How to choose a chair adjustable?

For adults and children spending a lot of time at the desk or desk, it is very important to maintain performance. Comfortable and comfortable position Provide adjustable chairs.

What types of exist?

Chairs with lifts can be used both by children and adults. Surface and back surfaces can be ordinary or orthopedic, corresponding body shape.

Orthopedic models can have such configurations:

  • Rollers for the loin and hips;
  • Armrests;
  • Headrests (with a change in the angle of inclination);
  • Footrests (front or circular), which makes it possible to improve the blood circulation. They can also be folding or stationary);
  • With stops for the legs and knees (visually such models look not very convenient, but allow you to redistribute the load from the back to your feet);
  • Spread-separated backrest (facilitates the burden on the spine).

Depending on the lifting or descent mechanism, the following types are distinguished.

  • With manual control mode:
    • Screw – the easiest option. You can change the height, just rotating the seat: counterclockwise for lifting and clockwise to lower. Practically not used, because there are more modern and convenient options.
    • Speed – When the seating and back planes are moving along the base and secure special locks. Such mechanisms are usually equipped with children’s desks, where the adjustment goes as the child grows.

  • Semi-automatic (with Gazlift) – these are systems in which the change in the height is controlled by the lever. It is necessary to click on it, and the mechanism will work.
  • Automatic. In them, the built-in cylinder with gas puts pressure piston. Gas squeezes springs and allows the seat to move. The smoothness of the motion depends on the shock absorber. Better if it is metallic, not plastic.
  • Transformers. Such a chair can be swivel, with an adjustable tilt and a change in distance from the front edge of the seat to the back. They are suitable for all people spending on a computer for more than three hours a day.


The most natural, environmentally friendly and therefore suitable even for children’s models is a tree. Better if more solid trees will be used, so the product will be stronger. In addition, they are better visible to the texture. In order for the tree to do not clarify and cracks, keep a similar product away from the heating devices and sources of moisture. In addition, the tree requires special care and processing.

Modern chairs are rarely made from one material completely, since such models will be less durable. In addition, each material has its own features of processing. Usually, the framework is made of metal or plastic with a metal profile inside, less often – from plywood. Better if the supports are also partially or fully metallic. Metal and plastic are easy to clean, they are resistant to humidity. The main thing is to pay attention to the thickness of the frame. He does not have to bend.

Depending on the amount of filler, the following types of chairs are distinguished:

  • Soft;
  • Semiform;
  • Hard.

As a filler, both cheaper foam or felt can be used and more expensive polyurethane foam (it is more elastic, less and deformed).

For upholstery use different matter:

  • Textiles (microfiber, mesh fabric, acrylic, polyester). Wear-resistant fabrics and breathable. They are most often used for children’s models.
  • Leather. Differs high cost, resistant to deformation, wear and pollution.
  • Artificial leather (vinyl). Inferior to its natural analogue, less durable, does not let the air.


The average height of the seats for an adult is from 45 to 50 cm, the support surface of the back – at least 32 cm, the width is at least 38 cm.

The transverse parameters of the seating plane may be:

  • Narrow – up to 50 cm;
  • Average – from 50 to 60 cm;
  • Wide – from 60 cm.

Longitudinal parameters are as follows:

  • Small – from 50 to 60 cm;
  • Average – from 60 to 70 cm;
  • Deep – from 70 cm.

By setting the height of the seating for children, you can be guided by the following table:

















The height of the back of the child must be until the middle of the blades. For teens, you can use adult parameters. Naturally, it must be borne in mind that all people are individual, and the proportions of the body are all different: someone has a longer torso, someone has legs. Therefore, it is necessary to select furniture for long and continuous use in accordance with your physique. Will be better before buying to measure all the parameters of the person in the sitting position.


First of all, any furniture must approach the interior of the room, office, office, institutions. If the chair has already been purchased as a gift or provided by the employer, its color can be changed, only spewing a case, replacing the upholstery or by playing with suitable paints. If the selection process is not yet completed, it is worth thinking about how it will look.

Model and color row truly huge. It can be both monophonic and color options. But not all ideas can be realized in life, as much depends on the materials. Wooden surfaces can be natural shades, painted or patinated. Their palette is somewhat limited. Metal can be painted or chrome, with a brilliant or matte surface, the color solution in this case is limited by the choice of paint.

Plastic – more convenient material for processing and painting. Products from it can be of various shapes, colors and textures. Models in which two or three colors are combined with the greatest demand.


Decorations can serve both the main components of the chair and its extra, for example, a rug, if a model on wheels, or a cover. The back can be of different shapes – oval, trapezoid, rectangular or other arbitrary. The original form, and also contrasting color, not suitable for ergonomic models, but will become a bright element of the interior. For schoolboy, armrests are not needed, but if working on a computer is performed, they are simply necessary. Armrests can be of different shape and fasten both back and seats.

