alder, oak, nut, pine and others.

Important! Both metal and wood must be processed by a special composition that repel water, after which the coloring agent is covered.

Variety of models

In the household plots set lace forged, poured from cast iron or uncomplicated options with backs and seats.

The benches under consideration are several varieties:

  • covered with a canopy;
  • without a visor;
  • ordinary;
  • With rear support.

Metallic or wooden benches without a visor are suitable for short rest after severe physical work in the country. They are installed in the shadow part of the site, in a closed gazebo or in a user-friendly place. They are placed in decorated zones under pergola, and they can be supplemented with unusual elements of the decor, neat pillows, different in shape and color, wrought back.

A wooden beautiful bench on a metal frame with the back wall put in a convenient place under the foliage of growing trees and overlooking the flowering flower beds.

Similar benches are divided according to the installation option for stationary and mobile designs. The second is easily removed in the winter time to store until the next season in the road or shed. The first models are installed at open fire or in the dining area.

Worn benches

Products are included in the category of luxury furniture items adding to any solidity garden and increasing the status of the owner.

They are welded from elements that are subjected to processing on metal stores. To create a garden shop with the use of components you will need blanks and drawing. The project includes the markup of parts, as well as the designation of their locations.

All components are fixed by welding, and the suture is determined, polished and processed by primer.

Interior benches and benches from iron

Iron structures without inclusion in the frame of plastic or wood is considered to be anti-vandal, not prone to damage, shocks and scratches. Only similar furniture is irrational and not too suitable for installation in the courtyards of private houses. Metal, in contrast to other materials, quickly heats up, creates inconvenience when sitting and even harmful to health. The most good option will be a combined product: iron frame, and the seat itself and the back – from the tree.

The difference between the bench’s bench is the presence of a posterior back: the first one is, and the second is missing.

The base of the seat can be completely metallic or with wooden elements. Strengths are achieved by adding the metal plates to the frame, fixing the bars, and the surface for the seat is satellite with a soft cloth.

The number of supporting parts or legs happens:

  • 2 pcs. – in the form of the letter “T”;
  • 4 things. – installed at the end of the grounds;
  • 6 pieces. – Additional steam mounted in the middle.

The appearance of the product will depend on the idea of ​​the wizard with a predetermined and drawn pattern.

Based on the rear length, the back is put, and it is combined with armrests to increase the stiffness of the structure.

Choosing materials

Going to make a garden or cottage bench, you should definitely turn your attention on the design features, design style and what the product consists of.


Wood need to choose for street furniture, which is distinguished by strength and does not respond to atmospheric precipitation. There are breeds that are used most often for such purposes.

  • Pine. Lightweight wood with a yellowish tinge, unique texture and brownish nodules. Improves from age, inexpensive cost, excellent swelling and shrinkage resistance. Due to the softness, the breed may be subject to external dents and scratches.
  • Acacia. Pretty dense wood is not subject to environmental influences. Wood has a pleasant golden shade.
  • Cedar. Has high resistance to rotting and insect. Light weight makes wood the ideal choice if it is necessary to permutate the subject.

Weather conditions may affect the nonlackated and unpainted cedar. The material is rather soft and prone to dents and scratches.


For street furniture, iron parts should be anticorrosive. For the manufacture of benches used various types of metal.

  1. Aluminum. Aluminum tubes will be useful for self-constructing of garden furniture. They are very easy to maintain, do not rust and just clean. Easy metal has corrosion resistance, guaranteeing durability and aesthetic appearance.
  2. Steel. It is traditional design details: chawllers, corners or tubes. Flexible steel, unlike other heavy alloys, makes furniture comfortable and convenient for owners.
  3. Cast iron. Much harder than aluminum or steel, choose it, having a desire to own sustainable stationary structures that even a strong hurricane.

Drawings and sizes

To make a product correctly, you will need successful examples of country benches, sketches and drawings with sizes.

To pick up an individual size, you need to take into account some rules.

  1. The height of the billet is determined by the length of the large berthovoy (from 35 to 50 cm). High benches will create discomfort when hanging legs or bent knees.
  2. Design requires a small nuance concerning the ratio of the back and seat. The straight corner of them forces the sitting to be in the literal position. Of course, this has its advantages, if you argue from the point of physiology, but it will be very inconvenient to sit. The back is better to do with a bias back, which will help accommodate on the shop comfortably.

The benches with the back back beautifully look at the water, along the edge of the site or near the flower beds.

Constructions made to order according to individual preferences, will make an unusual and beauty in the décoridal decor. They are located in remote guest areas where they accept friends and acquaintances. They look wonderful not only on the street, but also in the lobby.

How to make it yourself?

Wooden bench without a back is easy to make with your own hands. Moreover, any healthy materials can be used. For example, It is absolutely easy to make a bench from the old door, which has already served his time.

  • First you need to cut the door leaf in such a way that you get two long and two short parts. But at the same time, one of two long one should be less. The one that is more – the future back, less – the seat.
  • Side parts can also be cut out of the remaining door trimming, think over the armrests so that they are comfortable.
  • All items are fasten with each other with nails and screws. The whole design for reliability can be strengthened by plywood sheets.

Optionally, you can decorate the product with metal elements.

How to make a bench do it yourself, look in the following video.

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