Inflatable sofa

If you unexpectedly granted guests to the house, do not worry that there is no place to arrange them for the night – buying high-quality and original inflatable furniture will quickly solve all your problems. The most popular model of such furniture is an inflatable sofa – a comfortable device that is easy to store until time on the cabinet shelf. If necessary, it is possible to quickly organize a comfortable sleeping place.

Features, pros and cons

When choosing the most suitable type of inflatable furniture, it is worth paying attention to an interesting inflatable sofa, easily and quickly transformed into a sleeping place – such a device usually consists of 2-3 sections or blocks that are quickly distributed by the type of “book”.

Choosing a high-quality inflatable sofa with a sleeping place, you get at the same time and a comfortable seat for seating, and a comfortable bed.

Among the main advantages of such products can be allocated:

  • Compactity. When your guests will come down, you can quickly release air from an inflatable sofa and send it to storage or in a closet, or in a storage room where it does not take a lot of space.
  • Mobility. You can always take such a sofa with yourself to the cottage, in nature, hike. In this case, you just need to purchase a good bag for the most convenient transportation of such an inflatable model.
  • Comfortable exploitation. The sofa can be quickly inflated enough – and also quickly folded for subsequent storage.
  • Ease – You can easily move the sofa to that part of the room in which you yourself want.
  • Hygienic. Thanks to the materials from which such furniture produce, it will not pass moisture, absorb sweat and liquids shedding to it.
  • Quite affordable price. Acquisition of the original inflatable sofa will cost you much cheaper than buying an extra bed or clamshells.

It is necessary to immediately allocate the disadvantages of the inflatable sofa characteristic of inflatable furniture as a whole:

  • Problems with the spine. If you intend to sleep on such a sofa every day, then such problems are not to avoid. This product is bombed under the significant weight of the person who sleeps or sits on it, so there is no needed spine. Some inflatable sofas can be more denser, and harder than other models, but they still can not be called orthopedic.
  • Fast wear. Usually standard and familiar beds serve for years, because a good manufacturer makes sleeping furniture as much as possible. Inflatable furniture models are sometimes wearing in a few months.
  • Low strength. If you have animals at home, they can quickly damage the new sofa, and you will no longer use them.

Device, shapes and sizes

If I certainly want to know how an inflatable sofa is arranged, then you will clearly be interested in the information that all the dodged sofas are made in our PVC (polyvinyl chloride). By itself, this material is a thin vinyl film with the addition of various types of polymers, which makes this film as strong as possible.

However, it is very sensitive to punctures, so sharp items are better to store away from inflatable things.

Inside the PVC camera is a frame that allows the sofa to keep the necessary form. In this case, the frame has two types:

  • from longitudinal ribs of rigidity that are interconnected;
  • from transverse ribs, which are independent from each other (so such frames are more durable and reliable).

Modern furniture factories offer consumers inflatable sofas beds of various sizes, for every taste:

  • single – with a width of 60-90 cm;
  • one-hour – with a width of 100-120 cm;
  • double – with a width of 150-190 cm.

Single-bedroom sofa is most suitable for a teenage child, for an adult standard a standard set, it is still better to choose a more convenient one-time sofa model. Large double sofa is suitable for recreation couples.

If you finally decided to purchase such convenient inflatable furniture for your home, then before going to the store, think about what form it is best to choose:

  • The usual type of inflatable sofas for seating and sleep is usually a rectangular shape, but for home decoration produced Models of oval and semicircular forms. Round sofa can be of different shapes. It can be designed for two people, and can hold at the same time and more than six.

  • Rectangular sofa, which in diameter can be 180-200 cm, so many buyers today stop their choice precisely on the round version. The rectangular sofa mini is a wonderful sleeping place for younger child.


The first inflatable sofas appeared in the 19th century, they were quite actively advertised and intended mainly for trains. Today there are a large number of all kinds of varieties of this type of furniture, among which you will definitely find the model that most will have to taste.

Sofa bed

This is a very good option for transforming inflatable furniture. The sofa bed can quickly change its shape, turning from a conventional inflatable seat for a seating with large soft armrests in a double bed. The material from which such furniture is created will actually not be revealed, even serious loads and permanent transformations.

So that the product is enjoyable and soft to the touch, many models are coated with flocked spraying with antistatic properties.

Even the largest sofa beds in a drop of form occupy quite a little space, which allows you to store them in a small case or box.

If you like polyfunctional things, then you should purchase a sofa bed 5 in 1, because if necessary, he will play a role:

  • double bed;
  • in a folded half-condition – a comfortable crib;
  • convenient three-bed sofa for leisure and watching TV;
  • Big bed with a backrest for a large family;
  • ordinary armchair.

Sofa-chaise lounge

An excellent transforming subject of modern inflatable furniture is a sofa lounger “Air Sofa”, which can act in the role of hammock, and in the role of a chair, and as an ordinary sofa.

