Kitchen Stools: Features, Models and Choice

Stylish and compact kitchen stools – a decent alternative to chairs and chairs. They can be used separately, as well as in combination with sofas, banquettes or soft corners. This furniture has numerous advantages and has insignificant minuses. Model line of stools extensive – products are available in various forms, have constructive differences, different colors and designs. To make a choice in favor of a high-quality and reliable solution, it is necessary to study the features of these furnishing items in more detail.

Advantages and disadvantages

Stool – furniture, including support (legs) and seat, combined. Thanks to simple design, products are distinguished by reliability and stability. Due to the lack of backing, the product is acquired by additional advantages:

  • not “overload” the interior;
  • Easy to be cleaned under the table, freeing the useful space;
  • harmonize with existing furnishings and decor;
  • do not require careful and long cleaning;
  • have affordable cost.

The advantages of such solutions include their small size, mobility and light weight. If there is no need for products, they are folded on each other and remove into the closet, storage room or balcony. In case of the arrival of relatives or guests, stools get. Disadvantages of such products a bit. The most common minus, to which consumers complain – inconvenience when sitting rest. Chairs or chairs with a back much more comfortable stool.


There are several types of stools that differ from each other by constructive execution. Products are folding, classic and bar (stationary or on wheels). Some models are equipped with a small but sturdy back. It performs the function of the support, and allows the muscles of the back to relax. Consider more detail each of the varieties of stools.


Stools included in this group, the most popular. They enjoy great demand due to simple design, styles, the ability to fit into any of the interiors of the room. “Traditional” models have a square seat, they are equipped with 4 legs. Such solutions are rigid, medium hardness or soft. All of them can be performed from various materials. Hard structures have no upholstery, models with mean rigidity include a thin layer of filler (up to 3 cm), the use of thick foam, synthetone or other material (layer reaches 5 cm, and if it is a puff stool, then more).

Classical solutions can be stationary or collapsible (with unscrewed legs).


Folding stools are recommended to use as added furnishings. In additional seats, there is a need for household holiday events or at friendly sites. Such products are easily laid out. Behind the insensitory stools also quickly and naturally add up and remove to the balcony or loggia. The advantages of folding models are consisting of their compactness (especially in folded position), functionality and low weight. The disadvantages include rapid wear and a small operating period due to the hinge system. How carefully do not handle such a stool, it will break faster than classic products.

Bar and Structures Bar

Bar products visually similar to stool with 1 or several elongated supports, complemented by footrest. Some models have the ability to adjust the legs in height. These are reliable and stable structures made of metal or durable plastic. They prefer at the design of the bar counter in the kitchen. Such solutions will suit creative people looking for a variety when creating stylish and unusual designs.

Structuring stools are found in modern housing. This is a functional furniture that will become an indispensable assistant indoors with high ceilings. Sometimes the chair ladder plays the role of the decor, because they look pretty interesting. These models are suitable for neoclassicism or amp.

Materials manufacturing

For the production of stool uses natural wood, metals, plastic, as well as chipboard or MDF. There are combined products, for example, their frame can be metallic, and a wooden or plastic seat. Models of wood are considered the most solid and luxurious. They are made of oak massif, walnut, beech, spruce, pines, larchs and other wood species. It is worth noting that oak or nut furniture will cost more than items created from coniferous trees.

Especially popular with stools on metal frame. As a rule, the support of such products is made of hollow pipes, which from the outside are covered with anti-corrosion decorative composition. Furniture with a metal frame is stable, easy and is inexpensive. These advantages determine the high demand for metal objects.

Models from chipboard and MDFs are also popular due to the optimal value and quality ratio. Of course, they will serve not as long as solutions from natural wood, but also they are cheaper. Combating manufacturers to increase the terms of operation cover the products with veneer and are treated with special impregnation, increasing material resistance to high humidity.

Cheapest stools produced from plastic. Such products most often acquire as additional seats, and not for daily operation. The main advantages of plastic:

  • ease;
  • high humidity resistance;
  • resistance to the effects of acidic and alkaline compositions;
  • Easy to care.

However, hardly plastic models will serve long. Such products are very fragile, because of which they can break with negligent operation. In addition, plastic is capable of changing the color when exposed to UV rays.

