Folding tables: advantages and disadvantages

It is difficult to imagine an apartment or a house without such an object of furniture, like a dining table. It is not always possible to establish a large table, because for its placement requires a lot of space, but you can purchase a folding option that is not inferior in the functionality of the usual model, but it takes much less space.

Pros and cons

Folding table with incredible functionality is an excellent option not only for small rooms, but also for spacious premises. A lot of advantages with which this design is endowed, makes it an incredibly sought-after and very relevant subject of interior.

Any folding table has a transformation mechanism due to which the dining surface can be increased. This is Very convenient both with the sudden arrival of guests and for holding family solemn events. The layout of the table will not occupy a lot of time and strength, as the transformation mechanism that is equipped with the design of the table, at the same time simple and reliable.

In the collected state, the folding table practically does not occupy. Laconic and neat design can be installed both in a small apartment and in a rustic cottage. Thanks to a wide range, you can choose the option for the living room, children’s, and, of course, the kitchen, the benefit, manufacturers produce not only different models on the design features, but also by manufacturing materials.

The disadvantages of the folding table include the price. For many buyers, it seems high enough. But the sake of fairness to note that the price of these products a priori cannot be low, since the table is equipped with a transformation mechanism and made from high-quality materials, and a good thing can not cost too cheap.

Some buyers for disadvantages rank unwillingness to mess up every day with the table layout. But this opinion is quite controversial, as for other people it is absolutely not difficult to spread the table if necessary.

Types of designs

To date, the folding table transformer is produced in a variety of configurations that are divided into stationary, portable, collapsible, built-in and folding structures.

Built-in constructions are most often installed in the kitchen and are a tabletop that extends from the kitchen box niche. For layouts, you only need to pull the drawer handle, and a small smooth surface appears, located perpendicular to the base of the niche, used not only as a dining room, but also desktop. The table can be both rectangular and angular shape.

In small rooms, where every centimeter is often on the account, you can install a folding table under the windowsill. Such a design is quite convenient, because the tabletop only if necessary is driven to a horizontal position.

The folding design can also be attached on the wall, in the side of the kitchen box, and also be a continuation of one of the cabinets. The surface can be on the same support, and can be maintained by two attached to the base.

For many kitchen rooms, an excellent option will be a hinged box with shelves and with a built-in folding table, based on the frame. This design takes the minimum of space, since the base of this table is located on the wall.

Universal narrow folding table – “Book” is a prototype of many models. The area of ​​the table tops increases due to the layout of the side parts both from one and on both sides. Incredible popularity recently enjoy folding multifunctional tables. As a rule, these instances have a dual purpose.

The table “folding bed” in appearance resembles a rectangular end. In order to use the table, you need to fix the movable cover in a horizontal position, and if we need a clamshell, you need to push the movable part vertically and get the frame design.

Multifunctional dresser table with drawers has a different purpose. In the closed form, this model has the appearance of a regular chest, and when fixing a folding surface turns into a full-fledged writing desk.

The bench table refers to stationary designs used most often in the country. In this design, the folding countertop and a bench is perfectly combined as a full place for a seventure of several people. The option with a canopy is suitable for lovers to arrange gatherings in any weather.

Somewhat other purpose has a desk-part. To date, such models are issued taking into account age and have many modifications. Very popular option with a custom tabletop position and adjustable height depending on the growth.

For children, a monolithic design, installed along the wall and consisting of numerous niches and boxes is a rack with a table. Comfortable shelves and niches allow you to put a large number of books, notebooks and other student supplies there.

Folding stationary structures include coffee table with stools. The surface of such a model, as a rule, has a not very large area, but the table top with the adjustment, which can be installed parts of the table top at a convenient height.

An alternative to a miniature stationary version is a mobile table on wheels, which can be moved at will from one point to another.

Inpatient designs include guest table diplomat. This model has an additional surface consisting of two halves, located under the main table top. In order to decompose this model, you need to move aside the main part and decompose additional inserts, putting them on the vacant place.

In addition to stationary options for folding tables, there are and portable fully folding structures, convenient for transportation. These models are the best option for lovers to relax in nature.

An interesting design has a lightweight and compact suitcase table. The tabletop consists of two parts, each of which is attached a pair of stools. When folding, each pair is placed in its compartment and halves of the table tops fold, the result is a suitcase with a comfortable handle for transfer.

For amateurs of active recreation, the folding portable table will fit. This is a very easy design that occupies a minimum of space, as it is a fully collapsible model. In the assembled model, the model is transferred and stored in a special bag.

Many models manufactured in mass production are able to satisfy the tastes of most consumers, but there are design tables that are striking with their beauty and sophistication.

In addition to an unusual species, individual models have a design adjacent to a specific interior, taking into account all the wishes of the room owners.

Folding tables are available not only for home use. There are models that have their own specifics. Such species include a bunny table for fabric, massage folding option and other models that are not intended for domestic use.


Folding tables are given at a particular position due to transformation mechanisms that are divided into three main types: CARGA, CEZMARGOV and transformers.

Tsarga is an axlet (frame) of the table, a countertop attached to it. The CARGE mechanism consists of a profile by which carriages are moving. A special platform is attached to the profile that holds the tabletop. There are several varieties of CARGA mechanisms: with an external or inner fastening, “book” and brass extension.

When the carriage goes beyond the limits of the guide profile, and during the internal remains within the profile. The external and inner mount can be installed both outside and inside. The mechanism of “book” is similar to the inner mount. Facial extension is characterized by the extension of the side part along with the supports. Movement is limited to stopper.