It is intended for people who like to relax in the parks, in nature and at home.

Bivalu: use options

Inflatable Bivans appeared not so long ago, but have already become an extremely popular view of inflatable products – due to their convenience, high quality and safety when used. Everyone who at least once happened to sit or lie on this unusual inflatable product, notes just amazing comfort.

Bival is called the original portable inflatable “sofa”, which can be calmly moved with you and inflate without hassle for 15-20 seconds, without using the pump. Bivalve exists in various varieties (sofa hammock, bag, banana), each of which is characterized by the following properties

To inflate such a beat, you need to straighten it, wave, filling it with air, and a very fast product will be ready to use. Specially designed valve will reliably hold the air inside such a universal sofa. You can highlight campaign beating – it is easy enough to move, for swimming.

This is a wonderful beach bed, if you like sunbathing.

Many model of bivans are perfect for any interior:

  1. Your children will like to jump on the Bivan, because it is made of durable material withsting even active children’s games.
  2. It will come in handy for you and in the country, to relax in a shady under a tree or sunbathing.
  3. If you often visit the place where you need to wait long (for example, airports, train stations), then with a convenient Bival, waiting time will pass for you in the most comfortable conditions.

If you like to use inflatable furniture with the pump, you can always find a folding model of Bivan with a built-in pump. It will be comfortable to fold in the car, going on vacation.

Bival is a portable option for inflatable furniture, and therefore usually complete to it goes a convenient storage bag.

Types of pumping

To inflate such a sofa from PVC, in any case, it is necessary to use the pump, since with the help of your own lungs you will inflate it too long. For many modern models of such sofas, special built-in pumps are applied. In other models, pumps are sold complete with the Product. However, there are such models, the pumps to which you will have to buy separately.

In its type, pumps for inflatable furniture are hand, foot, electric. It is preferable to immediately acquire an electric pump, because it inflates the sofa in just a couple of minutes, but for this you need to have access to the power grid. Changes use cheaper pumps (manual and foot), but when they are used, there will be significant physical efforts. If you need the most compact model of an inflatable bedroom, it is better to immediately choose light models with a built-in pump.

There are models such as sofas from Lamzac. With strong wind, they are inflated without the use of the pump, which is the more profitable if you went for a walk and do not want to lose time on organizing a place to stay.


Many buyers acquire a favorite inflatable sofa bed or any other models of inflatable furniture, not even thinking about their color. This is understandable if the Bival model is acquired, which will be used everywhere. It will be incredibly difficult to pick up the color to the ever-changing environment and interior.

Another thing – if you acquire a model that will almost certainly not leave your home, and you intend to use it quite often in your home. In this case, the color matching interior design is simply necessary:

  • Bright colours inflatable sofas are best used in children’s rooms – raspberry, lettuce, yellow sofas here will become very.

  • Neutral or classic colors inflatable furniture will be by the way in the bedroom, hall, living room, where they have to harmonize with the setting.

  • Black-bed sofa bed with contrasting pillows Perfectly will look in the bright room

Manufacturers offer simply a chic color palette – from black, white and gray shades to the tones of Fuchsia, Militari and Ivory. In any case, you can purchase color inflatable furniture to your taste, but still do not forget that the wrong color can completely ruin the impression of your guests about the dwelling.


At this time, a sufficiently large number of manufacturers are ready to offer you its original models of inflatable sofas of various shapes and sizes, functional parameters and qualitative characteristics. However, not everyone knows what brands should pay their attention to the first.


One of the most famous and large manufacturers of inflatable products is the Dutch company Lamzacdream, whose inflatable products under the Lamzac brand has long been greatly popular among consumers.

A distinctive feature of such inflatable chairs is an excellent price with high quality, strength and hypoallergenicity. “Spring” – an inflatable sofa, called “flying”. For a couple of seconds with a busting of the wind, it is inflated and quickly prepared for operation.


Intex offers the consumer to choose from various sizes of excellent inflatable beds, pillows, mattresses, sofas and chairs – in various color variations, for children and adults. Strength and durability – the main features of this manufacturer.


The world-famous brand Bestway is an impressive range of inflatable premium class products, among which you can easily find inflatable beds and mattresses (both for use at home and for tourist purposes). BestWay sofas are distinguished by bright design, reliable materials, excellent operational properties.


Airbliss offers inflatable sofas with an unusual design, differing from standard options and allowing more comfortable time at home or outdoors. The main material for the production of sofas is lightweight and elastic polyester, and a hermetic case is made of durable polyethylene.

More details about how to use Airbliss sofas, see the following video.


Inflatable products from the Ukrainian manufacturer Tamac differ from the products of other producers are quite a democratic price and very low weight.

Banana “Air Sofa”

Belarusian company producing stylish and comfortable sofas lounge chairs Banana “Air Sofa” is also very popular in many countries of the world. Its products are characterized by such wonderful characteristics such as wear resistance, resistance to temperature drops, retention of the form for 72 hours.

