Furniture walls with a computer table

Furniture wall is an integral interior element in almost every home. This is based on one of the walls in the living room set of furniture consisting of several sections. There may be a wardrobe, pencils with shelves for books or other things, TV cabinet, open shelves for decorative elements of the interior, dishes, chest, secreter, shelves closed (mezzani) and other additional elements. The choice of the necessary configuration depends on the size of the room and the functional load that the furniture carries. In modern apartment, it is often needed, in addition to the furniture wall, the table for the computer.


Having a PC or laptop on the table, we spend a lot of time for learning, work, search for the necessary information. And also having fun, rest, communicate in social networks.

Workplace in the apartment – the need for the modern world. Let a small space, but it is necessary to find and organize even in a small room. Little space remains if you take part of the room under the table for the computer.

The solution to this problem is a modern functional furniture wall, which includes a computer table in its composition. Such an organization of the workplace is convenient, and the room acquires the form organized and finished in terms of comfort and design of the room.

To properly organize your workplace, you must consider the main points:

  • Functional use of space. Open rack, shelves, stands with drawers, table stand, computer table itself, including its size, tabletop view (straight, corner), that is, absolutely all elements of the workplace must have their own purpose, help in work;
  • Ergonomic component. The correct and competent location of furniture items will allow you to organize a working space so that everything you need is at hand. And unnecessary items were in an underwent zone and did not interfere with the work;

  • Proper placement of lighting. Place the desktop next to the window so that the light falls on the left for the right hand (left-handers it is more convenient to locate the window on the right). Day and artificial lighting should complement each other. Long work at the computer leads to the fatigue of the eyes, and this is the cause of frequent headaches. Incorrect lighting makes it make an inconvenient post, which may entail diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Natural lighting is not enough, especially in winter. Take care of other light sources. Put an additional point lamp above the desktop, set the backlight inside the furniture where the computer table is mounted;
  • Compact and invisible location. For small premises, it is important to comply with the conditions of calm mutual coexistence. The table and the family member working for him should not interfere with others, in turn, and he should not interfere with;

  • Isolation of workspace. Fruitful use of space for work requires that interference could not distract you from the case.

To refer to the boundaries of the workplace can be:

  • Features of architecture – niche, podium;
  • Decorative decoration elements – the boundaries of the tension or suspended ceiling, the bright color solution of wall coatings;
  • Elements of furniture, racks, ack of aquarium that serve as partitions of the room;
  • Interior items – carpets, potted plants placed around the perimeter.


Furniture wall, which is combined with a computer table, has several undeniable advantages.

Among the main:

  • Computer desk complete with a furniture wall, which includes a sufficient number of elements – a cabinet, cabinet, shelves – this is an order and accuracy. All things are conveniently decomposed, for each thing its place is provided;
  • Located on one of the walls, the furniture does not light up the passages, does not interfere with moving around the room, does not occupy a lot of space;
  • Optionally, you can move the whole design to another wall. You can purchase a wall with an angular element, if it allows the area of ​​the room, or swap elements of furniture if the wall is modular;
  • The use of safe materials for the manufacture of furniture with modern manufacturers gives confidence in durability and furniture safety;
  • Safe use of all elements headset, reliability of fittings;
  • Easy to care.

Use in the interior

The furniture wall with a computer table will look harmonious in a room with any destination, be it a bedroom, living room, children’s. Modern furniture manufacturers offer walls of a variety of design, style, directions. And the principles of placing a computer table depend on the wall dimensions, its design and location in this room.

Open racks today at the peak of popularity. With a computer table Such a rack will look like a full set of furniture. On the shelves of the rack, books, folders, discs and any items necessary for work or studies will be successfully located. There you can also put the printer and other office equipment, unloading the space on the table. The table will not look at a separate element and will not take much space. Such a set of furniture always dwells like in the living room of your home and in a children’s or teenage room, and even in the bedroom.

Small-sized apartment

Such furniture is ideal for small apartments. Youth built-in wall of mini-format, albeit small sizes, but it can also be equipped with a computer table. It will be either an angular option as the end of the composition, or an option with retractable shelves transforming as desired in a computer desk. This placement solution will not only spoil your interior, but will make it more modern and convenient.

An interesting option is offered by some manufacturers with the placement of the table in a conventional closet or wardrobe. This subject of the interior is now enormous popular. After all, any filling is placed inside such a product. Behind the sliding door there is a table with shelves and even with drawers. With a closed door, nothing resembles a hidden workplace.

If the living room dimensions allow, then a computer desk can be placed as you like.

The best place for the working area is at the window.

If there are two windows in the living room, you can place a computer table between them. Windows add natural lighting, which is important for working at a computer. And if there is a nearby furniture wall, the space inside it can be used for the items required in the work.

If the places for accommodation even mini walls are not enough, then it is better to order it according to an individual project.

And several centimeters are becoming important for functional use of your room sizes. Today it is available and inexpensive. You can offer several options for the location of the furniture. You will choose the most suitable for you for the price and convenience.

Angular version of the walls of the wall in a small-sized apartment is necessary to increase the free space indoor. Having calculated the size of the room, removing unnecessary parts by adding the necessary elements, you can order a unique, functional wall using each centimeter competently and thoughtfully.

In small apartments, the living room is used as a dining room as a children’s, as a bedroom, like a study, and as a living room. In this case, the computer table is also becoming a dining area, and a workplace for cooking lessons, and a place for receiving guests, and simply the subject of the interior, decoring it after use on the direct appointment with a vase with flowers or a beautiful statuette.

A more detailed overview of this wall-transformer is presented in the following video:

Children’s room

In the teenage or children’s room, the wall with a built-in computer table is the most necessary element. Located on one wall Successful equipment will give your child more space for games and at the same time will increase the place for storing toys, books, textbooks, clothes. After all, the child spends a lot of time in his room. Finding in it should bring joy and serve as a place to rest. The variety of colors of materials used by manufacturers allows you to create a unique interior for the children’s room.

To date, the furniture wall-transformer can combine in itself and place for storing clothes and things, and a workplace with a computer desk, and a dining area. And even bed. Depends on your choice what your room will be.

Here are some more options for transformer beds for the children’s room.

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