How to make a changing table with your own hands?

Before the birth of a child, parents must prepare a lot of things that are necessary for the first months of the life of the kid. For some families, the first need is the acquisition of a children’s bed, stroller, baths, clothes and children’s first aid kits. Sometimes this list is replenished with a changing table. And it is not always clear why he is needed and can it be made independently.

Luxury or need?

Before you take for the construction of a changing table, you need to understand whether it is really necessary for the child. On the one hand, this is a fairly convenient thing, and on the other – many young parents are fully satisfied without it.

The main advantages of the changing table include:

  • Convenience for mom. Sometimes the baby has to be changed so many times – he shouted, it was described, he was swollen, then he needs to gather for a walk, then undress. If mom is constantly changing the baby, standing above the sofa or bed, then she will constantly strain his back. And this part of the body in the young mommy is already exposed to constant loads. The player is located at an optimal height that allows the parent not to bend.
  • Security for the child. As a rule, a changing table or dresser is equipped with various boxes and shelves, in which everything necessary for young children is. Therefore, disguised kid, the parent has access to all the necessary accessories to him, which allows not to leave the child of one. It provides its additional security, after all, a few months after birth, it will learn to turn over, and therefore may fall.
  • Healing baby. Often a small family member needs a medicine massage or gymnastics. These procedures allow you to develop muscles and flexibility. For the correct conduct of therapeutic measures, a smooth surface is needed, which the pellenitor has.

After studying all the positive qualities of this furniture item, you can make sure that it is necessary for the early development of the baby. But not necessarily buy it in the store, t. To. Its value significantly exceeds the cost of ordinary tables and dresser. In addition, the homemade table will be the highlight of the children’s room.


Manufacturers of peggles argue that these products are designed for children up to year. But in practice, this statement is not always true. It is important to correlate the age of the Babes with the size of the table.

If the changing table has a length of 70 cm, it will only be convenient for a child just older than six months. It all depends on the individual features of Chad. But the length of the surface is 90-100 cm can be used by parents before reaching the kid of the year and even more.


Before creating a drawing of a changing table for baby, you need not only stock tools and materials, but also to decide on the type of future design.

The easiest option is a soft board, which can be put on any comfortable surface. This sides of the sides have protective sides, and from above it has a waterproof pad.

Another design that can be made with your own hands – a shelf. It can be located on a wooden, metallic and even plastic frame and have several shelves. On top of the bars there is a changing board, which can have both solid and soft base.

The most comfortable is a chest of drawers with a changing surface. Its main differences – convenience, stability and capacity. A table for swaddling in this case can be folding or removable – depending on the model.

Very ergonomically looks suspension, he is a wall table. The design of the wall is attached and declined if necessary. It is convenient that it has special pockets for storing hygienic accessories.

A sophisticated manufacturer is a transformer peel. Plus such a product is that after some time it can be modified and turning into an ordinary children’s table.

Selection of material

Choosing material for the manufacture of table, parents should be based on its security. So, the framework may consist of wood, MDF or chipboard. If there is a financial opportunity, of course, it is better to stay on a natural tree. And for the budget option, MDF and chipboard will be suitable.

The changing board may also consist of MDF or chipboard, plus it is equipped with a soft filler and water-mounted matter. For filling, you can purchase foam rubber, holofiber and even a terry towel. It all depends on the wishes of the master.

Specialists advised to acquire hypoallergenic material, t. To. A small child is most susceptible to allergic reactions.

If the design in the future is painted or embroidered, it is necessary that these tools have quality certification. There should be no toxic substances in their composition. At best, there must be a special inscription on the paintwork, allowing you to use it in the children’s room.

All accessories should be minimized and located in a hidden state. In this way, you can maximize the grazing kid from damage about bolts and retractable mechanisms.

Methods of facilities

The principle of assembling different models of changing tables is different.


A table for swaddling, which is attached to the wall, is almost invisible in the folded state. Due to the lack of his support, it is necessary to make certain efforts to create a sustainable design.

Carnat wall table is needed on a solid and reliable wall.

It is necessary so that it can withstand weight up to 10 kg. The folding cover of the product should be installed on gas lifts that will allow it not to close spontaneously. In the wall part of the pellenitor, it would be nice to build several shelves. Thus, it is possible not only to organize the storage system, but also provide additional sustainability.


The design of the suspended table for swaddling is constructed from the board, sideboard and supporting corners. All these elements must be cut out of the chipboard and connect using self-samples. For better fixation of holes for self-tapping screws, it is better to fill in glue.


Portable Planning Board is good for its mobility. For its manufacture, you will need chipboard sheets, electric jigsaw, self-tapping screws, primer and paintwork materials.

The basis of the product consists of a board, the length of which is 90-100 cm, and the width is 60 cm. Files are length equal to the length of the board, and their height should not exceed 10 cm. You can build an extra side in the headboard design. Its length in this case should be 60 cm.

Connect parts on screws or screws, and at the end of the work the whole table is so ground and color.


Soft table can be made of a foam pillow thick 3-4 cm. On top it should be covered with waterproof material, such as a diaper. Separately for the product it is necessary to sew a natural fabric case that will have a zipper.


To assemble this type of construction, it is desirable to have professional joinery skills. Be sure to use detailed drawings with all measurements.

DSP boards must be cut as accurately as possible. In addition to the boards that are included in the kit, you need to check the presence of guides for the rollout of boxes, handles, legs, corners, self-tapping and screws. The tools will need a screwdriver, electric drill, centimeter tape and drill.

The assembly process is quite complex, so it is important to accurately stick to the drawings and do everything consistently.

Whatever the model of the changing table was not chosen, it is necessary to help you evaluate your own capabilities. A little patience and free time, and the individual pellentor for newborns is ready.

More information on how to make a changing table, look in the video below.

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