How to choose?

If you decide to purchase such furniture, then you should know the main criteria in order to ultimately buy a quality product, and not cheap fake. Pay attention to the following:

  1. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric, Specify from the seller, from which items are made by the inflatable sofa or chaise lounge that you decided to purchase. If you have at least the slightest doubts that this material is high quality – give up such a purchase. Sofa from poor quality material quickly breaks.
  2. Latch, which is designed for a long time to hold the air in the product, must be quite large and durable. If it is small, then under the pressure of the jet of air, it will constantly “take out” from the sofa, and it will be quick enough.
  3. Rate and smell coming from the product. Do not think that there are already existing unpleasant flavors with time.
  4. Carefully consider the surface of the selected inflatable furniture – connective seams with their appearance should not cause you no suspicion.
  5. The appearance of the sofa can also be of particular importance for you, Therefore, when buying, ask the seller to show the model in the deployed (inflated) state, so that you can make sure that this is the model that you originally wanted to purchase for ourselves.
  6. It is possible that you will be interested in models of sofas with additional built-in accessories – like articles for inserting cups, built-in pumps, storage bags.

How to care?

Inflatable sofas do not require any special care:

  1. After operation, they just need to wipe with a damp cloth. If contamination appears on the surface of the sofa, they can be removed by a weak soap solution, and it is impossible to use various severe bleaching.
  2. For cleaning from dust and crumbs you can use a small vacuum cleaner. However, it is necessary to do as much as possible in order not to damage the surface.
  3. Going to lay an inflated sofa on the floor, check it for sharp and cutting items. Sometimes even an ordinary children’s toy can seriously damage the trim of such a sofa.
  4. At low temperatures, PVC loses elasticity. If you store your blown sofa in a cool place, before exploiting the product should be in the room and “get used to” to room temperature, otherwise it can be deformed.

Keep your pets away from inflatable furniture. In order not to damage the inner partitions of the sofa, it is impossible to stand on it for a long time or jump.


Going to go to the store and buy there an inflatable sofa of a certain manufacturer, It is worth carefully familiar with the reviews of those consumers who have already acquired the goods that interested you – so you will make a choice faster:

  • Inflatable sofas from Intex Ergonomic, They laid out in a large bed, withstand up to 200 kg of weight, which allows you to accommodate it a whole family. These products are unfolded quickly, they are very convenient for rest and remarkably fit for sleep.

  • Inflatable sofas from Lamzac can be used in various temperature modes – even in the snow in the mountains. Sofas withstand the load up to 250 kg, they are mobile, ergonomic.

  • Inflatable Banana sofas can use adults and children, Students on vacation and businessmen during lunch, housewives at home, drivers and tourists on a privala. Product material Waterproof and wear-resistant.

  • Inflatable transformer sofas from Sofa Bed are moderately rigid products whose service life is at least three years. They are perfectly moved both in a folded and unfolded form.
  • Airbliss sofas keep air about 12 hours, They are great for picnic, have a variety of color variations, soft and comfortable, suitable for recreation and pleasant dreams.

  • Products Bestway It is distinguished by a variety of sizes worthy of appearance, the material of the product is wonderful holds bed linen. During sleep, it does not slide on the floor due to the embossed surface of the sofa.

  • Intex sofas are very popular among consumers, Which very well respond about convenience, compactness, multifunctionality of this product. If you judge the reviews, it can be noted that the inflatable sofas of this manufacturer are an excellent option for both at home and for the nature of nature.

Beautiful and original ideas in the interior

By purchasing stylish and inexpensive inflatable furniture, it is also worth considering and options for its placement in the interior of your home. This is especially important for those inflatable sofas that you are going to use constantly, and not from time to time, getting them from the case only to organize a bedroom for our guests.

Very many designers believe that inflatable furniture (regardless of whether it is a chair or a bed, a sofa or mattress) has too non-primable and incomplete appearance. Such furniture can create the illusion that its owners are simply unable to purchase a conventional good soft sofa. Other designers believe that an inflatable sofa is an unmanable achievement of progress, and the presence of such furniture in your home needs to be proud of.

The most advantageous idea will place an inflatable sofa in the living room. So you will immediately appear a few additional seats for those family members who do not always find a place for themselves on the usual sofa.

Given the mobility of the product, you will be able to move it to the place you need.

It will be great to look bright and round inflatable sofa in the children’s room or in your bedroom. Here you can relax well, relax, read the book, and the bed can only be used as a bed.

Children on such a sofa can also play and relax.

A bright orange sofa will win in the bright room. Monochrome white gamma will only emphasize the stylish design.

The right choice will allow you to purchase a new original piece of furniture to decorate the interior of your dwelling. You should approach the choice of the most suitable product as serious as possible, so you will get the perfect furniture and will not regret the decision.

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