Long vehicles under the TV in the interior

In the modern world, the main subject of the interior of the living room, around which the placement of furniture occurs, is TV. For watching TV shows, many people spend all their free time. For convenient television in the room, special long stands are often used. We will talk about this furniture in the article.


Almost every home or apartment has a TV, and sometimes not one. Despite the fact that modern models are much thinner than their predecessors, finding a suitable place for them is not easy. To view your favorite TV shows have not become an eye test, the device must be located at the level of the viewer. Despite the lightweight design, some of the models of TVs have a fairly large weight – It requires stability and strength.

As for aesthetic appearance, then Standard should be much wider screen. This will allow you to visually balance the big rectangle with the setting in the room. Otherwise the design will seem incomplete.

All these tasks successfully perform a long television stand.

Manufacturers of such furniture began to release Wide stands for television. In small apartments can be applied Angle model.Square beds Can be a good option for a small apartment. But the most stylish and modern option will be Long and low stands. Compact and narrow, They possess a number of benefits:

  • Having an unusual shape, they can visually expand the space in the room, making it wider;
  • A large selection of colors and design options will allow you to choose the best option for a particular room;
  • Such a product is durable and can be operated for many years;
  • At the edges there is an additional free space that can be used at its discretion;
  • Large length allows you to place many compartments for storing different things.

Wide tv stand Successfully fit into the interior of any living room, Unless, of course, the size of the room. In a small room, such furniture may look too cumbersome, but even for such premises you can pick up the end (from 2 meters) so that with the same dimensions it looked quite appropriate. It may be more Light in the form of a glass model, design without door or shelves.

In some cases, the cabinets are used so that they do not protrude beyond the edges of the TV. Under certain conditions, this design looks very harmonious. When the TV hangs on the wall, then the urgent need for an end disappears both in the functional plan and in aesthetic. True, in this case, many people still buy similar furniture.

Long length stands very elegantly look in combination with larger-scale designs. These include high pencils, racks and cabinets with top illumination. The free surface of the scene itself can be very powerful if you need to place discs, books, game console and much more.

Review of species

Such furniture has several varieties. Based on the style in which the room is made, you can pick up one of the types of cabinets to emphasize the good feeling of the taste of your owner. Consider the most common of them.


This option is fits For modern premises. It allows you to create an exposure effect in the room. Such items can decorate by themselves as a specific area indoor, and decorate the entire length of the wall.

For their production, durable and lightweight materials are used.


This type of furniture, which is equipped with supports or wheels for installation on the floor. Such a stand very often has a free space for warehousing different accessories. They can be performed in the form of open shelves, shelves closed by the door, or drawers with a retractable mechanism.

Very demanded today Tombi-dressers, on which not only compact plasma televisions are allowed, but also more cumbersome models. Quite unusual looks of a TV for a TV, combined with a toilet table or electric fireplace, around which the shelves and niches can additionally be located.

Materials and coating

Various materials are used for each style. Consider the most common of them.

  • Glass. This material is used in modern interiors and can be completely transparent, tinted, matte or have a mirror surface. The main condition so that in the manufacture of such a cupboard, tempered glass was used.

  • Wooden. The product made from the wood array has a beautiful and solid appearance. Wooden products made without excesses can be laconic and minimalistic, and the presence of a thread, which is done manually, makes the same model much luxurious.

  • Product made of drywall. Because of the flexibility of the material of GLC, you can make a TV standard of any complexity and shape. In this case, it will act as an exclusive element of the interior.

  • LDSP / DSP. This material is considered pretty durable, practical and cheap. This is the most popular option that is used for the production of cabinet furniture, although it looks simple.

  • Metal. Such a material will find its place in the rooms of modern performance. Design made from metal, the most durable, stylish and durable. Can withstand large loads and resistant to mechanical damage. Metal structures in the interior add to him a little uniqueness.

  • Stone. Pretty original living room products are obtained from the material described. The product from the stone will bring some natural notes to the situation.

Each of the listed materials has good indicators when used. With good care, the service life of products may increase at times. With its presence, they can successfully fill out free space in the room.

Covering materials may be different and not only decorative properties, but also protective.

  • Varnish. This coating works not only as decorative, because after its processing, the surface is overflowing with a gloss, but also protective properties. Varnish does not let water, and therefore, the product is not afraid of contact with water. However, you do not need to abuse. The constant presence of water on the surface is still, sooner or later, destroy the coating and gets to the tree.

  • Veneer. This is a thin formation of a natural tree, which not only improves the performance properties of the material underlying, but also gives the whole design more representative appearance.

  • Films from synthetics. They have many different textures and color options. Conduct good protection against ultraviolet, high humidity and temperature differences.

Products from solid wood and metal are most durable and durable. Although the weight and cost of these structures may surprise the buyer. In addition, they are appropriately used only in certain styles and directions. While plastic products have a huge color variety and affordable price. But also the strength of such structures leaves much to be desired. On this end, it is undesirable to put high mass TVs.

Stands made of glass, look very light, practically weightless. They fit well in the interior of the living room or bedroom. For their production, the material should be thick up to 15 mm. Glass of such thickness can withstand large loads.

