How to choose a bedside table for a laptop?

In the life of a modern man, no day passes without mobile devices, one of which is a laptop. Viewing the series, favorite sites and other resources is the usual holiday in your free time. With a laptop, it is convenient to stay in a chair or on the sofa, although it is not always comfortable to keep it in hand or knees: it can harm vision or spine.

To rescue in this situation can a specially designed table for a laptop, with the help of which a long work for a laptop will become much easier.


Laptop Table – Special Stand. It can be stationary or mobile. Thanks to the rich assortment of materials and models of bedside tables, you can choose the best option. It can be a stationary or folding support with a variable height or a product with an adjustment of the table top changing the angle of inclination and rotating around the axis.

Thanks to the rotation and turn of the countertops, the bedside table is recognized as a universal piece of furniture and is often used for meals on a sofa or chair. The design in the form of the letter “C” makes it particularly compact: the support on the wheels drives under the sofa and saves space.

Most manufacturers equip such tables like shelves for stationery, light sources and cup holders, which makes the pastime for mini-organizers, especially comfortable.

By type of device, such tables are two species:

  • Inside – more often made of plastic or wood: stylish, comfortable, transforming work in rest and organically fit into the interior;
  • Transformers – Universal designs with modifications made from plastic or aluminum, so light, compact and reliable (when purchasing it is important to take into account the simplicity of transformation, changing the parameters of the countertop when the laptop size is adjusted).

Whatever the table you did not choose, it should have:

  • the edge limiter on the edge of the table top, excluding the slipping of the laptop;
  • cooling system to exclude a portable computer overheating (built-in USB connected to a laptop, a laptop cooling system and extending it);
  • reliable supports and durable countertop, stability in any placement;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage.


The bedside tables have a lot of advantages, among which are particularly relevant:

  • Ergonomic. Weigh such designs are little, withsting the load of about 15 kg. Thanks to this, you can locate a laptop on the table and other important accessories. Many models are equipped with special fasteners so that the technique is reliably fixed and did not fall at any position.
  • Stylish view. Many advanced manufacturers (for example, IKEA) make bedside tables in different design directions and colors. This allows a laptop table to fit into any interior, to become a full part of it and not beatened out of the overall style.

  • Easy operation. Regardless of the selected model, you are guaranteed convenience of using it: the manufacturer takes into account all the nuances in the design of the design.
  • Durability. Having acquired a high-quality table, you for many years forget about his replacement.
  • Functionality. Often these tables are used not only by direct appointment. It is convenient to drink a cup of coffee or snack.


In the production of bedside tables use different raw materials.

The most popular manufacturing material is:

  • Wood. Wood products occupy a leading position, they are resistant to damage, serve for decades, have a good appearance and fit perfectly into any environment.
  • Plastic. Products from this material are characterized by durability and low weight. It is distinguished by a variety of shades, has a matte and glossy texture, it looks stylish and modern.

  • MDF and LDSP are an excellent alternative on the issue of value, if you compare them with wood models. Externally, the designs are not inferior to wooden analogues. A rich assortment of colors and the textures of MDF and LDSP makes it possible to choose a model combined with the entire setting.

The size

In addition to the design and material of the product matters the size of the bedside table for the laptop. It is not necessary to select a too big model for a close space, and vice versa, a table with a too compact countertop can be very uncomfortable: it is so difficult to organize a full-fledged workplace.

Depending on the model, the height of the product can be 70-80 cm (in some models up to 1 m), the table top length varies from 50 to 70 cm (in transformer models), the width indicator does not exceed 40 cm.

It is worth noting that the designs are characteristic of compactness.

About how to make a table for a laptop with your own hands, you can learn from the video below.

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