Folding Tahta

    Takhta combines the features of the sofa and bed. In the afternoon it is suitable for recreation, sneakers, sitting with friends, and at night turns into a comfortable bed. Design manifold allows you to choose a model for any interior.

    Features and advantages

    The optimal solution for modern housing will be folding ottoman. Such furniture is popular with small apartments owners, where every tens of centimeters. Most often, the model has a back and armrests, and in the straightened state it resembles a bed.

    Pluses Sofa Tahti:

    • Simple transformation mechanism. Any person will be able to straighten the sofa.
    • Availability of built-in drawer. Bed linen can be removed in it, which allows you to save place. In addition, the box is suitable for storing seasonal things that are not placed in cabinets.
    • Profitable price. Such furniture is worth below than a double bed, and, at the same time, it is more functional.
    • Construction reliability, long service life. Laconicity of the transformation mechanism minimizes the possibility of its premature breakdown.
    • A variety of color solutions. Sofas are made of materials from different shades, decorated with drawings and patterns.

    The model can be used as a permanent bed, it will be indispensable and when visiting relatives and friends. Tahtu can be located in the bedroom, living room or office. If desired, complete with the subject of furniture is made by chairs from the same material – in this case, it turns out a full-fledged kit.


    The feature of the sofa is that it is released in different dimensions and forms based on the needs of the consumer. There are both very small models and more massive furniture.

    Folding Sofa Takht is divided into the following types.


    Practical option for Studio apartment. In the filled form looks like a sofa. When used as a bed, it is recommended to additionally purchase an orthopedic mattress.


    By the sizes of the Takhta occupies an intermediate position between a double and single model. Suitable for the rest of one person who loving collapsed on the bed during sleep.


    In the collected form of the Takhta indistinguishable from the bed. Thanks to the big dimensions, two people will fit on it without problems.


    Compactness – the main advantage of such a model. It is located in the corner of the room, because it has an armrest only on one side.

    Often the furniture is equipped with legs.

    For children and adolescents

    Models are characterized by a motley design and small size. They are decorated with images of animals, cartoon heroes, because the child will be able to choose a tacht with favorite characters. Furniture is made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials, equipped with toy storage offices.

    Sofas are divided by the type of frame, wooden or metal. The latter option is characterized by the greatest strength and durability, but the tree is not terrible rust and it is characterized by better aesthetic characteristics.

    Transformation mechanism

    Before buying, the takhta is studying how it declines. Each of the types of transformation mechanisms has advantages and disadvantages associated with personal preferences of a particular person. It happens both sliding furniture and sliding in the side.

    The following models are most popular:

    • Book. The most simple on the design is a kind of sofa-ottoman. A special feature is that it is possible to sleep even on incredited furniture. To straighten the ottoo, the seat is tilted before clicking, after which it is lowered down. Anyone even child can cope with this operation.

    When installing furniture, it is necessary to leave a small distance in the wall so that the back is fitted in the spacer.

    • Eurobook. Despite the name, the model has little in common with the book.

    The mechanism is distinguished by reliability, durability, it turns out to be minimal load. To straighten the ottoo, you need to pull the seat on yourself and on the released place to place a back. About how to do it, tells the following video.

    • Click-klyak. The ottta was called due to the sound published during its decomposition. The model resembles a book with the difference that it uses an improved transformation mechanism.

    The back is fixed at different angles, including in the “midstage” position for rest.

    Material and filler

    In the manufacture of the sofa-ottomans are taken both natural and synthetic materials. When ordering furniture, the shades, textures combine, combine monophonic and decorated fabric ornaments:

    • Special nobility And good external characteristics are the models of leather, velor, suede.
    • Textile Upholster Soft To Shot, they are easy to clean, they fade less over time.
    • Sofas decorated with artificial fur, will look extravagant and complement the modern interior.

    The choice of filler depends on the comfort of the ottoman. He must keep the shape, pass the air and not roll during operation. Models with spring block replace orthopedic mattress: they repeat the bends of the spine, withstand considerable weight, provide natural ventilation. The synthetic fillers take polyurethane foam, strottofiber, holofiber.

    They differ ease, long service life and elasticity.

    How to choose?

    Buying a ottoo, take into account how and where exactly will it be used. Models with wooden frames are suitable for the living room, because in this case there will be no need to form daily and refuel furniture daily, and the design will last more.

    At the same time, such furniture can have small dimensions, because it is going to use only for day rest.

    The output of the transformation mechanism depends on the personal preferences of a person: someone easier to develop a book, another is important to have an adjustable backrest of the “Click-Clyak” type sofa.

    Important value is given to the appearance of furniture. It is selected depending on the design of the room and correlate with the color gamut of interior items.

    Ideas in the interior

    Original look at models that have a streamlined form. Smooth lines, rounded edges will create a feeling of softness, lightness and comfort. If in the design of the ottomans to use materials with abstract patterns, vegetable ornaments, it turns out the ottoman for the modern interior.

    Corner sofa-kett on legs, made in one color, will have to do minimalist lovers. If a saturated shade is selected, it can be combined with a cold shade wall – gray, white.

    Also, such furniture is suitable for the interior, which is based on contrast tones.

    Another option – combination of wooden elements and textiles. Fabrics of beige, sandy, vanilla shades will emphasize the nobility of natural wood, while in the design there will be no personality through the use of a minimum of decorative elements.

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