How to choose a table for a laptop on wheels?

Personal computer in the life of an active person is not as convenient as a mobile laptop that can be hired or on a business trip to get comfortable on the sofa. But keep it in hand uncomfortable, because you can not do without a table on wheels, which will unload your hands and become a reliable assistant.


Due to the table on wheels, you can organize your workplace in any corner of the apartment. This design has modest sizes and does not take up much space, wherever you have decided to locate it – in the corner of the living room, in the bedroom in the bed, chairs, even in the kitchen or balcony. And thanks to the wheels, move it easily and conveniently in the apartment – you do not have to drag it and lift out that it will eliminate the damage of floor coverings.

The advantages of such furniture are obvious:

  • Sizes compactness;
  • Availability of prices;
  • External appeal;
  • Variety of complete sets;
  • Mobility.


The design of the table can be simple, untransformable. This product consists of a tabletop and supports, where all parts are securely interconnected.

Transformable design involves changing the height of the supports, turning and shifting the angle of tilt.

Such functions will undoubtedly bring the comfort of the table.

The first option looks more reliable and solid, it will suit people who prefer eternal classics. The second option, more mobile and modern, will have to taste creative personalities who love new progress.

Owners of laptops that do not have the main workplace are especially necessary for a rolling table, t. To. He will give the opportunity to work comfortably in any corner of the house.

Tables for laptop on wheels may differ from each other in color, manufacturing materials, shape, design and parameters. Small-sized structures sometimes are so miniature that in width do not exceed 40 cm.

  • Podcast table Often, made of metal supports, equipped with a tabletop of wood, MDF or LDSP, and wheels. The lower parts of the supports are made in the form of the letter “C” to the profile and are located so close to the floor, which makes it convenient to rolling the table under sofas and beds. Parameters of such a table – 400x500x700mm.

  • Normal table On the wheels more reminds the desk or stationary outdoor table, but it has more miniature sizes and wheels. This option is larger than the previous one, and has the size of the order of 700x600x750 mm. Due to the presence of rollers, this table is also possible to move from the room into the room, but it will be somewhat more complicated due to its parameters and equipment. As a rule, such models are equipped with a minimum drawer for the necessary things or containers for stationery, shelves for books and documents, cup holders. In some models there is an additional extendable table top for mouse.

  • Transformer – The most comfortable version of the table, which involves the rise of height from 50 to 75 cm and change the angle of tilt the table top from 0 to 35 degrees. This option is also compact as the first, and is also a subframe, but differs in configuration. Often, a similar table has one support in the center or displaced lobby. The support is made in the form of a horizontal letter “H”, equipped with rollers.

The large plus of the transformer table is that it is folding, it saves a place in the house when it disappears.

  • Folding The table combines the benefits of all the above models. With full layout, it boasts a spacious workplace. Also, this table is equipped with an additional coach for the mouse, which is undoubtedly convenient. Its support can be the so-called “chicken leg” with a petal base. These are radially located paws on wheels.

Such a five-radiation cross increases the stability of the design and facilitates its movement from the room to the room. This model is also adjustable at the height and corner of the tilt of the table top and may have additional retractable work sites. In folded form it is very compact, small design.

Depending on the needs of consumers, the manufacturer is ready to provide a huge selection of tables on wheels, large and small, folding and adjustable, lightweight, lightweight and more massive, with drawers and additional countertops, and without them.

How to choose?

It is primarily necessary to take into account all its needs and those tasks that the laptop table will perform. Then it is important to estimate the parameters of the room to determine the size of the table. Well, it is important to consider the interior design, in which the new piece of furniture should organically fit on style and color, and not to make dissonance. Therefore, pay special attention to the materials from which the table will be made.

If you need a spacious workplace, then it is better to give preference to models with a tabletop of about 70 cm. It is desirable that it is equipped with a drawer for stationery and documents.

If you like to move freely with a laptop out of the room in the room and a large workplace for you is not a necessity, select a model with a tabletop no more than 50 cm. In addition, if you are actively using not only a laptop, but also a tablet, the ability to regulate the height and angle of tilt tabletop will be paramount

If the main criterion for you is equipped, for you there are many models with shelves, drawers, folding countertops and a place for the location of the mouse. Such a table will be able to satisfy all your needs.


At the heart of the structures of most tables with changing parameters, a metal is applied, which is successfully combined with durable plastic, transparent and matte glass, as well as with a tree.

In the next video, it is shown how you can make a table on wheels with your own hands.

Due to the high cost of wooden furniture, LDSP and MDF protrudes it. Due to the stylish combination of materials and the competent design, the table on the wheels will fit into any interior and will become its full detail.

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