Frame sofas

Upholstered furniture is indispensable for living room, bedroom or children’s room. It brings to the arrangement of the premises of comfort and home heat. Frame sofas are characterized by practicality and reliability.


Modern manufacturers of upholstered furniture offer a wide variety of models using various materials in their manufacture. Soft and comfortable sofa can be chosen depending on your personal requirements.

Frame sofa – this is his skeleton, because it holds the whole design of the product. With daily operation, it is exposed to strong loads, so it should be durable and quality.

Several centuries ago, in the manufacture of frame furniture, used mainly the wood beech, oak, birch or cock. To date, modern technologies allow you to apply for the manufacture of upholstered furniture and other materials, which is positively affected by the operation, quality and cost of products.

Modern manufacturers are often used in the manufacture of frames wood or metal. There are models of upholstered furniture that have combined frames. To create them, a combination of wood with plywood, metal or chipboard is applied.


Modern models of beautiful and durable sofas are equipped with frameworks from different materials, since each option has its advantages:

  • Stylish sofa on metal frame usually attracts attention to an unusual and fashionable design. For upholstered luxury furniture, chromium or titanium is used. Metal frame can be produced from high-alloyed steel or aluminum. Such designs are cheaper than sofas on premium frameworks.
  • Metal frame guarantees reliability and strength. Models on the iron frame are perfect for daily operation. When choosing upholstered furniture worth seeking welds. They should not have a surveillance, as well as other errors. For reliability, the metal must be covered with a special varnish or anti-corrosion coating.
  • The sofas on the steel frame are distinguished by a long use, as well as their much easier to repair than a frame from chipboard, plywood or wood. Some models with low costs may have a base of metal, but then for reliability they are attached by bolts.

  • Models with spring block are characterized by practicality and durability. The presence of springs creates a convenient location of the body during night sleep.
  • Some folding models have betented lamellas. They are attached to a metal frame with clip. Sofas with lamellas have a depreciation function.

Sofas on metal frames can be used to design a modern room, high-tech or minimalism. They will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, we will add comfort and home heat.

Many modern models of upholstered furniture are presented on wood frame. Although they are characterized by a higher cost than metallic, but are environmentally friendly and natural.

Brous frame sofas are often used to embody the classic style.

Modern companies in the production of upholstered furniture apply various breeds of wood. Frames from mahagony, mahogany and teak are in great demand. These breeds relate to elite foreign varieties.

Among domestic rocks, oak, beech, ash and nuts are the most durable. The most popular and budget decision is Birch. Economic options also include sofas of pine and other coniferous trees.

Wooden frame is characterized by the presence of many advantages:

  • durability;
  • increased reliability;
  • the ability to create a microclimate in the room;
  • Naturalness.

If we talk about disadvantages, then you can only call the financial aspect, as the tree is more expensive than the metal.

When buying a sofa on a wooden framework worth checking the tree on dryness and no bitch. If the humidity of the upholstered furniture will exceed 8%, then such a model will not last long.

An important aspect is the strength of the fasteners, since it is they who take on the greatest load during the operation of the product.

For the manufacture of frames is often used fibreboard of medium density stove (MDF). This material is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and easy to process. MDF is less durable than coniferous wood. It is made from fine wood chips by pressing. The fastener element is the natural substance – Lignin.

Frame from MDF will come true even for people inclined to allergic reactions. It is quite moisture resistant, but with long-term contact with moisture can swell. Such a frame is much harder than a wooden analog.

Some inexpensive sofas have frames from chipboard. This stove is not in demand because it refers to short-lived materials. It is used in the production of upholstered furniture. To protect yourself from the harmful effects of formaldehyde resin, the material must be pre-coated with a special. When buying a sofa on such a frame, make sure all the necessary quality certificates are available.

If the chipboard is processed according to all technical standards, it is harmless. The main advantages of this material include low cost, excellent strength, moisture resistance, durability.

Sofa frames from plywood are distinguished by durability, smooth surface, good flexibility and low weight. On the quality and cost of plywood affects its thickness. 8 mm thick material and more may last 10 years with intensive operation.

Plywood is superbly suitable for creating a solid sofa design. It is safe for health because it does not evaporate harmful substances. Such a frame is reliably protected from drying and different kinds of deformations.

To create a sofa frame, the choice of materials depends largely on the decomposition mechanism, its design. For simple models, without folding mechanism, frameworks are often used from one material. If the models are equipped with a complex transformation mechanism, then manufacturers often use a combination of materials.

Models with a “Pantograph” mechanism can be direct or angular shape. This mechanism has a lot in common with the Eurobook system, but only in its design there are no rollers, spoiling flooring when laying a sofa.

Among the modern models of frame sofas in great demand uses “FINE”. This model has a all-metal frame with orthopedic beech lamellas. The sofa is equipped with a spring block. The model has three positions, so it can be used in folded form for seating, in the unfolded – for sleep and at an angle of 135 degrees – for rest.

Sofa “Flora” is presented on a wooden carcass from pine. A spring block, polyurethane foam, batting and felt are used as a filling model. The basis of this sofa lies a gifted transformation mechanism, which is characterized by simplicity and reliability. To get a comfortable sleeping place, it is enough to pull on the front of the product.

What better to choose?

When choosing a sofa frame, it is worth considering the fact that it acts as a supporting design, and also applies as decor.

If the frame is hidden, then when it is selected, it is worth considering only performance qualities. For long-term use, it is better to give preference to a carcass of expensive materials, since they are characterized by excellent quality.

If the furniture does not often be used or only a short time, for example, in the country or removable apartment, then you can choose a good option from plastic, plywood or MDF.

Tips for choosing

If you want to buy a stylish, modern sofa of excellent quality, then It is worth considering several important nuances that concern the frames:

  • Durable act models, Which frameworks made of plywood and wooden bar. They are usually represented by small sizes that do not exceed the dimensions of the plywood sheet. But you can meet large frame sofas from plywood, then manufacturers are used yet a plank of chipboard or wood.
  • Strength largely depends on the thickness of the material, used in the production of frame. The thicker the frame, the higher and the cost of upholstered furniture. The standard choice is thickness from 12 to 25 mm. Manufacturers usually give a guarantee for such models up to ten years.
  • If the sofa has a frame of chipboard, Then look around, whether a special composition is covered which will prevent the release of harmful substances.
  • Original and unusually look sofas on a metal frame. If you need furniture in the office, then such a sofa is ideal for this purpose. The sofa with the metal frame is usually not equipped with a transformation mechanism and weighs a lot, so it will move even in the room will require considerable effort.


Frame home furniture is in demand today, since it is characterized by reliability and durability. Buyers prefer models having a metal frame or wood frame. These materials are distinguished by a long term of use, convenience and beautiful, attractive appearance.

Users like that sofas on the frames are represented by a wide model near many modern manufacturers. They offer Frames from chipboard wood, MDF, plywood, metal and even combined solutions.

The upholstery of the frame sofa can be represented by various fabrics. Selection of color versions just fascinates.

Frame sofa, according to buyers, perfectly fit into many modern style directions. It can be located along the wall in a small room or in the center in a spacious living room. Often spectacular models are used to zoning the room. They will help separate the dining room from the living room.

Sofas with transformation mechanisms are ideal for creating a smooth and comfortable bed. Some models have orthopedic lats to create a maximum level of comfort during night sleep. An indisputable advantage is the presence of a removable case. Its easily can be removed for cleaning from any kind of pollution.

How to choose a frame sofa, look in the following video.

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