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Wooden chairs with armrests are popular and demanded by the subject of furniture and do not leave fashion for many years. Modern tendencies of interior fashion combined manufacturers to release a huge number of diverse models, the relevance of which steadily increases.


This type of construction deservedly has a lot of fans, and thanks to their practicality and convenience, can be successfully used in any styles.

Wooden chairs with armrests possess the following undeniable advantages:

  • Clean and harmless. Absolute environmental safety and hygiene products achieved through the use of a natural wood array.
  • Elegant appearance. Models are produced in a huge assortment, with a large variety of designs and textures. Often, a carving is used for the classics, which gives an unusual relief legs and armrests. Sweet and backs of soft models are available in a wide range of colors using different options for upholstery fabric.

Some products are additionally decorated with stones, metal, plexiglas and plastic inserts.

  • Convenience and comfort achieved due to a well-thought-out design, perfectly supporting the muscles of the hands and back. This contributes to full relaxation and provides a full-fledged vacation. According to its relaxation qualities, chairs with armrests can be compared with armchairs, but, unlike them, it takes a much less place and have a higher location of the seating, which allows you to comfortably stay in the table.
  • Ability to repair and easy care. Unlike plastic or metal chairs, wooden models have good performance. Replacing damaged elements can be performed point and change the entire frame at the same time. Furious armrests are grouped and lacquered, and the seat and backs are easily restored and tightened.
  • Statusship of products. Wooden models with armrests are able to make any room with solid and presentable, as well as point to wealth and exquisite taste of home owners.
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Chairs equipped with armrests are present on the furniture market in a large species diversity. Memo of the models are distinguished by design, design and manufacturing materials.

Products are available to a wide size range ranging from miniature low back models and ending with royal options where the height of the back exceeds the height of the person in the sitting position. Such products are not very convenient for continuous use, since the head is forced to be in an unnatural position, which leads to the discomfort and tension of the muscles of the neck.



Installing these models is justified, if the room is required to give status and pompousness, as well as in order to decorate the interior. Seat size characterizes its width and depth.

When choosing these parameters, it should be borne in mind that too deep seating is not suitable for people with small growth – the back will not touch the back, and additional pillows may be required.

And if close to move back, that is, the likelihood that the legs will not rely on the floor.

Armrests of wooden chairs can be soft and hard.

  • Soft are made of polyurethane foam and upholstery fabric, similar to that of which the seat and back.
  • Rigs are performed from the wood array and can be decorated with carvings and decorative inserts. Their surface is painted with special wear-resistant compositions that allow armrests for a long time not to lose the original appearance.

Back and seat have both solid and soft performance. The soft option is very convenient for long-term use, but needs regular and thorough care for upholstery. For chairs of frequent use as upholstery fabric, you need to choose practical and wear-resistant matter, such as Flock and Jacquard. In the event that the chair will perform a decorative function, it is possible to navigate only on the expensive texture and beauty of the coating.

Hard models are more practical and easy to care, they can be used in kitchens and dining rooms.

Tips for choosing

In order to correctly decide on the stool model, it is necessary to determine its functional use.

  • In case the furniture is purchased for office space or to the office, It is better to choose an option with a soft backrest and seat. As an upholstery, there will be an ideal coating from eco-tree, which, unlike natural, passes well, is easily clean and it is much cheaper. Real skin can be purchased if the chair is supposed to use episodically. With permanent use, a person will experience discomfort from the inability of the material to self-ventilation.
  • If the chair is purchased For living room or bedroom, It is necessary to focus on its combination with the style of the room and the interior design.
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Models with armrests fit well not only in classic, but also in modern interiors.

For example, a hard model with direct forms, the lack of carved elements and with a clearly pronounced pattern of wood fibers will successfully rise in style minimalism, And the combination of wood with metal or glass inserts is quite suitable for high-tek.

For modern and pop art A good option will be a bright soft model, upholstered by expensive cloth.

In ethnic african style You can consider products of yellow and red shades, and for Scandinavian – Wooden rigid model made of wood light tones and having a matte surface.

    When buying chairs for the dining room and kitchen, it is better to give preference to alloyous designs with comfortable, low armrests. Such products are convenient for feeding, it is easy to wash and dust do not accumulate. For use on terraces of country houses it is better to use hard models.

    Soft back, armrests and seat tend to accumulate moisture and for operation in the conditions of the street are not suitable. Alternatively, you can use wicker chairs with armrests, which can also be attributed to wooden products. They are hygienic, comfortable, light, mobile, moisture resistant and durable

    The cost of chairs with armrests depends on the value of woody breed, the quality of the upholstery material and the presence of decorating elements. Thanks to a huge range of products, there is a possibility of choosing both completely budgetary hard options and luxurious premium copies with forging elements, threads and an exclusive design.

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    In addition to traditional single models, there are also elegant spacious designs for two people. The price of such products can reach 45,000 rubles. And inexpensive, but quite an elegant and convenient model can be purchased for 6-8 thousand.

    Various models of chairs with armrests you can see in the video.

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