How to make a bench from blocks?

Know how to make Bench from blocks, very useful for any household. Make a shop from slag blocks with your own hands is not too difficult, but here, as when working with wood, the subtleties and nuances are important. Production of foam block bezes and wood will be easier if we consider some useful tips.

Ideas of creating a shop

The most common building blocks can be used in a completely unexpected way. In skillful hands, they become an element of a full decorative filling. So, if you use a unpainted bar, covered with furniture varnish, as well as add a number of cement elements painted in beige tones, then you can issue an ecostel territory. This solution is perfectly suitable for open terraces or veranda. Connection of slag blocks and other parts is easiest to perform liquid nails.

But you can do and otherwise – achieve an attractive atmosphere with a bench of coffee colors. For its manufacture, only 12 capital elements will be required – 8 of them are slag blocks and 4 timber. Additionally, use soft pillows and decorative elements. Most often decoration implies the use of lamps Japanese style. On this seat, it will be nice to hold both a romantic evening and a lush meeting with friends.

As for the bench from the tree, they become gorgeous filling for the children’s corner. These shops are easy to give a bright and colorful look, as well as equip additionally soft details. The most active and wretched children will be satisfied with such a craft.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to carefully fix all parts on liquid nails and check so that there are no rationles, discovering parts or nails.

Wood will also be excellent material for bench in the parishion. Visual restraint and minimum number of parts are critical. Bar most often stained in white tone. Such a design will be included in the most stylish and elegant room. If the drawing is created, then the most accumulated alive flowers are suitable.

Connoisseurs of all natural accurately like a model called “Natural Harmony”. It is made of foam blocks, and from a bar. Both material must be left in its original form, without any changes. Paint or varnish coating is inappropriate. Professionals are advised to carefully clean the geometry and linear dimensions of the product.

    We make a bench with a back

    Make a garden bench for giving from blocks with your own hands is easy, but It is necessary to consider that these billets may have a variety of dimensions. The most promising use of hollow blocks containing at least one hole. Corner rounding, open or closed edge – The decision remains at the discretion of the consumers themselves.

    Slag blocks or their analogues need to be cleaned from dirt. It is washed with water under strong pressure (if used used material); just purchased products are enough to fool the brush or large brush.

    Paint blocks best before assembling in finished design. After washing, they are dried in the air at least 3-4 hours. Before applying acrylic paints, primer. Since concrete perfectly absorbs all the dyes, and the tree also eagerly absorbs them, it is better to apply 2 or even 3 layers. The optimal tool for staining is a small roller (it is much more practical than any brushes).

    The usual instruction says that you need to build a bench with Wooden Rail Template. Street “sofa” is divided into two almost the same parts. Making them on the template occurs separately. Plates on the exact scheme lay down down. You can attach them with glue in concrete; The second row of elements put online and plungers in it.

    Waiting for glue drying, fill emptiness expanded polystyrene and close all the joints of the mounting foam. ATTENTION: We’ll have to additionally stop the sidewalls, and then, turning the seat, to process it with a foam with an inside. To make everything more beautiful, remove the chamfer with the help of Raspil. Next will have to apply alternately two layers of plaster, which is thoroughly moving.

    After that:

    • They join each other reiki, intended for the back and seat (this will help the reps tape with steel rings);
    • Screw special locks into the back;
    • Mount the rush canvas;
    • attach his rings on locks.

    Wooden blocks are selected in size and dried. Defective places are treated with ushm. The type of hardware for attachment is selected to taste, according to the degree of load. Holes for bolts drill a little more than the diameter of the fastener itself. When the assembly is completed, be sure to put wooden plugs.

    Useful advice

      1. So that the wooden bar is stronger and stable, it is tinted with a verse, and even additionally covered with varnish.
      2. Bruks should be inserted exactly into the ends of the blocks.
      3. To soften the seat on it, M1Trans either pillows. Flower pots will decorate the side faces of the design. Need to take into account how it all will be combined with other objects.

      How to make a bench from blocks, look in the video.

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