How to choose a living room chair?

Chairs are considered a special subject of furniture, which is associated with homemade warmth and comfort. Therefore, they are often used during living room arrangement when you need to create an atmosphere with rest. So that the furniture of this species reliably served a long time and completed the original room interior, during the choice of a particular model you need to consider many nuances.


To date, the furniture market is represented by a huge range of products, but the living room chairs deserve special attention. Manufacturers produce their different modifications, so they may differ form, dimensions and type of construction. The most common types of living rooms include the following.

  • Classic. Such models are designed to relax, they are soft and very comfortable. There are designs as with armrests, so without them. In the interior they are recommended to complement soft sofas and coffee table.

  • Chairs rocking. Are considered an excellent choice for those who like to spend free time for relaxation. They help to cope with insomnia and are suitable for young mothers for the child’s son. Rocking chairs are made of various material, but most often plastic, wooden and wicker models are on sale.

  • “Smart Chairs” (lifts). This is a novelty on the furniture market, which manufacturers produce for people with disabilities. Such chairs are easily lowered or lifted when the button is pressed. There are also models with adjustable angle of inclination and folding backs. They fit perfectly in any interior.

  • Chairs-chaise lounges. Suitable for the arrangement of the recreation area in spacious living rooms. Their design can consist of wooden, metal or bamboo frame. Additionally, furniture is equipped with soft pillows.

  • Braided chairs. This species is made of walnut rods, cane, rattan and Waway vines. Elegantly watching such chairs in the design of living houses of country houses. The advantage of wicker furniture is considered environmental friendliness, durability and simple care.

In the interior of living rooms it is recommended to combine with decor items made of metal, leather and glass.

  • Frameless. Enjoy great popularity in modern living room design, such chairs may vary with dimensions and forms. They consist of the inside with a filler and an external cover. Since polystyrene foam acts as a filler, the chair can take a diverse shape and keep well keen body. Most models of frameless chairs are universal because they can be used for both convenient lying and comfortable seating.

The most popular are the models in the form of balls, puffs, pillows, bags and pyramids.

In the event that in the layout of the living room there is a working area equipped with a computer table, it is recommended to choose rotating chairs. They are manufactured by various designs. Each model is equipped with a 360 degree rotary mechanism. Ground chairs, unlike standard, expand the circle of review.


The living room chairs must select, given the overall concept of the room interior. Now in fashion wicker furniture, as well as wooden with natural tissue upholstery. In addition, manufacturers offer chairs of the following styles.

  • Classical. Models are characterized by sophistication and chic, as their frame is made of natural wood, and the design itself often has a decorative decoration in the form of gilding and thread.

  • Ethno. These are the most fashionable chairs, they are distinguished by special design. Most models have a braided frame and siders from soft pillows.

  • Country. The design of such chairs is characterized by a wooden frame, in which the surface is unpolished, coarse, as well as the presence of fabric covers with floral ornament. Different patterns may be present at the upholstery.

  • Modern. This is a modern direction that is characterized by simplicity of forms and ergonomics. Modern chairs are easy to use and perfectly harmonize in the interior with other decor items.


Choosing a chair for the living room, it is important to take into account not only its design, shape, but also dimensions. To do this, you need to decide in advance with the location of furniture in the room, given its area. In a small living room, it is best to purchase small and light chairs, compact products will take a minimum of space, they will be much easier to rearrange. Small-sized living rooms are recommended to be equipped with classic models of light shades, they allow you to visually expand the room.

Large chairs of any color and design are perfectly suitable for the spacious premises.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the parameters of the chair ensure the comfort of its use. For example, with very low seats it will be difficult to get up, on too high – it is inconvenient to sit, the narrow will shoot the movement, and discomfort will create wide due to the long distance between the armrests. The depth of the seat should be at least 2/3 of the thigh length, if this indicator is larger, there may be problems with blood circulation in the limbs. The frameless models need to choose, given the growth of the user, if it is up to 150 cm, the diameter should be 70-80 cm, from 150 to 170 cm – 90 cm, and with a height of 170 cm – 90 cm.


So that the chair has become not only the main decoration of the living room interior, but also reliably served for one year, before its acquisition, you need to pay attention to many moments, including on the quality of filler and upholstery. Cannot be conducted on advertising tricks and buy cheap products.


In the manufacture of chairs typically use foam (polyurethane foam) or synthetic packing. At the same time, the first type of material is elasticity, it is soft and well holds the form. The foam rubber can have a different stiffness level, the most softer is used to fill the design under the seat, and hard – on the back. Experts recommend choosing armchairs with seats, in which a solid (spring) block is used as a filler, topped with a layer of latex. In the manufacture of frameless models, such a filler is selected as polystyrene foam.


The best material for upholstery in the living room is considered jacquard, cotton fabric, velor, velvet, viscose and natural or artificial leather. Upholstery from natural materials is distinguished by durability and ease of operation. The most expensive is the leather upholstery, it is moisture-resistant, does not absorb pollution and fits perfectly into any interior, but it is cold to the touch. The budget and practical option is a jacquard fabric to increase wear resistance, the manufacturer of its surface handles the water-repellent impregnation.

Tips for choosing

Buying chairs for the living room, you need to pay attention not only to their design, but also operational characteristics. Because the The furniture market is represented by a huge range of models, make the right choice in favor of this or that product is difficult. To eliminate the acquisition of cheap fakes, experts recommend choosing furniture exclusively from well-proven manufacturers. In addition, it is important to decide in advance with the size and stylistics of the chairs.

For home, large-sized wicker models usually buy large armrests, and for the apartment more compact in the natural colors.

Before buying, you need to make sure that the furniture will be easy to operate, for this you should try to sit on it. Special attention should be paid to the angle of inclination of the seat, it is from this indicator that the comfort will depend. In addition, it is important that the design has rollers. They are pronounced separately on the reliability of fastening and the quality of sliding along the floor surface.

The quality of the filler, upholstery plays a huge role. If the seat sends and has signs of deformation, then the product is poor quality. In addition to all of the above, the furniture must be harmoniously combined with the general design of the room. It is desirable that the texture and color of the upholstery fit under the decorative trim of walls and textiles in the room.

Beautiful examples in the interior

When designing living room design, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere that would have to rest and communicate with friends. To do this, not only correctly execute the layout of the room, pick up the color palette for its finishing, but also place a convenient and practical furniture. A good solution will be the acquisition of chairs that originally complement the interior. With this subject of furniture, you can implement the following design ideas.

  • Game color palette. Neutral tones are usually chosen for the decoration of the halls, so the interior can be diversified with two bright modern seats. Red or orange furniture color will be opposed to a common color decision. Next to the seats you need to put a coffee table, thus, a vacation island is formed. In addition, you will need to hang on the wall and multicolored curtains on the wall.

  • Living room combined with office. Many due to the lack of square meters of housing has to be combined in the living room two zones, one intended for rest, and the other – to work. To do this, in the corner of the room you can put a computer table and supplement it with a leather chair on wheels. It can also be used to read books and watch TV.

It is advantageous to highlight leather furniture on a general design background will help light decoration of walls and snow-white curtains.

How to choose an interior chair, look in video.

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