How to make a hammock chair do it yourself?

Suspended chairs have become very popular lately. One of the most sought-after is a hammock chair. It will perfectly complement the veranda or interior of the apartment. How to make a hammock hanging chair at home and how to hang it? Consider several master classes for the manufacture of such products.

The necessary materials

The suspension chair in the house is not as often as standard, but it is already completely familiar to see it on the veranda or in the garden. The popularity of these products is growing more and more. When choosing such a chair it is worth considering a couple of nuances. They all attach to the ceiling or beam (to attach it to the stretch ceiling it will be impossible). You can buy a hammock chair in the store or via the Internet, but you can make yourself. It will require some time, but at the same time you can save significantly.

Hammock Chair is one of the simplest in the device. It consists of a seat, a crossbar (1 or 2, sometimes costs without them), metal sling or ropes, suspension, carbines, ribbons, pillows as desired.

You can do the standard set of objects. It should be noted that the seats can be made of lamellas or old pallets, plastic bags and even metal-plastic pipes. Everything is limited only to your fantasy.

For standard manufacture, scissors, needles, gloves and sewing machine can be involved, as well as overlock (for a hammock chairs by Macrame method, the sewing machine and overlock will not be required).


The chair-hammock from the gymnastic hoop with their own hands is not so difficult, consider in the following scheme. Macrame-chair-hammock can be made according to the following weaving technique. Hammock chair in the classic version will be the easiest. It is made of fabric, but also can be used to base tarpaulin or canvas woven by Macrame method. For this version, the hoops will not be needed, the hard frame is not used.

Step-by-step instruction

There are several ways to make a hammock chair alone. Consider the most popular.

  • Chair-hammock according to the Macrame scheme will be released the most air. This very airiness depends on the density of weaving, is made of ropes.
  • The chair-hammock from the hoop and fabric in their form will resemble the previous version of the chair from Macrame, but will be made of canvas.
  • Hammock Chair from textiles or tarpaulin. For the strength of the construction, you can use a cloth folded.

  • The chair in the form of a standard frameless hammock is suitable for those who do not have much experience in making hanging chairs with their own hands. For hammock, it will be necessary: ​​a cut of dense fabric 1.1×0.8 m; threads; 2 ropes of 1.6-2 m – slings; scissors; Crosschard 90 cm; sewing machine.

The edge of the cut is treated with overlock or cooled through the edge ribbon. Two sides of 1.1 m are separated by forming tunnels at least 5 cm wide, there will be a rope rope. For a smoother transition of tunnels can be divided into separate areas of 5 cm long, then each of them will require individual sling. The slings are fucked in the tunnels, fix in the side loop each, hang through the crossbar to the ceiling, beam or wood.

From the same fabric you can build over the hammock canopy from the Sun, provided that it will be located in the fresh air.

This model is perfect for a double hammock. For such a hammock simply increase the width of the sequence used by half and enjoy the society of the interlocutor. If you wish, you can use a sampling-based syntheps as an additional layer on a tissue basis, then the chair will be better to keep the shape, it will become warmer.

  • For the manufacture of a hammock chairs by Macrame, you will need: hoops with a diameter of 80 and 120 cm, 3 cm width; Thick colored threads – jute, twine, lounge rope, vegetable fiber yarn; 2 rods; Shilo or needles for unleashing the wrong knots; fat cord for braid; roulette; scissors; gloves; Two crossbars (optional); loaders for alignment of the canvas; PVA glue; centimeter; pins; Fitting fixture – pillow or foam; clamps; To fix the threads, you can use the back of the chair or chairs; Beads for decoration (optional).

Note that the rope or cord should not slide too much. Material must be high quality and easy to tie.

Choose better durable threads, because otherwise the product can break. Too hard thread better not to use. Nodes will look beautiful if the rope is smooth. It is better to use 40 cm thread segments. Thread tips to melt or lubricate plow glue.

In the hoop of a smaller size in parallel, the threads with an approximate step of half acetimeter, perpendicular to them, cross the transverse threads on the weaving manner baskets. On the other hand, the hoop thread will do all the same, but exactly the opposite.

For ease of fixing the rope along the edge of the hoop, it is recommended to drill.

After completing the weaving, the seat will need to wrap around the edge of the cord and pull the nodes in 20-30 cm. The same cord seat is primed to the hoop of a larger diameter, the winding location will be 15-20 cm. Opposite the winding have the rods – they will make a frame of the back. The height of the back is selected independently. The rods are fixed by the same braid cord. The finished seat with the back of the Macrame’s manner in a checkerboard manner is created, the first row of knots, the second, third and so on.

For beginner crafts, it is more convenient to work with basic nodes – a simple Hercules knot or square flat knot, they are depicted in the photo:

  • Simple Hercules knot;
  • Square flat knot.

Masters with a high level of skill kind of weaving are chosen to taste. From the threads at the bottom of the seating can be made fringe.

When the chair will be ready, it is connected to the pips. Two slings are attached at the base of the wrap of the hoop, two slings are fixed on the back. The slings are immediately connected to the carabiner or placed on two crossbars.

  • For the manufacture of an armchair from a gymnastic hoop: dense fabric or tarpaulin – 3 m; hoop with a diameter of 90-100 cm; 4 slings from the ropes (2 to 2.2 m, 2 to 2.8 m); zipper 90-100 cm (as a hoop diameter); two round cuts of tarpaulin or dense fabric; braid – 3 meters; tape – 9 m; sewing machine.

Cut 2 circles: one wider than a second 5 cm, with cabbage on the hoop. On the perimeter of the tissue circles with the same step, 4 cuts for sling are left. So that the fabric does not bloom, it should be overlooking it. On parts of the smaller diameter, it will be layered, it will be located on the outside. Two circles are stepping among themselves by the front parties, leaving around the edge of approximately 1-2 cm. The case is turned out. Holes for string are cut by braid. The hoop is wrapped by syntheps, the synthet board is fixed by threads or ribbon. The wrapped hoop is inserted into the case. Lightning closes. In the slots for the sling felt the slings. In the slits, in front of the ropes of 2.8 m long, in the rear – 2.2 m.

Fabric segments can be asked to synthesize heat dryer. For strength, the sling ends of the ropes should be melted.

When the chair is ready, you should hang it to the ceiling. Methods of fastening will depend on the material of the ceiling itself. To the wooden ceiling will need to screw the metal plate with a ring for long screws. The concrete ceiling is installed a hook anchor with a ring. In a concrete ceiling with emptiness just so screw the anchor will not work. Empty It is recommended to fill in the chemical anchor (special store in the finished form, sold immediately with a gun), after drying it will be possible to screw the metal anchor, and after 2 days – hanging the chair-hammock.

It will be more difficult if there is already a suspension or stretch ceiling in the room. It takes to get to the main ceiling. Use as a suspension is a long anchor with a threaded coupling on the end, it is needed to pass the distance from the concrete ceiling to the stretch. The ring is screwed into the coupling, the hole is closed with decorative linings. For the convenience of installing the anchor, all operations should be carried out until the artificial ceiling is hosted.

Hammock suspended armchair is used quite often in arbors, on verandas or at home, they even replace office chairs. But it is worth noting the workstation in such a style will look very creative and, as practice shows, it is not always appropriate.

In the next video you can clearly get acquainted with the process of making a chairs-hammock with your own hands.

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