How to install a hammock at home and on the street?

Most people think that a hammock can be used to relax only in natural conditions, but this opinion is wrong. On the one hand, a similar subject was invented in order to hang it between trees, however, in the conditions of the room, it is also quite appropriate. Man without leaving his housing, at a convenient time for myself can stay in a hammock and enjoy to enjoy lulling. But before you have fun, hammock to suspend correctly.

Basic Rules

To hang a hammock with your own hands, should comply with certain requirements.

  1. The ceilings in the room must be at least 2 m. To perform inverted positions, ceilings must be at least 2 m 20 cm.
  2. To correctly fasten the hammock, it should be remembered that the value between the fasteners is calculated depending on the height of the ceiling: up to 3 m – 0.6 m; 3.5 m – 0.7 m; 3.5 – 0.8 m.
  3. The necessary indents from the walls should be observed: ahead and rear of the product – 150 cm, on both sides of it – 100 cm.
  4. In the absence of certain skills, it is better if the fasteners are installed by a specialist.

Choosing a place

To start It is necessary to determine the place, where it will be possible to relax in the hammock. Admissible installation of hammock on the balcony, on the loggia or in the room. Here you should take into account what this subject will need. For example, some buy a hammock for a comfortable watching of movies and reading, others want to just admire the landscape outside the window.

Similar product You can hang both between the opposite and between the adjacent walls. Here you need to take into account the fact that the walls must be capital. The most suitable brick or concrete walls will be the most suitable, and they are fastened with these: anchor bolts, plates for fasteners, products with ears.

You can also hang a hammock on the wall of plaster or other materials, and you can also hang a hammock, but it is much more difficult to cope here, while the reliability of fasteners decreases.

What to use fasteners?

In some cases, the distance between the two fasteners may be shorter than the entire size of the product. But it is better if this distance is more, then there is a chance to adjust the position of the product using the ropes.

Fasteners – this is the most basic when hanging the product. Based on the type of house and slabs of overlapping, Conventional anchors can be used, which are well suited for full-scale plates, or Their folding species, characterized by the presence of auxiliary elements that are represented by folding parts. The latter are suitable for hollow plates.

To hang the product to the ceiling, you can use ordinary ropes, But in some cases, the chains are suitable as it is impossible. Especially when a wide variety of hammock is established. In addition to anchor bolts, you can make Ceiling mount in the form of a circular metal plate with a hook.

Calculation of height

When calculating the height, the following rules should be taken into account.

  1. The height of the mount is calculated depending on the distance between the points of fasteners. The distance between the fasteners should double-exceed the height.
  2. When the place on the wall, where it is supposed to make the mount belongs to the passage area, then for special safety fasteners it is better to make higher growth in the highest person living in the apartment.
  3. Optimally when attachments are located at a distance not exceeding the level of the elongated hand so that the product can be suspended and removed without spending a lot of time.
  4. When the distance between fasteners is quite large-scale (up to 6 m) and it is necessary that the product is not located in the middle, but a little in the direction of the wall, then to align the position of the hammock, it is recommended that the remote support is recommended to arrange higher than the neighbor.

Thus, it can be concluded that Fasteners are better installed at a height of 1 m 80 cm from the floor surface. If the segment between the fasteners is 300-350 cm, then they can be fixed slightly below, retreating 1 m 50 cm from the floor.

If there are intentions to install a hammock with straps, then the attachments can be positioned slightly lower than recommended. Besides, It is better to choose the smallest size of the ropes that will not give the product to be saved, and it will be in a stretched state.

The height of the location of the fasteners is depending on the distance from the floor. Practice shows that it is better to rest in a hammock, stretched higher than that located close to the floor surface. The win-win variation is the formation of 2 loops on all ropes to appear to suspend the hammock in 2 positions: the safest position (when the legs can be put on the floor) and the traditional (when the product is higher).

Practical Installation Guide

Before installing, it is worth visually determining the convenience of location of the product. It’s not so easy to make one, you will need a partner. You need to take a hammock with ropes attached to it and attach their edges to the alleged fasteners, then adjust the desired size of the rods. Check whether any piece of furniture will hover a hammock to light up and whether there is a support from which you can push off.

It should be known that the product should not be strongly saved, otherwise rest in it will not be too comfortable.

In the apartment

As soon as the place is selected and the height can be installed fasteners. A simple, budget and safe way is to use anchor bolts. For such a case, you can use a rounded or hook-shaped anchor bolt with a width of 1 cm and 6-8 cm long. When the installation is performed in a plastered wall of bricks, auxiliary washers will be required.

In planned places Holes should be made, For this, drill. If you follow the advice, you first need to make a hole with the smallest diameter (for example, 0.6 cm), then increase it to 1 cm. Remove garbage from the resulting hole, insert anchor and holding the anchor tip, Fully spin the nut. That’s all left Hang hammak.

If the houses are cut between the supports exceeds the size of the product, then you need auxiliary ropes for reliability. There are several ways to accommodate a hammock on these supports. At the ends of the rope, it is recommended to make a node. Then the free end of the rope to push in the loop hammock and the earliest assembly. The same actions are necessary for another rope. Thus, all ropes will be attached to the product. The last step is the attachment of the edges of the rope to the fastening element. When the latter is a hook, it’s just enough nodes on the rope, and if the mount goes with an eye, you still need carbines.

For greater comfort, you can form two nodes at the ends of the rope with the distance between them in 200-400 mm, so that it is possible to fix the hammock in two positions: higher and lower.

Finally, determined with the number of nodes, it should be proceeded to their formation. When hanging hammock, it is recommended to use the Eight node. After it is formed, it is fixed on the fastening element.


To hang a hammock on a tree, you should not miss the place under it. From this area you should remove stones, branches and any items from which you can get injured if the hammock will turn over and the person falls.

After the place is defined and cleared, you should go to the installation. There are many ways to hang hammock to trees, but we will look at the two most simple and convenient. First you need to attach to the rope product. A node is formed from one side of the rope, the G8 node is recommended. Now the end of the rope, where there is no knot, pushes a hammock in the ear and the node of the other end of the rope. So it will be fixed from all over the hammock.

Now the rope is attached to the tree. This can be done in two ways. The first does not provide for the use of carbine. This is the case when the free end of the rope is fixed on the tree. But in the second way of the carbina you will need. To do this, at the free ends of the rope fit on the node, the carbine is attached to them. In accordance with the size of the rope, the right number of turns around the trunk is made, then the carabiner is attached.

On how to install a hammock on the street, see the following video.

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