Growing chairs for a schoolboy: features, types and selection

The health of the child of school age largely depends on the properly organized workplace. What exactly and in what position the schoolboy will sit while performing homework – to solve parents. Their task is to buy a chair that will not only like the child visually, but also will contribute to the formation of the right posture.

Since the time of study at school coincides also with a period of active growth of the child, to approach the acquisition of a suitable chair implies with all seriousness. Perspective to buy every year new furniture is unlikely to like someone, It will be much more practical to acquire a chair that will grow with the baby.


So it is a growing chair? This is a design for the seating of a child, with the possibility of adjusting to such parameters:

  • Seat height;
  • angle of inclination and the level of the backrest;
  • landing depth.

Orthopedic models are distinguished by ergonomics, curved reinfect forms and blocking wheels if they are present. They can also be found in the absence in the design elements as:

  • armrests;
  • headrest;
  • Seat rotation function.

The ideal height of the chair – when the kid sits on it, the knees form a straight angle, and the feet are exactly on the floor. It is allowed to use the stand under the feet. However, perennial studies have shown that this is not the only convenient posture for long-term seating. If the planting surface is a little tilted forward, while making focus on the knees, then the load on the spine significantly decreases. After this discovery began to be made knee chairs. Their parameters can also be adjusted.

The knee – or as it is also called, a smart chair – also refers to orthopedic furniture. With its daily use, the posture is improved and the back muscles are strengthened.

Features of structures

The varieties of furniture for children do not cease to amaze consumers every year. Each parent tries to keep up with the times and give his speech only the best. And to implement this, you need to take into account not only the specifics of the design, but also the characteristics of the child’s behavior.

For too active younger students, you should choose a steady children’s chair with a solid metal frame. About smart chairs also do not forget. They are all reliable and durable, and among the variety of models, there will be a suitable.

The growing chair for an older schoolboy may have such a kind.

  • Wooden, metal or plastic case. Tree, of course, is not so durable material like metal, but eco-friendly and attractive.

  • With a back or without it. Meaning knee chair. Support for the back in these devices is not fundamental.

  • Dynamic. Frame of a special design, made on the principle of the work of the rocking chair, will have a child to taste. But to focus on his homework will be problematic.

Advantages and disadvantages

In each model, if desired, you can find both the pros and cons. And since the children’s furniture in priority is its utility, then it must be taken into account first.

  • The positive side of the growing chair can be considered its strength and stability.
  • No armrests. Yes, it is a positive aspect. The child, leaning on them, takes the wrong pose, provoking the development of scoliosis.
  • Modern models make it easy to fit the furniture under the necessary parameters even without using tools.
  • Savings of the family budget. Having bought an armchair first, you can forget about the problem right up to graduation class. The main thing is not to forget to adjust it in time for the growth of the child.

Since adjustable furniture for children produce fairly well-known brands, the price of them, respectively, is not small. This can be attributed to disadvantages, although it is not customary to save.

From a technical point of view, minus is a characteristic creak arising at the slightest movement on the chair. It does not appear immediately, but after a while after the start of use.

Tips for choosing

For height adjustable, the best option will be a model of a growing chair for a schoolboy with a curved support located behind the back. This design allows you to point to adjust the correct height of all furniture elements.

The optimal way of buying is to go to the store along with the child. There you can choose exactly the model that is perfect to the baby.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the Goethe transformer chairs for a schoolboy.

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