How to choose a cape on the chair?

Armchair is associated with calm and harmony. But that it was not only comfortable, but also beautiful, it is important to know how to choose a cape.


Caid covers cover the chair completely. With whatever party, dirt and dust fell on it, all these blockages will not be praised on the furniture itself. Remove the stain from the cover much easier and easier than from the surface of the chair. There are other good reasons to buy chairlings: this is an update of the appearance of old furniture and adjusting her style. Competently chosen coating changes the type of chair completely and affects the appearance of the room as a whole.

But covers may look different, depending on how they are conceived and completed. Design on strings looks as if it is scored on a chair plaid. It will cover the furniture, but without tosing. Stretching is also excluded because substances are used with minimal elasticity. We are talking about materials such as:

  • cotton;

  • ecological leather;

  • velvet;

  • Denim.

This solution is optimally suitable for seashells, bags and rocking faces.

Tension covers deserve attention. They are divided into two groups: European case and cape on rubber band. Although these designs are removable, universal to be called them – a prerequisite is a similarity with the main upholstery of the seats. The tension case has a number of benefits:

  • will not crawl off the seats;
  • can be applied on any type of chair;
  • It is well stretched;
  • comfortable for the back and full body.


Tension case make cotton and elastane. Also there are microfiber and polyester. If the product is formed from free tissue, then it is customary to say that this is a cover with a “skirt”. It will look like it will be attractive and even romantic. But the bedspread can also have other options:

  • For chairs with headrest;

  • with the closure of the sidewall;

  • with lightning;

  • with lace;

  • With beads.

The choice of cape material on the chair is equally significant and during the independent sewing, and when buying a finished product. Popularly enjoyed cotton. It easily passes air and is completely safe in environmental terms. Cotton capes are recommended to use in children’s rooms. They are often covered with various drawings, and the colors are also quite numerous. However, to acquire for home capes from cotton will have to be very often. This fabric is prone to abrasion and beats quickly. Linen covers are tightly cotton and more beautiful. Flax perfectly picks moisture and soft to the touch. Good alternative are jacquard or viscose.

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These are materials that are immediately attracted. They can have both glossy and matte base. Usually jacquard and viscose are decorated with various drawings, patterns.

Pretty tick covers are quite high. This is a combined (cotton based) material. It is characterized by the “Christmas” pattern with typical glitter. Tick ​​almost won’t burn even on the most powerful sun. Such a fabric does not water when washing. Yes, and stretching for everyday use for it is unusual.Sometimes used polyester. Soft cape from it, though you will not do. This is an elastic and easily stretching material. But it is very durable. Therefore, it is suitable even for chairs in a children’s room.

Velor is remotely similar to velvet. But it is easy to distinguish these fabrics – Velor has shorter pile. Yes, and the value of matter is noticeable below. The material is not too capricious and clean it is easy. You can use velor cape even suffering from allergies of any kind. Satin finds widespread use in the manufacture of quilted covers. This type of matter is different:

  • density;
  • smoothness;
  • Silky surface.

Atlas has a glossy tide. When it is used, you can achieve an increased aesthetics of the lining. For the manufacture of atlas apply:

  • viscose;

  • Natural silk;

  • polyester.

Tapestry appreciated for extraordinary harmony and external attractiveness. This fabric is resistant to wear and serves quite long. Tapestry mechanically durable. It can be calmly washed in the car. There are a lot of tapestry design options, and thanks to this such capes become an excellent gift. Fans of darous fabrics will accurately attach the plush covers for chairs. Vile is not so thick, like a velvet. What is important, plush products are characterized by excellent thermal insulation. This fabric is made of wool or cotton fibers.

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It is even better to hold warm fur (from sheepskin and other similar materials) capes. They also absorb moisture more intense most other fabrics. Care for sheepskin easy. Will it will save an attractive appearance for a long time. The covers made from this material are departed in any weather, sitting on the fur cape pleasantly even when the heating has already turned off or have not yet launched.

An unusual species are capes from Shenill. Such material is strong and at the same time encouraged to the touch. For its manufacture, absolute special machines. Shenille flip from fibers on jacquard, satin or tapestry pattern. Important: Raw materials for this fabric always represents a mixture of heterogeneous threads. Frequently used knitted products. They are elegant and practical. Such capes immediately create the impression of proximity to childhood. Now such things are experiencing Renaissance, and they are chosen, they even make them all more often. Well-knitted cover can serve for several years.

Color gamma and design

When choosing covered (covers) on a chair with armrests, not only geometric features will have to be taken into account. Be sure to pay attention to the coloring of products. Very bad when the color of the cover does not duplicate anywhere in the interior. But also the repetition of the shades of other upholstered furniture standing in the room is also not recommended. It can create a monotonous interior. Bad idea will be acquiring very catchy and saturated covers. They will annoy irritation over time and soon. Much better fit soft accents corresponding to the tone of one of the parts of the interior. If it is difficult to choose accurate match, you can stay on neutral paintings. As for the drawings, the checkered case will be the most traditional option. The following options are considered in demand and trendy:

  • Cape with an animal print;
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  • Models with openwork finish or in the same pattern;

  • Sets of various colors with identical ornaments.


A very wide selection of cape on the chair can be found in stores IKEA. But not everyone can take advantage of their services, and the range does not always suit. Products from Spain, Italy traditionally enjoy popular. In recent years, Chinese and Taiwanese capes have become increasingly popular. If we talk about individual massage models, then the greatest respect deserve:

  • Medisana MCN;

  • Gezatone AMG 399;

  • US Medica Pilot.

How to put and drape?

With the help of a properly selected cover, a chair can be arranged with your own hands. The approach will be about the same as during the independent manufacture of capes. The fitting product, flashed to the bottom, is harmoniously enters any interior and is distinguished by elasticity. It is hardly suitable for seats with a high postponed back or a large distance between the armrests. Optimally, if the house has a Voltaire chairs, fabrics on a fitting case may have a modest or bright (but not too distinct).

The tight cover “with skirts” based on the ruffles harmoniously enters the stylistics of Ampir, Shebbi Shik, Ar Deco. Skirt and top join a rubber band. Folds will have to skill as much as possible so that they fit into the overall concept. Pattern, cutting and tailoring not too complicated. Can even cope with nonspecialists. Free clock means you have to sweep the cape with cords or rubber bands. Emi-free Cra – this is screaming. Make and place a cape on the chair will be able to almost all, but the flow rate will be 20% on average more than in the fitting version.

Beautiful examples

There are quite a few sets of capes on the chair in the room. Here are some options:

  • List Fall model on a light gray chair;

  • Red and yellow floral ornament;

  • bilateral cape chocolate color (on a lighter armchair);

  • a solid cover with a white-red mesh of the ornament;

  • Checkered cape on an old-fashioned chair.

About how to wear a cover on the chair, look in the following video.

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