For the manufacture of soft stools and furniture with medium rigidity as upholstery also use different materials. In the production of expensive and elite products used genuine leather. This material is easy to care, the racks before mechanical impacts looks aesthetic. His main disadvantages – high cost and ability to “stick up” to the body. A worthy alternative can be leatherette or eco. These two artificial material externally imitate natural skin, but they are less durable, due to which long time will not be able to serve. With intensive operation on the leatherette, scratching, scratches and cracks are often formed. To return the product attractiveness, resort to replacement of upholstery.

Textiles are often used as a casing material. The fabric used in the cuisine is often so impregnated with special compositions or teflon. Pasting such treatment is capable of repelled dirt, fat splashes and moisture. Flavon, latex or batting fill in soft models. Porolon is characterized by budgetary, but it quickly pursues and loses performance. Artificial Latex more expensive and better. He is elastic and durable. Vatin is not suitable for the cuisine conditions because it is inclined to drink odors.


Stools are produced in various color variations. Frame and upholstery may have different or similar shades. Thanks to the large selection of color scheme, it will be easy to choose the optimal solution. Furniture stores sell products with upholstery in one tone or with patterns. In the interior there will be originally white, pastel, mustard, brown, gray, beige colors. Products with such neutral tones are able to fit into any interior. Due to the absence of dark colors, they will not “overload” a small space. Stools with bright and juicy colors are also found on sale:

  • purple;
  • green;
  • orange;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • Bright yellow.

Such colors are chosen when they want to focus on the dining area. Bright chairs will fit almost for any interior styles (except classic). They can supplement the situation or add to the space, decorated in “calm” colors, a variety and originality.


Modern stools in appearance are very different from the first models produced. They have different versions. Products may feature a shape of the seat. Popular round, square, oval, and their form can be straight or curved (Anatomical models). Different models of stools are equipped with all sorts of types of supports. The legs can be round, square, rectangular, chrome, if it are metal products forged.

Supports in classic furniture often make carved. In addition, support is twisted, with rounded edges, crossed. Supports can be located both at right angles and under the tilt. Elegant and original stools with a seat with a 1 high rack with 3 or 4 small legs.


To date, companies specializing in the manufacture of furniture for home and office are ready to satisfy the decorative tastes of the most demanding customers. Foreign companies are leading in this area – in the majority they are the first to offer the consumer new stool models. They make products of an unusual form using ergonomic accessories and decor. The most popular foreign manufacturers in Russia:

  • Tonin Casa;

  • Bonaldo;

  • Miniforms;

  • Lapalma;

  • IKEA.

In the manufacture of stools, European and American manufacturers use plastic, wood, metal. Domestic firms are trying to keep up with foreign competitors and each year they offer more and more advanced furniture. The most popular domestic manufacturers include Commander, Domotek, Shatura and others.

Tips for choosing

Most buyers when buying stools are focused on the appearance of the product and its cost. However, it is not enough to evaluate these parameters. In order for the furniture to serve for a long time, when choosing it to take into account a number of parameters.

  • Material. If the tabures are planned to use daily, it is recommended to give preference to models from wood or metal. When choosing, you need to rely on the materials from which the available furniture objects are made. For example, if objects made of wood predominate in the kitchen, and there are no metal structures, it makes no sense to acquire aluminum stools and vice versa.

  • Colors. It is important that the upholstery of the seat for the seat echoed in color range with other furniture.

  • Upholstery. It is preferable to use stools with natural or artificial leather in the kitchen.

  • Seat rigidity. Experts recommend to give preference to modeles with medium rigidity. Seating on too soft products can negatively affect the health of the spine, and hard solutions are not too easy to use.

  • Dimensions. Optimal seats sizes 50 cm, and height 45 cm. However, these dimensions of stools are suitable for standard kitchen tables. If they are higher, then the products are needed longer. When choosing products it is worth paying attention to the size of the room – non-standard dimensional furniture objects are hardly suitable for small cuisine.

  • Weight. The lighter the product, the more convenient it will be moved in the kitchen and rooms.

  • If preference is given to bar models, You need to choose products with stipulated footrest. The fact is that due to the high feet support, the seats do not touch the floor, because of which voltage and fatigue may appear. Special stands will get rid of these problems.

When choosing it is not recommended to dwell on the cheapest solutions – in most cases they are made from low-quality materials, which will not be able to stop long.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Taburets Quite often make out the dining area in the kitchen. This furniture looks stylish and exquisite. The following photos clearly demonstrate how to successfully combine various types of stools with classic or modern kitchen interiors.

On how to choose the right stool for the kitchen, see the following video.

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