Kitchen tables: how to choose a suitable model?

The kitchen interior must certainly be quite stylish and most practical. Classic and exquisite kitchen tables are completely indispensable attributes that are necessary for all sorts of family celebrations, everyday trapes and cooking. This piece of furniture for the kitchen must combine efficiency, functionality and non-trivial design, match the area and room style. You can install such interior items in the kitchen, in the dining-studio, in a cafe, on summer veranda of restaurants or arbors.

Features and species

Modern kitchen is no longer possible to imagine without such an important furniture object as a kitchen table. Stylish tables for the kitchen will help cheap to turn the situation into a solid composition, harmonize the interior, due to the original execution to become the main accent.

The table will last decades, if you choose the appropriate material, special attention to the quality of the assembly, the quality of each component.

These products at the present stage have many shapes and styles that can be easily selected under the interior of any kitchen. However, if you decide to purchase this furniture subject, then it is impossible to rely only on its appearance. It is necessary to carefully consider its location in the kitchen, choose the optimal form.

Today, tables for kitchens make three main species:

  • round;
  • square;
  • Rectangular.

Oval, with curved forms and with many angles – less popular models, but they also occupy their place in the market.

The classic style kitchen is suitable for a rectangular table, which can economically fill the space, and the family or company of friends can accommodately be able to accommodate. Depending on the purpose of the product may have a different surface and manufactured from practical materials: glass and wood.

Round or square tables winning looks in spacious rooms. They play decorative than practical function. Around the round table nice to gather a big family, because the circle for a long time was considered a magical sign.

On the kitchen table, it consists of two parts:

  • Countertops;
  • Supports (legs).

For the manufacture of supports Popular materials are fiberboard, natural wood and steel. Of course, the supports made of natural wood and steel – a comfortable material that looks original, withstands a greater load. However, the table of this type will cost.

Kitchen tables from DVP can be bought in cheap. This material has less load opportunities. Therefore, the legs of such tables are often massive, and, consequently, to sit behind it will not be so comfortable.

The knobs of the kitchen table, most often, is four.

There are various options:

  • three-legged;
  • single-legged;
  • Multonymed options.

The choice depends on your taste and how many people plan to accommodate him.

The table top is usually made of stone, glass, plastic or natural wood. Glass and plastic countertops can be bought cheap. They are easy to care for them, and modern furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of models of various shapes and colors.

Steel, plastic, glass kitchen tables fit perfectly into the style of High-tech, and tables made of natural wood are suitable for classic kitchen options.

How to choose?

If you recently made a repair in the apartment or enter the new apartment, then you will probably have a thought to buy a dining table for the kitchen.

Despite the fact that kitchen specialized M-shaped corners are still popular, ordinary kitchen tables in combination with reliable stools and today enjoy sustainable demand among our population.

But mostly our compatriots want to acquire not just an externally attractive kitchen table, but functional, full and real furnishings for the kitchen, which will be perfectly combined not only with a modern kitchen interior, but will also be very useful for cooking and for further Placement of dishes.

Immediately before going for buying in the store, it is necessary to assimilate well that selecting the size of the most kitchen table, you need, first of all, proceed from the composition and size of your whole family. The width of any strong kitchen table should not be less than 70 centimeters.

One simple rule should also be taken into account: the kitchen table should be located from the nearest wall at least 80 centimeters. Such retreats are necessary for the fact that a person sitting at the table had the possibility of free movement in this narrow-permitted space and was not afraid of something to hurt something or flip.

If the kitchen dimensions allow, then an excellent solution will buy a special round kitchen table, which will especially be useful for a large and friendly family, where each of the members will clearly know their place. You can stop your choice on such a kitchen table, which will have a special sliding device. Such a standard table will perfectly fit into the design, and will have a useful needed area if you have, for example, guests will gather.

If you want to buy a model with an original design, then the best choice in this case will be the purchase of a glass, a special table. In addition, he adds a special style to the interior, it allows you to visually expand the space and does not seem bulky even on the smallest kitchen. The glass table perfectly fits both in the kitchen interior and in the interior of the living room.


Manufacturers offer you a fairly large selection of various kitchen furniture. Kitchen tables did not exception. When choosing should be remembered, not all forms are equally appropriate in the kitchens with different layouts.

As for the form, it must comply with the proportions and size of the room itself. We should not forget that it should harmoniously fit into the design of the room and coincide with its design. For small kitchen premises, the optimal choice will be models with a square table top. Standard rectangular shape is also suitable for the design of a comfortable small dining area. The kitchen table from the tree should be located about 3-4 people. Previous two models are exactly under power.

As for the interior of spacious rooms, large, even massive, models will be appropriate. Ideal oval or round countertops. Their main feature is that the products of such a form in the middle of the room are installed.

By the way, both of these options are the safest. They have no sharp corners and such a choice will be very by the way if small children grow up in the house. Playing and running they are not injured about the protruding parts of the product. Therefore, if your dining area has dimensions of more than 10 kV. m, then choose exactly such models. Moreover, they will become a real decoration for any room, even if the kitchen is combined with the living room, exquisite style and luxury you are guaranteed.

What size to choose?

The kitchen is one of the places of our house, where it is customary to gather the whole family for a cup of coffee, tea, breakfast or dinner. Not all the premises of this type in our homes have sufficient dimensions to accommodate all family members, especially if she is big. Enough in such cases there is a question of choosing a place for which everyone will be collected.

Forms and sizes of tabletops most models variables, which cannot be said about height. With her and let’s start. In most products it ranges from 70 to 75 cm. This parameter is equally comfortable for almost all users.

If your dining area is combined with the living room, for example, then it is better to pay attention to the products with a height above 75 cm. The massive table will certainly become not only a comfortable place to eat, but also a full-fledged decoration of the whole room. In any case, choose a model follows from rules of ergonomics. It is desirable that the distance between the wall and the furniture attribute itself was about 80 cm. One person should have about 80 cm long and 40 cm in width, this is a generally accepted standard.

Kitchen tables should be correlated in their dimensions with a chair. The distance from the seats to the floor should be 40-45 cm.

How to choose a dining table, see the following video.

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