How to choose a round stool?

Furniture is very diverse. And knowing how to choose a round stool, you can noticeably add the composition in the interior. Let’s try to deal with the basic patterns of this choice.

Features, pros and cons

Round stools, like square, choose with personal taste and room stylistics. Where there should be clear lines, it is necessary to give preference to the square. but The shape of the circle adds coziness and visual softness. Otherwise they are identical. To understand whether it is necessary to use round stools or not, you should compare them with round chairs.

You can use chairs if there are many spaces. Otherwise it is better to turn to the old kind stool. It turns out in many ways more practical. So, you can sit on the stool, leaning on the wall, and there is no need for the back. In addition, when storing the stool takes much less space.

The problem is often thereto their non-sustainable appearance – on a large kitchen stool less solid than a chair.

If you return to the form, you can specify such characteristics of round furniture:

  • smooth contours;
  • the ability to leave in the room wider passages than when using square furniture.



Real Classic – Designs on Metal Cracker. A vivid example of such a product is stool STOUOL GROUP “Orange”. Its characteristics are as follows:

  • Height – 0.49 m;
  • width – 0.28 m;
  • Depth – 0.28 m;
  • Soft seat covered with artificial leather;
  • The thickness of the frame tubes is 0.1 cm;
  • permissible load – up to 100 kg;
  • Powder staining of the carcass.

Good alternative to him – Round stool in more than traditional style “Yuan-Dan BF-20865”. Its sizes 0.55×0,36×0.36 m. In the manufacture of such an item, technologies are used, carefully reproducing ancient Chinese masters. Because his quality is unusually high. Of course, in terms of aesthetic design, the ancient traditions of the Eastern country are reproduced immaculately.

If you need a model with a 30 cm diameter sewn, then a good choice can be “Style2”. This stool will make a load of up to 120 kg. For upholstery use chipsert or vinyl eye. The product is supplied by the Russian company “Nika”. The height of the design is 0.465 m.


Choosing a folding stool, you can pay attention to the model “Tria A1.16-01 “. The product is painted in brown. Its height is 0.425 m. Width and depth are 0.34 m. For the frame used metal, and the seat is covered with leatherette.

A good choice can be the product of the manufacturer “Charm Design”. Assembled the size of the tobupere “Bruno” This is 0.33×0.33×0.43 M. Delivery set includes soft seat and pair sidewalls. Used Karelian Ledsp. Mass “Bruno” – 7 kg; Only the color of the wenge is available.


Materials used in creating stools played a very important role. Traditional solid wood is quite expensive. True, this problem is compensated by a pleasant appearance and long service life. However, such a hard stool, it is uncomfortable to sit on it.

In addition, the tree has a wide color palette. Therefore, it is easy to choose an optimal solution for a specific case.

Often, only the legs and the base are made of wood, and the seats make soft, which solves the problem with the convenience.

If the stool is called metal, it is worth considering that the base and legs usually do from metal. Seat itself makes softer and pleasant materials. It is better to choose not steel, but aluminum alloys – they are easier and more rack to corrosion. For upholstery usually use textiles or a skin substitute. Even if they are worn out, the replacement will not be labor.

Tips for choosing

As with the choice of other furniture, when buying a toaster you need to take into account the design features of the room.Buy good furniture is easiest only directly from the manufacturer in a specialized store. A little more difficult to make it to order or purchase in a large store. If possible, choose models adjustable in height.

  • Low Stool easy and compact. But as the main landing place it is impossible to use it. But in the bathroom, such a solution is perfect.
  • Folding The stool must be bought if you have to keep it in Chulana (on the balcony) or often carry with you.

Such a piece of furniture is perfect for home, and for fishing (cottages), actually replacing two things.

Master class on the manufacture of round tobaberet look next.

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