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The living room in any modern apartment is the queen of rooms and a business card of our house. Here we spend most of the free time for watching TV, rest or celebrate guests. In small-sized apartments and studios, the living room combines the role of a bedroom or dining room. That is why body furniture is of great importance, which should be aesthetic, oversized and maximum functional.


Often in one-room apartments there is a problem of the distribution of residential space, because somewhere you need to competently place clothes, documents, books and decor elements. An excellent solution will be a furniture wall with a wardrobe. It is mistaken to believe that this piece of furniture is a relic of the past. Modern manufacturers offer us a lot of forms, models and styles that perfectly fit into the interior even the smallest apartment.

Today, furniture for the hall is characterized by the capacity, but possesses small sizes. Now in fashion slides, modular walls that carry a variety of functional features. In addition to the closet for clothes, there are shelves for books, indoor flowers and small interior items, as well as boxes for linen, sections for audio and video equipment, storage cases. All this allows the use of furniture by appointment, saving room space.

Choosing the necessary kits in a furniture store or ordering them according to individual standards, it is important to pay attention to the quality and material of furniture and fittings.

The modern market offers many options on any wallet: there are walls made of cheap materials, such as LDSP or MDF, the other models can be made of a solid wood array, the price for which is an order of magnitude higher. Accessories can be made of plastic or metal. In the design of the door of the Penal or Cabinet may be tinted or matte glass.


The interior design of the living room should be taken very seriously: thinking in advance style, choose materials, color and lighting. Choosing a wall with a wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account its size, overall design and combination with other interior items. Also in the process of arranging the hall you should decide in advance with the type of furniture that can be cabinet or modular.

  • Cabinet wall Distinguishes a single solid composition at which the wardrobe is an integral part of the system. The advantage of this type can be considered the possibility of adjusting the size and shape of the room (for example, an elongated living room visually make a more square, zonate space).
  • Modular wall It is a composition with a large set of elements performed in one style. In this case, the cabinet is a separate independent segment. Playing with modules, you have the opportunity to form the interior under your taste, creating a unique unique design. By moving by adding either excluding some modules (hinged cabinets, shelves, pencils, cabinets), you can update the interior with this frequency dictated by your mood.


Furniture walls for living room color and revive the interior, and also have aesthetic species. They can be installed, both along the walls and as a separation element of the room. There are angular and modular sections that can be changed in places, thereby creating new unique interior solutions every time. As noted above, the walls do not have restrictions in their functions, varying a large number of modules and deaf sections for every taste and wallet.

Modern models are represented by a variety of combining low and high components, open and closed sections, as well as angular elements. Competently located furniture headsets will hide some disadvantages of the planning of the room. Today, the living room furniture is represented by various ready-made solutions in terms of designs and functions performed.

If your living room is quite spacious, the furniture must also correspond to the size of the room. There are angular versions of the walls and other structures consisting of several sections, the difference of which is non-linear. They will be a profitable solution for a spacious hall. Such furniture includes a comfortable chest of clothing storage and linen, multiple drawers, modules with deaf doors where you can hide unsightly things and household items, as well as modules decorated with glass.

Cabinet can be additionally equipped with a mirror (if it is a wardrobe with sliding doors), which will further increase the space room. So you can easily place all your things, gifts, souvenirs, homemade utensils and books.

The tube for the TV and other equipment should have a durable surface and stable side walls.

Other sections, racks, pencils, shelves and drawers will add functionality and convenience.

If the living room has a relatively small size, then the furniture is suitable for it in the configuration of which there is a wardrobe, which can additionally be equipped with angular shelves. Shelves will add functionality, as they can accommodate small souvenirs, photos, ampel bedroom plants.

The base of the cabinet is represented by two species – stationary (on legs) or on wheels.

The model on wheels is distinguished by mobility, easy in moving, but not sufficiently stable.

Mounted sections are attached to the wall through brackets. The advantage of such designs is their simplicity and reliability, but they are not comfortable with a frequent permutation of furniture and other interior items.


A suitable wall with a wardrobe must harmoniously overlap with the common interior style. Consider more detailed features of some options.

  • Classic style considered a sign of good taste and prosperity. The wall in this design is made of artificial or natural wood, depending on the budget. An excellent choice will be oak, pine, ash. The facades of the cabinet, additional sections and boxes can be carved, with a clear lines circuit.
  • Minimalism style Suitable to those who are directed to the future. This direction adds space to the room, since additional parts are deprived. The wall design here will be distinguished by the smallest combination of colors and forms. The prevailing color scheme – the contrast of the light and dark shades on the glossy surface, the current form – the streamlined or rectangular.

  • Tekhno style lies in the map of the urban lifestyle, demonstration of technical equipment. The wall in this key includes a variety of sections for sound columns, a tumb for TV. Metal and plastic parts and surfaces predominate among materials. Color Hamma Cold – Gray, Black, Metallic. Modules are clear, smooth, with strict lines.
  • Very similar to the previous one High Tech Style, Which choose creative people who keep in foot with the time and following the innovations in the field of technology. The wall in this direction will be made of modules, shelves and cabinets are hidden, the doors are equipped with closers, and the handles in the usual understanding may be missing, by giving way to the new Push to Open opening mechanism. Storage areas are mounted in such a way that it is difficult to imagine which of narrow and flat surfaces hides an additional shelf. Metal, glass and plastic dominate among the materials. Surfaces are well polished, lines smooth and clear.

  • European style Combines many directions: Greek, Scandinavian and French (Provence). Designers allocate these options in one big group due to the similarity of textures and materials. Open layout has passed from the discharge of innovations into the status of the mandatory element of the interior. Studio Apartments and Cottages, Zonated by Partitions – Here is the trend of today. The key sense in the European style is the simplicity and openness of the world, so the wall in this style is deprived of additional complex elements: these are straight suspended shelves and a wardrobe performed in a single concept. Shades bright (ivory, milk oak), plastic fittings. Minimum things and ease of space.
  • East style Also combines several directions: Arabic, Indian, Asian. Such a design is distinguished by the lack of monotony, minor elements, bright paints, abundance of thread and ornaments. In such ensembles there are furniture only from natural species of wood, and the shelves of the walls are replete with a variety of accessories. Color gamut Pedit warm shades: Rich Red, Golden, Honey, Raspberry, Purple, Emerald. The wall package includes a wardrobe with painting, mounted carved shelves.

Furniture should be perfectly fit into the stylistic direction of the interior in which.

It is not recommended to mix in one ensemble several contradictory styles. For example, in an elegant classic set, it will not be harmoniously to look at the furniture in which there are glass or metal parts related to more modern destinations.

Wall overview with wardrobe for living room Look in the video below.

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