Leisure chairs with high back and armrests

The cozy and soft armchair with a high back and armrests allows you to relax after working day, stay with the maximum convenience of the magazine or a cup of tea. Such furniture objects create a heat and comfort atmosphere. Products can be placed almost everywhere – in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom or children’s room. With the right choice, they are able to fit into any interior and emphasize the good taste of the owner.

Advantages and disadvantages

To “high” chairs include furniture with a backrest height of more than 42 cm (the value of some models can reach 1 meter). Consider all the advantages of such items.

  1. Providing comfort when sitting. High back products most often overall – they have the maximum depth and width indicators. They will be comfortable to people with any growth and complete set. In deep models, decorative pillows are often provided, which can be lined under the back.
  2. excellent quality. Such products have an average and high price segment, due to the use of good-quality materials. Products are distinguished by durability, reliability and durability – they will not be overwhelmed and will not creak at intensive operation.
  3. A large assortment. People who have decided to purchase a chair with a high back, have something to choose from. There are models of various shapes and constructive versions. They have a different color scheme, thanks to which you can choose a solution to your taste and interior style. Products are performed in various stylistics – Provence, classic, minimalism, high-tech, loft and many others.

Disadvantages of such models are minimal. These include high cost, overallity and considerable weight. At the expense of large sizes such products are difficult to place in a compact room, especially if there is a desire to buy not 1 chair, and the kit.


Manufacturers offer many models of chairs with high back and armrests. They differ:

  • sizes (narrow and wide variations);
  • forms (there are solutions with smooth and streamlined lines and more “strict” models);
  • The types of armrests (in the form there are oval, square or round, according to the molding variation – to the back and seat or bottom base, and the armrests are adjustable and unregulated).

There are massive and original leisure chairs in the position of half a litage, products equipped with feet aspiracles, hooded or head restraints. Some of the most convenient chairs are classifies. They are equipped with a leg support and a mechanism that allows a resting adjustment of the back of the back at its discretion. Can also differ.

  • Options on the Cross. Such products can be equipped with wheels that provide the ability to navigate through the room and do not get up. There are chairs on the crossed on the support legs – in this case, their mobility is limited.

  • Furniture on supports. It is equipped with small legs, which are not visible behind the overall design. Visually it seems that such items are on the floor. However, they have small supports due to which the product is reliably protected from random cars.

  • Models on the poloz. This is a special design of the chairs. Their supporting part does not have legs – furniture in this case “keeps” on the frame having a characteristic form.

  • Solutions at high legs. Such models are considered traditional. Supports may differ in height (15-40 cm) and configuration.

  • Armchairs on supports and platforms round, oval or square. Such products are equipped with one leg, which is fixed on the support.

Depending on the model, the chairs with a high back and armrests can be adjusted in height.

What materials are?

For the production of frameworks, various raw materials are used. Most models offered in the market are made of natural wood, metal, MDF or chipboard. Wooden bases are durable, reliable and easy. For the production of furniture bases, beech, oak, nut. There are cheaper products made of coniferous trees.

However, they are recommended to refuse them from their acquisition – they are considered “weak”, because of which they may not cope with serious weight loads.

Metal Leisure Chairs The most durable and durable. Most often, they are made of steel or various alloys (typical of design solutions). The lack of metal furniture is its weight, which is why difficulties may arise when transporting such objects and their movement. Leisure chairs EcoClassa are made of MDF or chipboard. These are the most fragile and unreliable variations. And there are also combined structures in which metal and wood, wood or chipboard and other combinations are combined.

For giving chairs softness is used. As a filler can perform Holofiber, Polyurethane Foam or Spring Blocks. In the manufacture of expensive models, a natural latex or horse-haired embankment is used. Upholstery materials can also be different. Often manufacturers use furniture fabrics (jacquard, scotchgard, tapestry, cargo, velor, flock, shenill, suede), natural or artificial leather.

How to choose?

Going to the store for a soft chair with a high back and armrests, it is important to make a “right” purchase. A reliable chair will not break and will save external impeccable for a long time. There are several parameters to pay attention to.

  1. Convenience. Before buying in the chair, you need to sit down – just so you can estimate its comfort.
  2. Reliability and quality of execution. If regulatory mechanisms are provided in the design, they should not have noise or “eating” when working. Scripping furniture is unlikely to last long. The lack of threads, curves of seams, traces of glue and various external defects will tell about the high quality of manufacture.
  3. Material of manufacture. From buying products from DVP or MDF it is better to refuse. The most reliable – metal products and natural wood. Upholstery should be practical, especially if there are children or pets in the house. Reliable upholstery materials are considered Jacquard, tapestry, lodge, scotchgard, microfiber, genuine leather.
  4. Price. It is not worth buying too cheap models – in order to reduce the cost of the cost, manufacturers often use low-quality materials in their manufacture.

Before buying, it is recommended to decide on the style and design of the chair with a high back. It should fit into the “general” stylistic concept of the room, to harmonize in appearance and color palette with other furniture and interior items.

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