Conditional mechanisms are not attached to the frame. They are attached either to the tabletop, or to the tabletop and the podstol. The frame is necessary for fastening the supports and has a split construction. If the mount is attached to the tabletop, then when layouting together with the surface and supports the product. Inserts that increase the surface are either inside the model supported by special details or separately from her.

Fastening attached to the podstol, equipped with a synchronization cable. Additional surface is located between the podstol and the tabletop. In some embodiments there is a stopper.

For transformer tables, two types of mechanisms are characterized – it is a rise in height and automatic rise of the additional surface of the table top. To increase the surface in the width, the CARGOs and Conditions are used.


Most folding structures in the folded state have a small size. Standard options are intended for four people. The width of this table is within 80-85 cm, length – no more than 100-120 cm, and a comfortable height – 75 cm. The small folding table even in the unfolded state has a smaller standard of size.

Folding dining tables installed most often in the living rooms, in the folded state have standard or close to standard dimensions of the dimensions. Long when laying and compact in folded condition The table is an indispensable interior object.

There is a ratio of capacity and countertop sizes. At the table with a size of 90 * 150 cm comfortably scenes from 4 to 6 people. For 8-10 persons, the surface size must be 110 * 200, and for accommodation 12 people will need a large table with dimensions 110 * 320.

Compact and low coffee table, thanks to the transformation of the countertops, depending on the model, accommodate from 4 to 6 people, and thanks to the rise of the tabletop, it provides a high level of comfort.

Folding tables having mini dimensions belong to portable tourist models. Their length is within 40-45 cm, and the width does not exceed 25-30 cm.


Folding tables have different table top.

The most traditional is the rectangular option. This form is suitable for installation and in the kitchen, and in the living room, and in any other room. The unsolding classic is equally good to look at the wall, in the corner and in the middle of the room.

No less common is the round table. No corners makes a safe table, especially this item is important for families with young children.

A variety of round table is a semicircular option. This model is most often installed near the wall, since one side has a direct form. A semicircular table top is often equipped with folding stationary models. The straight side of such a table is attached to the wall or niche, and the semicircular part is unfolded by necessity.

Square form meets less. As a rule, the tabletop of such a form is equipped with small coffee tables and compact kitchenware. Square table is most often installed in the corner or near the wall.


For the manufacture of folding tables use various materials.

The most traditional material is a tree. There are models that are fully made from the wood array, but there are also models in which only the frame is wooden. For the manufacture of wooden products, a variety of trees breeds are used.

Designs from GEVA are resistant to moisture, are not amenable to deformation during temperature drops, durable and durable. Pine tables are somewhat cheaper than products from GEVA, since this tree of wood refers to the middleness of the grade. With proper processing, the table may last a long time.

As an alternative to the wood massif for the manufacture of tables, lightning, but durable plywood, the surface of which is usually laminated. Most often out of plywood manufacture hinged models.

Tree is used not only in models for the house, but also in products intended for the cottage. There are many options with a tabletop from boards installed on the street.

As a material manufacturing table tops used glass. Products with a glass surface are often complemented by artificial rattan. This is a durable and flexible plastic tape, with which countertops and supporting legs of tables are decorated. Plastic rattan products are resistant to various weather conditions, so they are often installed on open spaces of country sites.

Plastics – Another material used in the manufacture of such structures. Folding plastic table with a frame of a profile pipe differs in essence and durability. For the manufacture of light folding structures use metal, most often it is aluminum. Folding Rack Table Practical, racks to wear and durable.

In the manufacture of folding tables often use such material as an artificial stone. It makes countertops for kitchen models. Stone surfaces are resistant to scratches, water, fat and dirt.


The style of the folding table is directly dependent on the materials used and the form of execution.

Modern products with a glass surface and metal supports will perfectly look indoors in the style of Hi-Tech, modern and minimalism. The shape of the model for these styles has clear straight lines without an unnecessary decor.

Products from valuable trees, decorated with threads and varnish-covered well suited for interior in the style of Provence. For country style, tables from the wood array are the best option, but without the use of the decor. Only concise shape and strict simple design.

Tables in Loft style, as a rule, have a wooden coarse countertop and a metal support.

Colors and design

Folding tables, besides the differences in the design, purpose, manufacturing materials are available in different colors. For the kitchen, a suitable option will be a white table. White and black colors – this is a classic genre. Both colors look greatly both individually and in combination with each other. An example is an example – black glass table with white photo printing.

For wooden surfaces are characterized by such colors as wenge, alder, plum, red tree, Sonomom oak, various shades of nut. Countertop Depending on the style of execution may be matte, and may have a gloss. Polished table is more suitable for premises in classic style.

How to choose?

When the model is selected for the house, you must first decide on the installation site of this design, making pre-measurements. It is necessary to make it necessary to understand how much design will take place in folded and unfolded state.

Choosing a model for the kitchen, it is better to pay your attention to the model, where the tabletop would be made of high-quality and practical material, as well as on the number of seats in the folded state.

The choice of model for the residential room depends on many factors. These are the size of the room, and the design style, and, of course, the desires of the owners. If it is immediately impossible to decide on the installation site, it is better to buy a light mobile table in the living room. If you wish, you can move it to any place.

The choice of the model also depends on its purpose. If you like to gather a big company, then it will suit the table, folding on 8-12 persons, and if you like to sit with a laptop, then it will come up with a compact folding table for the sofa.

Beautiful options in the interior

The folding table can be made of different materials, have different sizes and forms, but the purpose remains unchanged – this is a comfortable pastime in the company of interesting people.

Overview of an interesting folding table Look in the following video.

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