Inflatable sofa bed: characteristics, types, selection

Inflatable products are used not only for swimming. Thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers offer durable infantry furnishings. To one of these products include an inflatable sofa bed. Furniture with air chambers has certain pros and minuses that should be carefully familiar with.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

In the production of inflatable sofa beds, vinyl, polymers and flock. Multilayer reinforced materials apply for the manufacture of reliable models. They have a longitudinal insert system, providing an orthopedic effect.

The advantages of the dodged sofas.

  • Compactness. Drawing products occupy a little space, due to which they can be removed in the bag, place in the closet or on the balcony.
  • Ability to withstand large weight loads. Depending on the product model, it can be withstanding from 200 to 300 kg.
  • Practicality and versatility. Inflatable furniture waterproof, it is not terrible high humidity or temperature differences. Thanks to such peculiarities, it can be used in the apartment, in the country, in nature.
  • Aesthetics. Most sofa bed models have a velor or flock surface. It has an attractive appearance, besides that, it does not slip off with her nozzle with a night vacation.
  • Unpretentious care and simple operation. Products are inflated using an integrated electric or mechanical pump. Caring for inflatable furniture is easy – for this you need to wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth.
  • Multifunctionality. Sofa bed can be used as a landing place or perform a sleeping bed function.
  • Extensive range. Available models of domestic and foreign production of various configurations, colors and sizes are presented.
  • Small weight and small dimensions, Thanks to which the sofa can be taken on fishing or picnic.
  • Cheapness. Dried sofas will cost cheaper than classic furniture.

There are products and disadvantages in such products and many. First of all, such products refer to unreliable. When operating, they are often blown away because of the smallest holes in the seams. With a serious load, they are descending faster, which is why periodic swaps require. Duct furnishing items are not recommended to use in families with pets – they can pierce the air chamber claws. Sometimes finding the damage place is problematic. If you use such a sofa in nature, the risks of his puncture about the glass, sharp stones or knots.

Inflatable sofas can not provide proper support of the spine during sleep. Because of this feature, they are not recommended to operate on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, problems may appear on the side of the musculoskeletal system.

People suffering from diseases of the spine, doctors do not recommend using inflatable furniture.

Types of transformation

Sofa beds with air chambers can be linear or corner. Besides, Models are stationary or folding. The first does not provide for the possibility of transformation, as a result of which they form a not too comfortable sleeping place. More often buyers prefer transformers.

Such solutions are easy to operate – assembled they perform the function of seats, and in the unfolded used as a bed. Transformer sofas have several mattresses (2 or 3 depending on the model). To decompose the product for a night rest, you need to pull the lower block forward, after which the remaining inflatable mattresses will decompose alternately.

Another interesting and functional option – transformer 5 in 1. This is a blowing product that can be used as:

  • couch;
  • bed;
  • sofa;
  • a chair with a crowned back;
  • straight.

Popular models include sofas-hammocks. They consist of 2 cameras. Inflatable hammocks are designed for one person.

Optional equipment

Inflatable sofa beds can have a built-in pump. To some products pumping equipment goes in the configuration, and others will have to acquire it separately. Pump can be:

  • electric;
  • Mechanical (foot or manual).

Electrical models provide greater convenience. For their work it will be necessary. They are connected to the household outlet 220V or to the car cigarette lighter. Thanks to the built-in pumping pumps, the sofa can be maximally quickly – mostly the process does not exceed 4 minutes. The pumping of the dipped sofa with a foot or manual pump will require more time and forces of the user. However, it is ideal where there is no possibility of connecting to the electrical network (fishing, in campaigns, at dachas). Included for inflatable sofas can be delivered blowing pillows or puffs. If the space allows, you can choose a dimensional semicircular sofa with a puff, located in the center. Corner structures are suitable for small rooms, equipped with grades compartments.


Domestic and foreign manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of sofa beds. We present the rating of the best companies whose products are included in the list of the best.

  • Intex. American trading stamp founded in 1964. Today, its production facilities are located in China. The manufacturer offers many models of inflatable sofa beds with headboards, comfortable armrests. On sale occurs blowing furniture of various configurations, colors, dimensions. Some models of sofas are equipped with a comfortable removable headboard cushion. Complete to all products there is a repair kit.

  • Lamzac. Manufacturer from Holland, offering sofas-hammocks, inflounted without the use of pumping equipment. Products of this brand are often acquired by lovers of outdoor activities. Dried sofas Lamzac are made from nylon, distinguished by resistance to loads.

  • Bestway. Manufacturer from China, implementing sofas with premium air chambers. Products of this brand distinguishes stylish and bright design, comfort and optimal value for money.

  • Banana. The manufacturer makes inflatable sofas from nylon, famous for increased strength.

Dried products have a variety of color variations, they are comfortable and reliable. Banana furniture disadvantages include its small capacity and high cost.

Smallest popularity of Silapro and Bival shopping brands.

How to choose?

To buy a reliable inflatable sofa bed, You should know several parameters to which it is worth paying attention to first.

  • Quality products have transverse seams made using laser equipment – they have greater resistance to power loads. Models with longitudinal stitches are less reliable.
  • If it is possible, it is best to purchase inflatable furniture with a built-in pump.
  • The surface of the product can be made of PVC, FLOs or velor. The first are uncomfortable in operation – because of their smoothness, the sheets during sleep will constantly slide, which will deliver certain inconveniences. Flock or velor surface is more practical.
  • Dimensions of furniture and maximum allowable load. If you plan to post a large company on the couch, you should look at models for 4-6 people.
  • Choosing blowing sofas, you should not stop on the cheapest models of dubious production.
  • Buying a sofa bed, it is recommended to focus on the products of famous trademarks that have proven themselves among consumers only from a positive side.

In the next video you will find an overview of the inflatable sofa intex 68566.

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