Folding table for the living room – a functional solution for any area

With the improvement of housing, a modern person seeks to surround itself with multifunctional objects of furniture capable of transforming, thanks to which you can save free space indoors. A bright example is a folding table for the living room – a functional solution for any area.

Advantages and disadvantages

Transformable table – an indispensable subject in any interior living room having many functions. This gives him a lot of advantages compared to stationary furniture. Especially necessary sliding designs will be in the living room rooms of small sizes, since in the folded state they are quite compacts, and a lot of space can be provided in an extension.

These devices provide a number of advantages.

  • Compactity. Thanks to the ability to transform, you can quickly turn the rest area in place to meet guests.
  • Reliability and simplicity of sliding designs allows a long period of time to use these devices. Modern tables have a slight weight, which facilitates their decay.

  • Changing the required parameters: depth, widths, heights or shapes that can be changed both simultaneously and separately.
  • Multifunction of devices: a stylish coffee table, if necessary, becomes a full-fledged dining table.
  • Additional functions. Quite often in the tables-transformers embedded boxes for storing various items and accessories. Constructions provide free access to drawers, regardless of the position of the table.
  • Street, originality and variety of models.

With proper care for mechanisms and carefulness, transforming systems will serve a long period of time, without causing no hassle holders. These devices do not have drawbacks.

Minus only their price is considered – some models of transformer tables can cost quite expensive.


All folding structures can be divided into three varieties.

Each category has its own special characteristics with a number of advantages.

  • Dining Sliding Tables are considered the most acceptable option for the living room with a small square. Modern transformer tables in the assembled form occupy a much less place than in the unfolded state. Disassemble and deliver such structures for a drinking event for example.

  • Table books have long been greatly popular. The folding countertop in these products is folded as a book. Designs are equipped with additional shelves where you can store various items. Similar furniture items can be applied not only as dining, but also how journal or written.

  • Coffee tables transformers – a suitable solution for living rooms of any size, as in the folded state they do not take a very large space. If urgently need a coffee table to turn into a worker, then this type of joinery of joinery will allow you to place a laptop and a bunch of necessary papers. The big plus of transformer coffee tables is the height adjustment and the presence of wheels.

Materials manufacturing

Manufacturing materials play a huge role in the production of sliding tables, as these structures must be mobile and, accordingly, not heavy, as well as reliable and high quality.

When creating transformer tables are used:

  • Chipboard (wood chipboard) – the cheapest option is considered an inexpensive analogue of the wood array, but differs significantly in weight and softer in the decoration. As a rule, this material is laminated. It increases its life.
  • MDF (finely dispersed fraction) It is very similar to the previous material and differs only by the fastening component, which is the natural resin – lignin, which is part of the wood. The material is quite reliable and relatively inexpensive, which provides him with popularity among consumers.

  • Glass. In the manufacture of furniture use shockproof varieties. This durable material does not affect moisture and mechanical effects, gives the product a refined view. To create an original style it is possible to use a material with a drawdrid.
  • Metal – the most durable material that opens up wide borders for fancy designers. In the manufacture of these structures use hollow metal elements so as not to lose product.
  • Wood – The most expensive and resistant to wear material. Products are characterized by high strength, look elegant, regardless of design. The disadvantages include special requirements in its use: do not put hot on it, do not wet. Sharp items can be easy to scratch the product.


For small apartments, a huge selection of transformer tables, which combine other furniture items. It can be systems that are converted to the table from the cabinet, the couch, sofa or even the beds. Such furniture looks very impressive, it takes a little space and performs several functions.

These systems have a simple converting mechanism, thanks to which it is possible to transform a table top quickly and easily.

Based on the principle of operation of the transformation mechanism, the system is divided into several types:

  • Tables havingFolding mechanism of cross-shaped, Simple device, very easy to use. The main advantage of products with such a mechanism is its compactness in the folded form.
  • Sliding table having an insert. The principle of operation of such a system is to supplement the area of ​​the table in a plug-in element, which is inserted between two sliding halves. Similar tables are made not only of rectangular shape, but also oval, and semicircular. In addition to increasing the area of ​​the table top, these designs can be equipped with mechanisms regulating table height.

  • Folding involves the presence of auxiliary panels, capable of increasing parameters. These panels are under the main surface or fall on the sides. When using the built-in climb mechanism, the tabletop begins to open as a book. There are tables-books in which there is no mechanism, and the raising and fixation of the panels occurs manually.
  • There are transformer tables made in modern style. They cost an order of magnitude more expensive, but this is due to a complex system of mechanisms and an original appearance.

Place in the interior

The unfolding table for the hall, like all the furniture, should be selected not only for considerations of practicality and durability, but in accordance with the stylistics of the room. Design, color and elements of the table decor should be combined with other interior items indoors.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the material manufacturing material. For example, a table of wood or glass will suit the living rooms in the eastern direction, and the High-Tech style requires imitation of metal objects or a combination of metal and plastic.

By affecting the configuration question it should be noted that it must fit the form of the living room as a whole. In a square living room, it is desirable to place the table of the same form, and now the rectangular room requires furniture more elongated configuration.

Tips for choosing

The main characteristic when choosing is considered an appearance of the product. Compliance of the forms and color gamut of furniture with tones predominant in the room creates harmony and comfort.

The ratio of dimensions of the table and the size of the living room is an important criterion for choosing this furniture subject. A large folding table with compact sizes in the folded position will be difficult to put in a small room, because in an enlarged form it will deliver discomfort in terms of free movement on the room.

And in conclusion, it should be noted that whatever the mechanism is installed in the folding table, the main thing is that it is reliable and durable. Therefore, when choosing it is worth paying attention to the fitness of the design.

Read more about this in the following video.

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