The chair may have one support or two (depending on the height adjustment method). They can be contrasting with the rest of the units or coincide with the color. If there is a lot of brilliant surfaces in the room decor, then the support can be shiny. Cross (as picked up, with five rays) can also be contrasting. Wooden models can be decorated with carved details, decorative linings with fancy curved supports.

Another decoration can be the upholstery. It can be a monophonic, with a pattern (for example, depicting your favorite hero from a cartoon or film). The back can be fully covered with textiles with volumetric items in the form of an animal.


Relative to the chairs regulated in height, due to their design features it is difficult to come up with some original solutions. However, novelties do not cease to amaze. If the model looks unusual, it does not mean that it is uncomfortable to sit. On the contrary, the knee support chairs effectively remove the load from the spine, and some original models can be used from birth to adolescence. Chair with an impressive complex mechanism will look great in the interior where the latest technical innovations are used. Bright, elegant, compact chair will take a central place in the modern interior. Bold options will suit not only for the house, but also for the decomposition of the situation in the office.

The abundance of decorative elements, natural materials and discreet colors in combination with modern lowering systems are suitable for premises made in a classic style.

How to choose for children

Baby models differ significantly from adults.

When choosing them, you need to consider several nuances:

  • The first requirement for all children’s furniture – durability, reliability of fixtures and safety of materials.
  • For kids, a party is suitable for a simple chair, while for a schoolchildren you need the most convenient and multifunctional chair and table.
  • Landing should be correct: between the thighs and the shin – a straight angle, the feet are pressed to the floor, and the back – to the back. The youngest schoolboy should not be armrests (elbows should lie on the table) and head restraints (so that the child is not sitting, lounging).

  • No need to equip the chair of the first grader with complex mechanisms and rollers (swinging or circling, the child will be distracted), this is an option for older age.
  • Upholstery should be breathable. To facilitate cleaning, you can sew or order removable covers.
  • Of course, in this case, practicality is important, but seeing pleasant colors or drawing, the child will start performing lessons with great pleasure.
  • Despite their age, the child should also participate in the process of choice. So the child will not only appreciate and protect the furniture, but also feel their significance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such chairs have become popular due to their advantages:

  • The main advantage over ordinary chairs is that they can change their parameters and, due to this, more comfortable;
  • Growing models save money and time to select other models, if the child has grown;
  • Thanks to a changing altitude, a person of any growth can be placed on such a chair;
  • Chair fixed in different positions will allow to sit at a table of different height;
  • Allow you to maintain and maintain health.

They are not devoid of flaws:

  • If the chair is designed for a certain load, it is impossible to sit down to people with weight exceeding the maximum allowable;
  • Models with Gazlifta forbidden to use at low temperatures. It is necessary to determine the parameters, and only then sit down and make sure that they are comfortable;
  • Models with a stepped system allow you to increase the height of a certain step, it is less convenient than a continuous increase.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

When choosing a “triste” stool or just a convenient office chair, you can contact your feedback from friends or read them on special sites. Several most popular manufacturers should be considered. In general, a good reviews received a trademark “Bureaucrat”. Buyers suits the value for money, a wide range of both children’s and adult chairs and sets, good work of mechanisms, bright colors. Small complaints caused upholstery. Somewhere in a half or two years of use, leatherette lost its appearance.

Manufacturer “Demi” also has a lot of positive feedback. Users celebrate the convenience and ergonomics of growing models, high quality, large range, ease of assembling all products in general. Among the wishes, the manufacturer notes the need to include in the package of covers.

No worse than those above, the opinions about the brand IKEA. Of the minuses, there is a rigid back and the presence of a special brake on wheels. However, for someone it will be a plus.

TCT Nanotec No complaints about users, on the contrary, there are additional details like a special handle from the back for convenient movement and the presence of blocks. However, as chairs Kettler, the only disadvantage of which is a big weight.

Series “Shkolyarik” from the furniture factory “Absolute” I got to taste with my naturalness (mostly all products made of natural wood). However, the cost of such furniture is above average.

Company “SmartStool” only positive responses, especially the model with the redistribution of the load on the legs and knees.

Successful examples and options

  • In a series of economy class, there are also models with the ability to change the height. They can be used as school furniture or in other children’s institutions.
  • Models with a brighter design will cost a little more expensive, but also look will be appropriate.
  • Chair- “Rustist” for preschoolers will suit any ordinary table or table-easel.
  • The most familiar adjustable models still remain the chairs with Gazlift.

  • Options with a back in the form of an animal will not leave children and adults indifferent.
  • In addition, you can choose an upholstery with images of your favorite heroes or just a suitable abstract pattern.
  • All sorts of orthopedic models will help save and improve health at any age.

How to choose a stool correctly, you will learn from the video below.

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