Forms and sizes

Choosing a tumba, you can be guided not only with dimensions and color, but also a form of construction, which are presented with a large selection. Consider the most running forms of TUB for a TV:

  • Rectangle or square – This form of the product is the most common, it can be considered classical;

  • round – In such a design, the back part remains smoothly unchanged, and the front side is shortly spinning;

  • Feedhes – in such a design there is no rear wall, and several tiers are connected by corner racks;

  • Asymmetric – In this case, the sections are shifted to one of the sides and are connected to the open-type shelves.

So that your stand is well fit into the interior, you need to choose not only color, but also sizes.

  • Wide – The length of such products reaches 1.2 m, and the depth is only 50 cm. They are most often installed in the living room of a private house, where the rooms are almost always spacious.

  • High – These stands reach a height of 90 cm, and widths – from 80 to 1.2 M. This is the average height and width of the chest – in some rooms it is a good designer solution.

  • Narrow – The depth of such Tumba can range from 35 to 45 cm, and the height can be any choice of the buyer, but most often it is 80 cm. The width of such a product also does not boast, because it is only 60-80 cm.

  • Low – As a rule, these are the longest stands.

Their length can vary from 1.2 to 2 m and more, depth and height of products are small and amounts to about 40 cm.

Color palette and styles

A large selection of colors and materials for long stands under the TV allows the flight of fantasy for both designer and a potential buyer. It is desirable that the color of the future stands approached under the overall setting in the room. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the visual perception of colors, the possibility of combining warm and cold shades. Thus, Light and low furniture visually capable of expanding space. It can help in the design of small rooms. Can add space lightness and positive attitude. While dark furniture along the white walls looks strictly and emphasizes all attention. Glass inserts are considered neutral and may come to any interior.

A very large amount of shades can provide Laminated surface. Such material like Ledp, Can imitate natural wood of ordinary or rare exotic rocks. Applying this material, you can get any desired result. Surface texture capable of emphasizing the effect of the tree. It all depends on how clearly all the fibers are expressed. You can find the panels of LDSP, made under metal, mosaic or simply with a color glossy surface. The color of the product is best to choose according to the samples in the store, and not by photographs from the Internet, because the color rendition is always distorted.

In modern design often apply Monophonic white or black stands. In this case, they fulfill the role of add-on to the dark screen of the TV. The main thing is that the moving picture on the screen with the surroundings of one-photon items looks especially beautiful. Glass can also be several colors, but most often matt and white or satin into black. TVs for televisions almost never perform in different bright colors – They will distract attention while watching TV.

Tips for choosing

To choose the correct tumbler under the TV in the room, you must remember the important conditions:

  • First of all, it is necessary to take into account how the load will be carried out on the supplied Tumba – than it is more, the product must be stronger;
  • The cutter depth directly depends on the TV – the most secure is the one that the support platform of the TV does not go abroad;
  • Due attention should be paid to the fittings – its quality should be as best as possible;
  • It is desirable that the color of the cabinet coincides with the rest of the room.

In addition, your Tumba must meet all the necessary functional requirements.

If you want to install the frontal column and the amplifier from the home cinema, Immediately decide where they will stand, and how it should look like. If this is not done, there are no places for everything you need on the end, you will have to bring additional stands and holders to living room, which will most likely spoil the appearance of the recreation area.

Manufacturers offer a huge selection of a variety of Tumb models under TV, which are made of various materials using all sorts of fittings. Choose the best quality thing made of good materials and spare parts. In this case, she will delight the eye for a long time.

Accommodation options

Before buying a long standby for a TV, you must decide in advance with the place of placement. Better will suit such places as:

  • The angular location is the most successful option for a small room if the design of the cougles allows;
  • The center of the free wall, opposite which the sofa and chairs are located – such an arrangement is well suited for large and spacious rooms;
  • In the center of the room – this option is used for large living rooms in which there is a lot of free space.

In other cases The most logical and win-win option will be the placement of furniture where it will be best to look. The taste of the host of housing in this is very useful. Suspended design With the right approach, it can adequately fit in almost any interior.

Beautiful examples in the interior

White cabinet with rounded edges on the background of light wall and dark floor Successfully fits into such an interior. Having black decorative inserts, this piece of furniture simultaneously echoes the floor and wall. The neutral pattern on the doors adds something individual to them, but it will not be exactly diverting all attention when watching TV. This composition successfully complements the dark luminaire, which is made in a modern style.

White square of square shape stands out on the background of dark walls and floor. Bordeed insertion in the middle of the couch echoes the carpet of the color of the cherry. Such a selection of colors makes focusing all the attention not on a separate element, but throughout the zone, in the center of which is the TV.

Dark Stand in a similar design – This is a real classic. It echoes its shade with the carpet and the floor, creating the effect of the finished composition. Walls in bright design highlight it on his background.

Such furniture with the right approach can bring comfort to the room.

Wall cabinet for television in white glossy very well fits into the purple wall background. Due to the presence of a white lamp and light gender, it is possible to use purple color, with which it works very hard. White floor helps to enter light in the situation and visually reduce the number of bright paint.

      Tumba, made in the form of aged tree, Luxurious looks on the background of light wall and gray carpet. Thus, it is possible to dilute the modern atmosphere of an old thing. Thanks to its gray inserts that are very successful with the carpet, this stand looks appropriate and thoughtful in this setting.

      About how do it yourself make a long tumbo on TV, see the following video.

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